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yvs.1 Thou art the Gods best carrier, bound most firmly, filled fullest, welcomest, Gods best invoker.
yvs.1 Pure for the work divine be ye, and holy, pure for the sacrifice to Gods.
yvs.1 I seize thee for the Gods enjoyment.
yvs.1 That which makes offerings to the Gods bring hither.
yvs.1 Please the Gods.
yvs.1 24 By impulse of God Savitar I take thee, with arms of Asvins, with the hands of Pushan, thee who for Gods performest sacred service.
yvs.1 25 O Earth, whereon men serve the Gods with worship, let me not do thy plant s root any damage.
yvs.1 26 May I drive Araru away from Earth, the seat of men s oblations to the Gods.
yvs.1 Good invoker of Gods be thou at every holy station, at every sacrificial text I utter.
yvs.1 Thou, truly, art the Gods beloved station, inviolable means of holy worship.
yvs.2 I spread thee, wool soft, good for Gods to sit on.
yvs.2 4 Thee, Sage, who offerest to Gods their banquet, we will enkindle till thou shinest brightly, thee mighty in the sacrifice, O Agni.
yvs.2 I spread thee as soft as wool, good for the Gods to sit on.
yvs.2 Obeisance to the Gods! Svadha to Fathers! Be both of you easy for me to handle.
yvs.2 8 May I to day offer Gods unspilt butter.
yvs.2 May Indra be, by this presented butter, maker to Gods of fair oblation.
yvs.2 13 The butter s rapid flow delight his spirit! Brihaspati extend this act of worship. May he restore the sacrifice uninjured. Here let all Gods rejoice.
yvs.2 18 The residue ye have to be your portion, mighty by food, ye Gods, ye who are stationed on the grass bunch, and to be laid as fences.
yvs.3 In him pay offerings to the Gods.
yvs.3 5 Earth! Ether! Sky! Like heaven in plenty and like earth in compass! Upon thy back, Earth, place of sacrificing to Gods, for gain of food I lay food eating Agni.
yvs.3 Svaha! 46 Let us not here contend with Gods, O Indra, for, Fierce One! here is thine own sacred portion, Thine, Mighty One, whose friends, the bounteous Maruts, his song who pours oblation, streamlike, honours.
yvs.3 Having performed the work for Gods, go, ye companions, to your home.
yvs.3 With Gods may I wash out the sin that I have sinned against the Gods, with men the sin against mankind.
yvs.4 5 We come to you for precious wealth, O Gods, as sacrifice proceeds.
yvs.4 O Gods, we call on you to give blessings that wait on sacrifice.
yvs.4 Favour us Gods, mind horn, endowed with mind and intellectual might! All hail to them! May they be our protectors.
yvs.4 Pure art thou, glistering art thou, immortal, dear to all the Gods.
yvs.4 35 Do homage unto Varuna s and Mitra s eye: offer this solemn worship to the Mighty God, Who seeth far away, the Ensign born of Gods.
yvs.5 Here for us kindly with fair worship offer oblation to the Gods with care unceasing.
yvs.5 Strength of the Gods, inviolate, inviolable still art thou, the strength that turns the curse away, uncursed and never to be cursed.
yvs.5 Thee, further, for the Gods delight.
yvs.5 10 A foe subduing lioness art thou: be fitted for the Gods.
yvs.5 A foe subduing lioness art thou: be purified for Gods.
yvs.5 A foe subduing lioness art thou: adorn thyself for Gods.
yvs.5 Bring the Gods hither for him who offers sacrifice.
yvs.5 17 Heard by the Gods, ye twain, to Gods proclaim it.
yvs.5 35 Thou art a light that wears all forms and figures, serving the general host of Gods as Kindler.
yvs.5 Now hast thou joined the Gods as God, God Soma: men have I joined here through abundant riches.
yvs.5 So, for the worship of the Gods, with gladness we welcome thee God, Sovran of the Forest! Let the Gods welcome thee for the Gods service.
yvs.6 The hosts of heaven have come to yearning Gods, the best conductors.
yvs.6 I bind thee with the noose of holy Order, thou offering to the Gods.
yvs.6 May the Waters, the Goddesses, add sweetness to the oblation prepared for Gods, even though already sweetened.
yvs.6 All hail to Gods! To Gods All hail! 12 Become no serpent, thou, become no viper.
yvs.6 13 Bear the oblation to the Gods, ye Waters celestial and pure and well provided.
yvs.6 To please thee let thy friends, mother and father, joy over thee as to the Gods thou goest.
yvs.6 The share of all the Gods are ye.
yvs.6 Bear up erect to heaven, to Gods, this rite these sacrificial calls.
yvs.6 All hail! 27 Waters Divine, your wave, the Waters offspring, fit for oblation, potent, most delightful Upon those Gods among the Gods bestow it, who drink the pure, of whom ye are the portion.
yvs.6 Lead to the Gods this sacrifice, Divine Ones! and at our invitation drink of Soma.
yvs.7 Accordant with the Gods lower and higher, Rich Lord, rejoice thee in the Antaryama.
yvs.7 10 May we, possessing much, delight in riches, Gods in oblation, and the kine in pasture; And that Milch cow who shrinks not from the milking, O Indra Varuna, give to us daily.
yvs.7 Gods, drinkers of the Man thin, lead thee forward! Invincible art thou.
yvs.7 19 O ye eleven Gods whose home is heaven, O ye eleven who make earth your dwelling.
yvs.7 Ye who with might, eleven, live in waters, accept this sacrifice, Ye Gods, with pleasure.
