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yvs.9 Omniscient Maruts harness thee! Tvashtar put swiftness in thy feet! 9 What speed, O Horse, was laid in thee in secret, what passed in wind, bestowed upon the falcon, With that same strength be strong for us, O Courser, wealth winning and victorious in battle.
yvs.11 12 Run hither, urged to speed, O Horse, along the most extended space.
yvs.14 Horse metre.
yvs.23 7 When, swift as wind, the Horse has reached the form that Indra loves, the flood, Again, O singer, by this path bring thou our Courser hitherward.
yvs.25 29 The hewers of the post and those who carry it, and those who carve the knob to deck the Horse s stake; Those who prepare the cooking vessels for the Steed, may the approving help of these promote our work.
yvs.25 35 They who, observing that the Horse is ready, call out and say, The smell is good; remove it; And, craving meat, await the distribution, may their approving help promote our labour.
yvs.25 39 The robe they spread upon the Horse to clothe him, the upper covering and the golden trappings, The halters which restrain the Steed, the heel ropes, all these, as grateful to the Gods, they offer.
yvs.29 14 Yama art thou, O Horse; thou art aditya; Trita art thou by secret operation.

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