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yvs.2 22 Blest be the Grass with sacred food and butter.
yvs.10 32 What then? As men whose fields are full of barley reap the ripe corn, removing it in order, So bring the food of these men, bring it hither, who pay the Sacred Grass their spoken homage.
yvs.21 48 The Grass divine, for the right Gods, Sarasvati, the Asvins Twain, Give Indra splendour, with the Grass, sight of his eyes and mighty strength! For gain of wealth let them enjoy.
yvs.25 I GRATIFY Fresh Grass with his teeth, Avaka with his gums, Clay with his tooth sockets, Tegas with his fangs.
yvs.28 All hail! May butter drinking Gods and Indra rejoicing taste the butter. Hotar, worship. 12 Vigorous, strewn by Gods upon the altar the right Gods sacred Grass hath strengthened Indra.
yvs.28 Cut in the day, cherished by night it hath surpassed those who have sacrificial Grass with wealth.
yvs.28 35 The Grass divine hath added might to radiant Indra strength giver, Laying in Indra wondrous power and sight and strength by Gayatri.
yvs.28 44 The Grass divine of water plants hath helped bright Indra force giver, the God hath magnified the God, Laying in Indra mighty power with Kakup, fame and vital strength.
yvs.29 In concert with the Gods and Vasus Agni Omniscient waft thee a contented bearer! 4 Pleased with much Sacred Grass which we have scattered wide spread upon the earth, a pleasant carpet, Joined with the Gods may Aditi, accordant, bestowing bliss award it happy fortune.
yvs.29 29 By rule the Sacred Grass is scattered eastward, a robe to clothe the earth when dawns are breaking.

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