yvs.7 Thee for the Universal Gods.
yvs.7 Thee for the Universal Gods.
yvs.7 For the Gods take I thee, the Gods protector; yea, for the sacrifice s life I take thee.
yvs.7 23 For Mitra Varuna thee, the Gods protector, yea, for the sacrifice s life I take thee.
yvs.7 24 Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaisvanara, born in holy Order, The Sage, the King, the Guest of men, a vessel fit for their mouths, the Gods have generated.
yvs.7 26 Whatever drop of thine leaps forth, whatever stalk from the bowls lap, shaken by the press stone, From the Adhvaryu s hand or from the filter, that, consecrated in my mind with Vashat I offer unto thee with cry of Svaha! Thou art the way by which the Gods ascended.
yvs.7 Thee for the Universal Gods.
yvs.7 34 O ye All Gods, come hitherward: hear this my invocation seat Yourselves upon this sacred grass.
yvs.7 Thee for the Universal Gods.
yvs.7 All hail! 42 The brilliant presence of the Gods hath risen, the eye of Mitra, Varuna, and Agni.
yvs.7 Go to the Gods, bestowed by me, and enter into him who gives.
yvs.8 4 The sacrifice obtains the Gods acceptance.
yvs.8 I am what Gods in secret hold the highest.
yvs.8 13 Of sin against the Gods thou art atonement.
yvs.8 Lead thou us on to God inspired devotion, to favour of the Gods who merit worship. All hail! 16 Verse 14 repeated.
yvs.8 18 Gods, we have made your seats easy of access, who, pleased with us, have come to this libation.
yvs.8 All hail! 19 The willing Gods whom, God, thou hast brought hither, send them to their own dwelling place, O Agni.
yvs.8 21 Do ye, O Gods, discoverers of the Pathway, go forward on the path when ye have found it.
yvs.8 May I with aid of Gods remove the stain of sin against the Gods, and wash away with mortals help the wrong that hath been done to men.
yvs.8 Thou art the fuel of the Gods.
yvs.8 Thou, lustrous Agni, mid the Gods art splendid.
yvs.8 Among the Gods thou art the mightiest, Indra.
yvs.8 Thou among Gods art brightest, brightest Surya.
yvs.8 43 Ida, delightful, worshipful, loveable, splendid, shining One, Inviolable, full of sap, the Mighty One, most glorious, These are thy names, O Cow: tell thou the Gods that I act righteously.
yvs.8 For Indra take I thee the lord of Trishtup. I lake thee lord of Jagati for All Gods.
yvs.8 Go, radiant Soma, as our friend, to the All Gods beloved food.
yvs.8 We have gone up from earth to sky, have found the Gods and heaven and light.
yvs.8 Mitra when purchased; Vishnu Sipivishta when on the Sacrificer s thigh he resteth; Vishnu Naraudhisha brought on the barrow; 56 Soma when come: when seated on the platform, Varuna; Agni in the sacred fire place; Indra upon the sacrificial barrow; Atharvan when deposited for pounding; 57 All Gods when offered in the scattered fragments; Vishnu, the guard of those who soothe his anger, when he is filled and swelling in the waters; Yama in pressing; Vishnu in collection; Vayu what time they cleanse and purify him; the Bright when cleansed; the Bright with milk about him; Manthin commingled with the meal of barley; 58 All Gods when he is drawn away in beakers; Life when uplifted for the fire oblation; Rudra when offered; Vata when reverted; Man viewer when beheld; drink when they drink him; deposited, the Narasamsa Fathers; 59 Sindhu when ready for the bath that cleanses the sea when he is carried to the waters; Water is he when he is plunged beneath it.
yvs.8 60 To Gods, to sky the sacrifice hath gone: come riches thence to me! To men, to air the sacrifice hath gone: come riches thence to me! To Fathers, earth, the sacrifice hath gone: come riches thence to me! Whatever sphere the sacrifice hath reached, may wealth come thence to me 61 The threads that have been spun, the four and thirty, which stablish this our sacrifice with Svadha, Of these I join together what is broken.
yvs.8 All hail! to Gods go the warm milk oblation! 62 Spread far and wide is sacrifice s milking: eightfold along the heaven hath it extended.
yvs.9 Thee seated in the sky, earth, air s mid region, among the Gods and in the vault of heaven.
yvs.9 All hail! 16 Bless us the Coursers when we call, while slowly they move, strong singers, to the Gods assembly.
yvs.9 Drink of this meath, be satisfied, be joyful: then go on paths which Gods are wont to travel.
yvs.9 Gods, we have gone to heaven.
yvs.9 With dodecasyllabic metre the All Gods won Jagati: may I win that.
yvs.9 All hail! To Gods whose guide is Agni, to the eastward seated Gods, All hail! To Gods whose guide is Yama, to the southward seated Gods, All hail! To Gods whose guides are the All Gods, those who are seated westward, Hail! Hail to the northward seated Gods, to those whose guides are Mitra and Varuna or the Marut host! To Gods whose guide is Soma, who, worshipful, sit on high, All hail! 36 Gods who have Agni as their guide, whose seat is eastward, Hail to them! Gods who have Yama as their guide, whose seat is southward, Hail to them! Gods who have All Gods as their guides, whose seat is westward, Hail to them! Gods who have Mitra Varuna for guides, north seated, Hail to them! Gods who have Soma as their guide, high seated, worshipful, Hail to them! 37 Agni, subdue opposing bands and drive our enemies away.
