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yvs.2 27 Agni, may I become a good householder, through thee, Home master, O Householder Agni.
yvs.3 39 Lord of the Home, this Agni Garhapatya is best at finding riches for our children.
yvs.3 Splendour and strength bestow on us, O Agni, Master of the Home.
yvs.3 42 The home on which the wanderer thinks, where cheerfulness and joy abound We call the Home to welcome us.
yvs.18 76 Home hider Agni, Indra, and Brahma, and bright Brihaspati May the All Gods, one minded, guard our sacrifice in happy place.
yvs.33 Thou by thy greatness art the Gods Home Priest, divine, far spread, unconquerable light.

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