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yvs.1 Juice art thou of the Great Ones.
yvs.3 30 Let not the foeman s curse, let not a mortal s treachery fall on us: Preserve us, Brahmanaspati! 31 Great, heavenly, unassailable, ours be the favour of the Three, Aryaman, Mitra, Varuna.
yvs.4 3 The Great Ones milk art thou.
yvs.6 O Great One, lead the sacrifice s master on to a sacrifice of loftier order.
yvs.7 39 Great, hero like, controlling men is Indra, unwasting in his powers, doubled in vastness.
yvs.8 To the Great Bull be reverential homage.
yvs.12 The Great.
yvs.18 23 May my vow and my seasons, and my austere devotion, and my day and night, thighs and knees, and two Great Rathantaras prosper by sacrifice.
yvs.18 53 The Drop, the powerful, the falcon, righteous, impetuous bird borne on his golden pinions, Great, stedfast, settled in the habitation to thee be reverence! Forbear to harm thee! 54 Centre of earth, heaven s head art thou, essence of waters and of plants.
yvs.19 36 To Fathers who claim Svadha be Svadha and homage! To Grandfathers who claim Svadha be Svadha and homage! To Great grandfathers who claim Svadha be Svadha and homage! The Fathers have eaten.
yvs.19 37 Cleanse me the Fathers who enjoy Soma! Grandfathers make me clean! May Great grandfathers cleanse me with a sieve that brings a century.
yvs.19 May my Grandfathers cleanse me, may my Great grand fathers make me clean.
yvs.33 24 Great is their fuel, strung their laud, wide is their sacrificial post Whose Friend is Indra, ever young.
yvs.34 17 Unto the Great One bring great adoration, a chant of praise to him the very potent, Through whom our sires, Angirases, singing praises, and knowing well the places, found the cattle.

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