yvs.9 40 Gods, quicken him that none may be his rival, for mighty domination, mighty lordship, Him, son of Such a man and Such a woman, of Such a tribe.
yvs.10 THE Gods drew waters with their store of sweetness, succulent and observant, king creating, Wherewith they sprinkled Varuna and Mitra, wherewith they guided Indra past his foemen.
yvs.11 3 Savitar, having harnessed Gods who go to light and heavenly thought, Who will create the lofty light Savitar urge them on their way! 4 The priests of him the lofty priest well skilled in hymns, harness their spirit, yea, harness their holy thoughts.
yvs.11 37 Seat thee, for thou art mighty: shine, best entertainer of the Gods.
yvs.11 Thou unto whom the breath of Gods gives motion, to Ka, yea, unto thee, O God, be Vashat! 40 He, nobly born with lustre, shield and refuge, hath sat down in light.
yvs.11 Bright and perpetual their light verily shines among the Gods.
yvs.11 Friends of all men, the All Gods with Anushtup form thee Angiras like.
yvs.11 Dear to all men, may the All Gods with the Anushtup sweeten thee, as Angiras was wont to do.
yvs.11 61 Pit! Angiras like may Aditi the Goddess, beloved by all Gods, dig thee in Earth s bosom.
yvs.11 Pan! Angiras like may the Gods heavenly Consorts, dear to all Gods, in the Earth s bosom place thee.
yvs.11 Pan! Angiras like may Dhishanas, Divine Ones, dear to alt Gods, in the Earth s bosom light thee.
yvs.11 Pan! Angiras like may the divine Varutris, dear to all Gods, in the earth s bosom heat thee, Pan! Angiras like may the celestial Ladies, dear to all Gods, in the earth s bosom bake thee.
yvs.11 Angiras like may the celestial Matrons, beloved by all the Gods, with unclipped pinions, within the lap of Earth, O Fire pan, bake thee.
yvs.11 With the Anushtup metre may the All Gods, dear to all men, fill thee full, as Angiras was wont.
yvs.11 Acceptable to Gods he this oblation.
yvs.12 The wealth possessing Gods supported Agni.
yvs.12 26 Whoso this day, O God whose flames are lovely, makes thee a cake, O Agni, mixed with butter, Lead thou and further him to higher fortune, to bliss bestowed by Gods, O thou Most Youthful.
yvs.12 31 May all the Gods, O Agni, bear thee upward with their earnest thoughts: Not to be looked on, rich in light, be thou propitious unto us, 32 Agni, go forth resplendent, thou with thine auspicious flames of fire.
yvs.12 49 O Agni, to the flood of heaven thou mountest, thou tallest hither Gods, the thought inspirers.
yvs.12 55 The dappled kine who stream with milk prepare his draught of Soma juice Clans in the birthplace of the Gods, in the three luminous realms of heaven.
yvs.12 Maker of all, accordant with the All Gods and Seasons, may Prajapati release her.
yvs.12 67 Wise, through desire of bliss with Gods, the skilful bind the traces fast, and lay the yokes on either side.
yvs.12 Svaha! 75 Herbs that sprang up in time of old, three ages earlier than the Gods, Of these, whose hue is brown, will I declare the hundred powers and seven.
yvs.12 89 Let fruitful Plants, and fruitless, those that blossom, and the blossomless, Urged onward by Brihaspati, release us from our pain and grief; 90 Release me from the curse s plague and woe that comes from Varuna; Free me from Yama s fetter, from sin and offence against the Gods.
yvs.12 105 All, Agni, that in thee is bright, pure, cleansed, and meet for sacrifice, That do we bring unto the Gods.
yvs.13 Lights of yours in the Sun, O Gods, or lights that are in kine and steeds, O Indra Agni, with all those vouchsafe us light, Brihaspati! 24 The Far.
yvs.13 May all the Fires between heaven and earth, one minded, well fitted, gather round these two Spring seasons, As the Gods gathering encompass Indra: firm with that Deity, Angiras like, be seated.
yvs.13 By Gayatri, by Trishtup, by Anushtup, may he who knows bear to the Gods oblation.
yvs.13 37 Yoke, Agni, as a charioteer, thy steeds who best invoke the Gods: As ancient Hotar take thy seat.
yvs.13 46 The brilliant presence of the Gods hath risen, the eye of Mitra, Varuna, and Agni.
yvs.13 Thereby the Gods at first attained to Godhead: those meet for worship to the height ascended.
yvs.14 3 Here, Guard of Strength, with thine own powers be seated for the Gods happiness and great enjoyment.
yvs.14 May all the Gods celebrate thee with praises.
yvs.14 Let all the Agnis between the earth and heaven gather together round these summer seasons, as the Gods gather in their hosts round Indra, Firm, with that Deity, Angiras like, be seated.
yvs.14 7 Associate with the Seasons, with the Modes with the Gods, with the health establishing Gods may the Asvins the Adhvaryus settle thee here for Agni Vaisvanara.
yvs.15 As such may all the Gods greet thee with praises.
yvs.15 Gods by the measure and amplitude of heaven.
yvs.15 47 Agni I hold as Herald, the munificent, the gracious Son of Strength who knoweth all that live, as holy singer knowing all; Lord of fair rites, a God with form erected, turning to the Gods, He, when the flame hath sprung forth from the sacred oil, the offered fatness, longeth for it with his glow.
yvs.15 50 Gods, let us follow him with wives beside us, with sons, with brothers, with our gold adornments, Grasping the sky up in the world of virtue, on the third height, the luminous realm of heaven.
yvs.15 In this and in the loftier habitation be seated, All Gods! and the Sacrificer.
yvs.16 Homage to you arrow makers and to you bow makers, homage to you sprinklers, to the hearts of the Gods.
yvs.17 8 O Agni, purifier, God, with splendour and thy pleasant tongue Bring hither, and adore, the Gods.
yvs.17 9 So, Agni, purifying, bright, bring hither to our sacrifice, To our oblation bring the Gods.
yvs.17 13 Worshipful Gods of Gods who merit worship, those who sit down beside their yearly portion, Let them who eat not sacrificial presents drink in this rite of honey and of butter.
yvs.17 14 Those Gods who have attained to Godhead over Gods, they who have led the way in this our holy work, Without whose aid no body whatsoever moves, not on heaven s heights are they, nor on the face of earth.
yvs.17 29 That which is earlier than this earth and heaven, before the Asuras and Gods had being, What was the germ primeval which the waters received where the first Gods beheld each other? 30 The waters, they received that germ primeval wherein the Gods were gathered all together.
yvs.17 Uplifted is the shout of Gods who conquer, high minded Gods who cause the worlds to tremble.
yvs.17 Ye Gods protect us in the shout of onset.
yvs.17 Varuna give thee what is more than ample, and in thy triumph may the Gods be joyful.
yvs.17 Vouchsafe him lustre: let him give their sacred portions to the Gods.
yvs.17 May the Gods bless and comfort him, they and this Brahmanaspati.
yvs.17 53 May the All Gods, O Agni, bear and lift thee upward with their thoughts.
yvs.17 55 Inspirited above enkindled Agni, adorable, winged with hymns, was it accepted, When the Gods offered sacrifice with viands, circling the heated caldron, paving worship. 56 Lord of a hundred draughts.
yvs.17 benign, God serving to him divine, establisher, protector, The Gods approached the sacrifice, encircling.
yvs.17 Gods for the Gods stood fain for sacred service.
yvs.17 62 May God invoking sacrifice bring the Gods hitherward to us.
yvs.17 May bless invoking sacrifice bring the Gods hitherward to us.
yvs.17 May Agni, God, make offering and hither bring the Gods to us.
yvs.17 64 Upraising and depression and devotion may the Gods increase.
yvs.17 Reaching the heights of sky and heaven stay intermingled with the Gods.
yvs.17 69 Foremost of those who seek the Gods come forward, thou who art eye of Gods and men, O Agni.
yvs.17 In this the more exalted habitation be seated All Gods and the Sacrificer.
yvs.17 78 I dedicate the thought with mind and butter so that the Gods may come who love oblation, strengthing Law, To Visvakarman, Lord of all the earth, I offer up day after day the inviolable sacrifice.
yvs.17 89 Forth from the ocean sprang the wave of sweetness: together with the stalk it turned to Amrit, That which is holy oil s mysterious title: but the Gods tongue is truly Amities centre.
yvs.17 92 That oil in triple shape the Gods discovered laid down with in the Cow, concealed by Panis.
yvs.17 Bear to the Gods the sacrifice we offers the streams of oil flow pure and full of sweetness.
yvs.18 17 May my Mitra and my Indra, and my Varuna and my Indra, and my Dhatar and my Indra, and my Maruts and my Indra, and my All Gods and my Indra prosper by sacrifice.
yvs.18 Gods, we have gone to light.
yvs.18 May the All Gods come hither with protection.
yvs.18 Here may our riches guard us with the All Gods in the gain of wealth.
yvs.18 33 May strength to day procure for us donations strength range the Gods together with the Seasons.
yvs.18 May strength exalt the Gods with our oblation.
yvs.18 47 Lights of yours in the Sun, O Gods, etc.
yvs.18 57 May Agni, served with sacrifice and gifts, protect our offered food: This homage be Good speed to Gods! 58 That which hath flowed from purpose or from judgment, or gathered from the wind or from the vision, Follow ye to the region of the pious whither have gone the first born ancient Rishis.
yvs.18 60 Acknowledge him, ye Gods, in highest heaven.
yvs.18 55, 63 With Darbha bunch, with fencing wood, with spoon, with altar, holy grass, With laud, lead this our sacrifice to go to heaven among the Gods.
yvs.18 64 Our gifts, our charitable grants, our pious works, our fees to priests, May the Omnific s Agni set all this among the Gods in heaven.
yvs.18 65 There where all never failing streams of honey and of butter flow, May Agni, Visvakarman s own, place us in heaven among the Gods.
yvs.18 Worship the Gods with most devoted spirit as Priest with no unfriendly thought.
yvs.18 76 Home hider Agni, Indra, and Brahma, and bright Brihaspati May the All Gods, one minded, guard our sacrifice in happy place.
yvs.19 12 The Asvins, the Physicians, Gods, stretched out the healing sacrifice, Sarasvati with speech was a Physician, all with heroic powers investing Indra.
yvs.19 31 So far the type of sacrifice was formed by Brahma, and the Gods.
yvs.19 May we, sweet singing sacrificers, setting Soma mid Gods in heaven, give joy to Indra.
yvs.19 39 Cleanse me the companies of Gods! May thoughts with spirit make me clean.
yvs.19 44 Dear to all Gods hath come the cleansing Goddess, she who contains these many smooth backed figures.
yvs.19 To Gods let sacrifice be paid.
yvs.19 47 I have heard mention of two several pathways, way of the Fathers, way of Gods and mortals.
yvs.19 Our prudent Fathers by thy wisdom, Soma, dealt out among the Gods their share of treasure.
yvs.19 64 O Agni Kavyavahana, cause us to praise before the Gods, As our associate meet for lauds, wealth which een thou reputest wealth.
yvs.19 Announce to Gods and Fathers these our sacrificial offerings.
yvs.20 11 May Deities, eleven threes, the three and thirty bounteous Ones Whose House Priest is Brihaspati, by impulse of bright Savitar, the Gods protect me with the Gods.
yvs.20 12 May the first Gods with the second, the second with the third, the third with Truth, Truth with Sacrifice, Sacrifice with sacrificial texts, sacrificial texts with Samans, Samans with praise verses, praise verses with fore and after sentences.
yvs.20 14 Gods, Deities, whatever fault of ours have stirred the wrath of Gods, May Agni set me free from that iniquity and all distress.
yvs.20 21 Looking upon the loftier light above the darkness we have come To Surya, God among the Gods, the light that is most excellent.
yvs.20 36 Kindred in forefront of the Mornings, Indra with forward light, long active, waxing mighty, With three and thirty Gods, the Thunder wielder, smote.
yvs.20 38 Lauded by Gods, Lord of Bay Steeds, the Helper, showing his greatness.
yvs.20 41 Dawn and Night, lofty, sapful, richly yielding, fair showing, as they weave with varied colour The long extended thread in concert, worship the God of Gods, the lofty Hero Indra.
yvs.20 44 May Tvashtar coming frail afar, the active, give strength and plenty to strong glorious Indra, And strong, prolific, worshipping, the Mighty at sacrifice s head give the Gods honour.
yvs.20 46 Indra the Bull, swift conqueror, wildly rushing bull like to meet the Indu of the droppings Delighting in a mind that scatters fatness, let the immortal Gods rejoice in Svaha.
yvs.20 Ye Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.
yvs.20 81 With kine, Nasatyas! and with steeds, come, Asvins, Rudras! to the house, the sure protector of its men; 82 Such, wealthy Gods! as none afar or standing near to us may harm, yea, no malicious mortal foe.
yvs.21 The metre Gayatri, the steer of eighteen months, give power and life! 13 Tanunapat whose acts are pure, our bodies guard Sarasvati, Ushniha metre and the steer of two years age give power and life! 14 Agni with offerings, meet for praise, and Soma the immortal God, Anushtup metre and the steer of thirty months give power and life! 15 Agni with goodly grass spread out, deathless with Pushan at his side, Brihati metre and a steer of three years age give power and life! 16 The Doors divine, the mighty Regions, Brahma, God Brihaspati, The metre Pankti, here a bull in his fourth year, give power and life 17 The two young Darns of lovely form, the deathless Universal Gods, The Trishtup metre, here, a bull in his sixth year, give power and life! 18 The two celestial Hotars, both Physicians, Indra s close knit friends, The metre Jagati, an ox who draws the wain, give power and life! 19 The Three, Ida, Sarasvati, and Bharati, the Marut folk, Viraj the metre, here, a cow in milk, a bull, give power and life!
yvs.21 20 Tvashtar the wondrous, full of seed, Indragni furtherers of weal, Dvipada metre, and a cow and vigorous bull give power and life! 21 Our slaughterer, Vanaspati, Savitar who promoteth wealth, The metre Kakup, here, a cow who casts her calf, give power and life! 22 With Svaha mighty Varuna give healing power to Sacrifice! The Atichhandas, Brihat, and a steer and bull give power and life! 23 With the Spring Season may the Gods the Vasus praised with triple hymn And with Rathantara, give life to Indra, splendour, sacrifice.
yvs.21 24 With Summer may the Rudras, Gods, praised in the Panchadasa hymn With Brihat, give to Indra strength; with fame, and sacrifice and life.
yvs.21 26 With Autumn may the Ribhus, Gods, praised in the Ekavimsa hymn And with Viraja, give with grace to Indra grace, life, sacrifice.
yvs.21 27 With Winter may the Maruts, Gods, praised in the laud of thrice nine parts, The Sakvaris, with strength give might to Indra, sacrifice and life.
yvs.21 28 With Dew time may the deathless Gods praised in the Thirty three part laud, The Revatis, with truth give sway to Indra, sacrifice and life.
yvs.21 Svaha! Gods who drink clarified butter.
yvs.21 There where the favourite stations of the Asvins are, of the he goat the sacrifice; of Sarasvati, of the ram the sacrifice; of Indra, of the bull the sacrifice; there where the favourite stations of Agni are, of Soma, of Indra the Good Deliverer, of Savitar, of Varuna, the favourite places of Vanaspati, the favourite stations of Gods who drink clarified butter, and of Agni the Hotar, there let him arrange these victims when he has praised and lauded them, and perform when he has made them very strong.
yvs.21 48 The Grass divine, for the right Gods, Sarasvati, the Asvins Twain, Give Indra splendour, with the Grass, sight of his eyes and mighty strength! For gain of wealth let them enjoy.
yvs.21 53 Both Gods, the Hotars of the Gods, the Asvins the Physicians and Sarasvati with Vashat calls, with the two Hotars have bestowed on Indra brilliant light and power, and planted wisdom in his heart.
yvs.21 56 God with the Gods, Vanaspati of golden leaves and goodly fruit Ripens till Indra finds it sweet, with Asvins and Sarasvati.
yvs.21 58 Let the God Agni Svishtakrit worship the Gods as is meet and right for each, the two Hotars, Indra, the Asvins, Vak with speech, Sarasvati, Agni, Soma.
yvs.21 The God Vanaspati, the Gods who drink clarified butter have been well worshipped, Agni by Agni.
yvs.21 61 Thee, to day, O Rishi, Rishi s son, descendant of Rishis, hath this Sacrificer chosen for many collected, saying: This Agni() shall win by sacrifice for me choice worthy treasures among the Gods.
yvs.21 O God, what gifts the Gods have given, these do thou desire and approve.
yvs.22 4 For Gods and for Prajapati I fit thee.
yvs.22 For Gods and for Prajapati, O Brahman, Will I tie up the horse.
yvs.22 Thence may I prosper! Binding him for Prajapati and Gods be thou successful.
yvs.22 Thee welcome to the All Gods I besprinkle.
yvs.22 13 I invocate the heroes Lord, free giving Savitar, and call The Cheerer to the feast of Gods.
yvs.22 14 The judgment of bright Savitar, that cheers the All Gods company, With prayer we estimate as bliss.
yvs.22 15 Wake Agni with thy laud and set the Immortal One aflame, let him Bestow our offerings on the Gods.
yvs.22 Gods, Warders of the Regions, protect for the Gods this horse besprinkled for sacrifice.
yvs.22 23 Hail to the lunar asterisms! Hail to those connected with the lunar asterisms! Hail to Day and Night! Hail to the half months! Hail to the mouths! Hail to the Seasons! Hail to the Season groups! Hail to the Year! Hail to Heaven and Earth! Hail to the Moon! Hail to the Sun! Hail to his rays! Hail to the Vasus! Hail to the Rudras! Hail to the adityas! Hail to the Maruts! Earl to the All Gods! Hail to roots! Hail to branches! Hail to forest trees! Hail to flowers! Hail to fruits! Hail to herbs! 29 Hail to Earth! Hail to Firmament t Hail to Sky! Hail to Sun! Hail to Moon! Hail to lunar asterisms! Hail to waters! Hail to herbs! Hail to forest trees! Hail to creatures that swim! Hail to things moving and stationary! Hail to things that creep and crawl! 30 Hail to breath! Hail to the Vasu! Hail to the Mighty! Hail to Vivasvan! Hail to the trooping one! Hail to the Troop s Lord! Hail to the Superior! Hail to the Overlord! Hail to Strength! Hail to Samsarpa! Hail to the Moon! Hail to light! Hail to Malimlucha! Hail to him who flies by day! 31 Hail to Madhu! Hail to Madhava! Hail to Sukra! Hail to Suchi! Hail to Nabhas! Hail to Nabhasya! Hail to Isha! Hail to urja! Hail to Sahas! Hail to Sahasya! Hail to Tapas! Hail to Tapasya! Hail to Amhasaspati! 32 Hail to Strength! Hail to impulse! Hail to After born! Hail to will! Heaven, Hail? Hail to the head! Hail to Vyasnuvin! To the final, Hail! Hail to the mundane final! Hail to the Lord of the world! Hail to the Overlord! Hail to the
yvs.23 The majesty that has accrued to thee in the day, in a year, that majesty which has accrued in the wind, in the firmament, to that majesty of thine, to Prajapati, to the Gods, All hail! 3 Who, by his, grandeur hath become sole Ruler of all the.
yvs.23 Thy majesty that has accrued to thee by night, in a year, thy majesty that has accrued in the earth, in Agni, in the stars and in the Moon, to that majesty of thine, to Prajapati and to the Gods, All hail! 5 They who stand round hills as he moves harness the bright, the ruddy Steed: The lights are shining in the sky.
yvs.23 Earth! Ether! Heaven! O Gods, eat this food, parched grains and groats in the product of barley and in the product of cows: eat this food, Prajapati.
yvs.23 16 No, here thou diest not, thou art not injured: only by fair paths to the Gods thou guest, May Savitar the God in that world place thee where dwell the pious, whether they have journeyed.
yvs.23 33 Gayatri, Trishtup, Jagati, and Pankti with Anushtup joined, Brihati, Kakup, Ushniha pacify thee with needle points! 34 Two footed, those that have four feet, those with three feet and those with five, Metteless, with one metre; these pacify thee with needle points! 35 May Mahanamnis, Revatis, all far spread Regions of the sky, Voices, and lightnings from the cloud pacify thee with needle points! 36 May married dames of human birth skilfully separate thy hair: The Regions, Consorts of the Gods, pacify thee with needle points!
yvs.23 49 Friend of the Gods, I ask, for information, if thou in spirit hast obtained the knowledge, Hath Vishnu this whole Universe pervaded in the three steps wherein the God is worshipped? 50 I also am in those three steps of Vishnu wherewith this Universe he permeated.
yvs.24 5 Parti coloured female victims belong to the All Gods; red coloured, eighteen mouths old to Vak; victims without distinguishing marks to Aditi; those of one same colour to Dhatar; weaned kids sacred to the Consorts of the Gods.
yvs.24 9 Black necked ones, Agni s; brown, Soma s; white, Vayu s; undistinguished, Aditi s; self coloured, Dhatar s; weanlings, the Gods Consorts.
yvs.24 14 Black necked victims sacred to Agni; brown to Soma; spotted to Savitar; weaned she kids to Sarasvati; dark coloured goats to Pushan; speckled victims to the Maruts; many coloured to the All Gods; barren cows to Heaven and Earth.
yvs.24 24 To Soma he sacrifices quails; to Tvashtar Kaulikas; Mainas to the Gods Consorts; Kulikas to the Gods Sisters; Parushnas to Agni Lord of the Homestead.
yvs.24 27 To the Vasus he sacrifices black bucks; to the Rudras stags; to the adityas Nyanku deer; to the All Gods spotted deer; to the Sadhyas Kulinga antelopes, 28 To isana he sacrifices wild asses; to Mitra Gauras; to Varuna buffaloes; to Brihaspati Gayals; to Tvashtar camels.
yvs.24 40 The Khanga is the All Gods the black dog, the long eared, the ass, the hyena, these are the Rakshasas; the boar is for Indra; the lion is for the Maruts; the chameleon, the Pipoaka, the vulture, these belong to Saravya; the spotted antelope belongs to the All Gods.
yvs.25 The right flank belongs to Heaven and Earth, the left to the All Gods.
yvs.25 6 The shoulders belong to the Maruts; the first rib cartilages to the All Gods; the second to the Rudras; the third to the adityas; the tail belongs to Vayu; the hind quarters to Agni Soma.
yvs.25 What God shall we adore with our oblation? 13 Giver of vital breath, of power and vigour, he whose commandment all the Gods acknowledge: The Lord of death, whose shade is life immortal.
yvs.25 What God shall we adore with our oblation? 14 May powers auspicious come to us from every side, never deceived, unhindered and victorious, That the Gods ever may be with us for our gain, our guardians day by day, unceasing in their care.
yvs.25 15 May the auspicious favour of the Gods be ours, on us descend the bounty of the righteous Gods.
yvs.25 The friendship of the Gods have we devoutly sought: so may the Gods extend our life that we may live.
yvs.25 20 The Maruts, Sons of Prisni, borne by spotted steeds, moving in glory, oft visiting holy rites, Sages whose tongue is Agni and their eyes the Sun, hither let all the Gods for our protection come.
yvs.25 21 Gods, may we with our ears listen to what is good, and with our eyes see what is good, ye Holy Ones.
yvs.25 With limbs and bodies firm may we extolling you attain the term of life appointed by the Gods.
yvs.25 22 A hundred autumns stand before us, O ye Gods, within whose space ye bring our bodies to decay; Within whose space our sons become fathers in turn.
yvs.25 Aditi is all Gods, Aditi five classed men, Aditi all that hath been born and shall be born.
yvs.25 26 Dear to all Gods, this goat, the share of Pushan, is first led forward with the vigorous Courser, While Tvashtar sends him forward with the Charger, acceptable for sacrifice, to glory.
yvs.25 27 When thrice the men lead round the Steed, in order, who goeth to the Gods as meet oblation, The goat precedeth him, the share of Pushan, and to the Gods the sacrifice announceth.
yvs.25 30 Forth, for the regions of the Gods, the Charger with his smooth back is come; my prayer attends him.
yvs.25 A good friend have we won for the Gods banquet.
yvs.25 31 May the fleet Courser s halter and his heel ropes, the headstall and the girths and cords about him, And the grass put within his mouth to bait him, among the Gods, too, let all these be with thee.
yvs.25 32 What part of the Steed s flesh the fly hath eaten, or is left sticking to the post or hatchet, Or to the slayer s hands and nails adhereth, among the Gods, tog, may all this he with thee.
yvs.25 34 What from thy body which with fire is roasted, when thou art set upon the spit, distilleth, Let not that lie on earth or grass neglected, but to the longing Gods let all be offered.
yvs.25 Offered, beloved, approved, and consecrated, such Charger do the Gods accept with favour.
yvs.25 38 The starting place, his place of rest and rolling, the ropes wherewith the Charger s feet were fastened, The water that he drank, the food he tasted, among the Gods, too, may all these attend thee.
yvs.25 39 The robe they spread upon the Horse to clothe him, the upper covering and the golden trappings, The halters which restrain the Steed, the heel ropes, all these, as grateful to the Gods, they offer.
yvs.25 41 The four and thirty ribs of the swift Courser, kin to the Gods, the slayer s hatchet pierces.
yvs.25 44 No, here thou diest not, thou art not injured: only by easy paths to Gods thou goest.
yvs.25 Freedom from sin may Aditi vouchsafe us; the Steed with our oblations gain us lordship! 46 We will, with Indra and all Gods to help us, bring these existing worlds into subjection.
yvs.26 Dear may I be to Gods and guerdon giver.
yvs.26 May the Gods guide our sacrifice in season.
yvs.26 20 O Agni, bring thou hitherward the yearning Consorts of the Gods Bring Tvashtar to the Soma draught.
yvs.26 And, Tvashtar, well content be joyful in the juice with Gods and Goddesses in gladsome company.
yvs.27 To great and high felicity exalt him: in him let all the Gods rejoice and triumph.
yvs.27 9 As thou, Brihaspati, from curse hast freed us, from dwelling yonder in the realm of Yama, The Asvins, Leeches of the Gods, O Agni, have chased Death far from us with mighty powers.
yvs.27 13 Tanunapat the Asura, all possessing, God among Gods, the God with mead and butter shall bedew the paths.
yvs.27 22 Pay sacrifice to Indra, Jatavedas Agni! with Hail! All Gods accept the gift we offer! 23 Wise, bright, arranger of his teams, he seeketh men with rich food whose treasures are abundant.
yvs.27 26 What time the mighty waters came containing the universal germ, producing Agni, Thence sprang the Gods one spirit into being.
yvs.27 What God shall we adore with our oblation? 26 Who in his might surveyed the floods enclosing productive force and generating Worship, He who is God mid Gods, and none beside him What God shall we adore with our oblation? 27 The teams wherewith thou seekest him who offers, within his house, O Vayu, to direct him, Therewith send wealth to us with full enjoyment, a hero son and gifts of kine and horses.
yvs.27 Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.
yvs.28 The God, the equal of the Gods in vigour, the thunder wielder, breaker down of castles.
yvs.28 The sages, Gods preminent for wisdom bestow on Indra his surpassing power.
yvs.28 11 Let the Priest offer sacrifice to Indra: with Hail! to Gods of butter; with Hail! to Gods of marrow; with Hail! to Gods of drops; with Hail! to Gods of offerings paid with Svaha; with Hail! to Gods of sacrificial hymns.
yvs.28 All hail! May butter drinking Gods and Indra rejoicing taste the butter. Hotar, worship. 12 Vigorous, strewn by Gods upon the altar the right Gods sacred Grass hath strengthened Indra.
yvs.28 17 The two Celestial Hotars, Gods, have heightened radiant Indra s might.
yvs.28 20 Vanaspati, a God with Gods, with golden leaves, sweet boughs, fair fruit, hath heightened radiant Indra s strength.
yvs.28 Let them enjoy the butter. Hotar, worship. 30 Let the Priest worship both celestial Hotars, the Gods best glory, sages famed for wisdom, the two companions, Indra strength bestower, Bringing him mighty power, Jagati metre, an ox that draws the wain, and vital vigour.
yvs.28 40 The Gods, two heavenly Hotars, have strengthened bright Indra, force giver, those Gods have magnified the God, With Trishtup giving Indra power, impetuous might, and vital strength.
yvs.29 DECKING the treasure house of prayers, O Agni, enkindled, pouring forth sweet tasted butter, Swift moving, bearing curd, O Jatavedas, bear what they love to the Gods habitation.
yvs.29 2 Balming the paths that lead to heaven with fatness, let the Steed go unto the Gods well knowing.
yvs.29 In concert with the Gods and Vasus Agni Omniscient waft thee a contented bearer! 4 Pleased with much Sacred Grass which we have scattered wide spread upon the earth, a pleasant carpet, Joined with the Gods may Aditi, accordant, bestowing bliss award it happy fortune.
yvs.29 7 Your two chief Hotars have I pleased, bright coloured, borne on one car, Gods who behold all creatures, Those who prepare your rules and ordinances and make you see the light by their direction.
yvs.29 10 Let the Steed seek his home, and balmed with butter go of himself unto the Gods in season.
yvs.29 To the Gods world Vanaspati, well knowing, bear our oblations which the fire has tasted! 11 Thou, waxing by Prajapati s strong fervour, born quickly, guardest sacrifice, O Agni.
yvs.29 With consecrated offering go, preceding, and let the Sadhyas, Gods, eat our oblation.
yvs.29 Full companies have followed for thy friendship: the pattern of thy vigour Gods have followed.
yvs.29 The Gods came only to the oblation banquet of him who mounted first of all the Courser.
yvs.29 This day shall he approach the Gods, most welcome: then he declares good gifts to him who worships.
yvs.29 25 Thou in the house of man this day enkindled worshippest Gods, a God, O Jatavedas.
yvs.29 Convey our sacrifice to heaven, exalting with holy thoughts our hymns of praise and worship. 27 With sacrifice to these we with laudations will honour holy Narasamsa s greatness To these the pure, most wise, the thought inspirers, Gods who enjoy both sorts of our oblations.
yvs.29 Thou art, O vigorous One, the Gods Invoker, so, best of Sacrificers, bring them quickly.
yvs.29 Widely it spreads around and far extended, fair for the Gods and bringing peace and freedom.
yvs.29 Lofty, celestial, all impelling Portals, admit the Gods and give them easy access.
yvs.29 35 Send to our offerings which thyself thou balmest the Companies of Gods in ordered season.
yvs.29 36 Agni as soon as he was born made ready the sacrifice and was the Gods preceder.
yvs.29 May the Gods eat our offering consecrated according to the true Priest s voice and guidance.
yvs.29 55 Send forth thy voice aloud through earth and heaven, and let the world in all its breadth regard thee; O Drum, accordant with the Gods and Indra, drive thou afar, yea, very far, our foemen.
yvs.29 58 The black necked victim belongs to Agni; the ewe to Sarasvati; the brown victim is Soma s; the dusky Pushan s; the white backed is Brihaspati s; the dappled belongs to the All Gods; the red to Indra; the spotted to the Maruts; the strong bodied to Indra Agni; one with white marks below to Savitar; to Varuna a black ram with one white foot 59 To Agni Anikavan is sacrificed a red marked ox; two with white spots below are for Savitar; two with silvery navels for Pushan; two yellow hornless he goats for the All Gods; a spotted one for the Maruts; the black faced he goat is Agni s; the ewe is Sarasvati s; the ram is Varuna s.
yvs.29 60 To Agni of the Gayatri, of the Trivrit hymn and of the Rathantara Saman is to be offered a rice cake on eight potsherds; to Indra of the Trishtup, the Panchadasa hymn and the Brihat Saman one on eleven potsherds; to the All Gods of the Jagati, the Seventeenfold hymn and the Vairupa Saman, one on twelve potsherds; to Mitra Varuna of the Anushtup, the Ekavimsa hymn, and the Vairaja Saman, a mess of curdled milk; to Brihaspati of the Pankti metre, the Trinava hymn, and the Sakvara Saman, an oblation of rice boded in milk; to Savitar of the Ushnih, the Thirty threefold hymn, and the Raivata Saman, a rice cake on eight potsherds; a mess of boiled rice is to be made for Prajapati; the same for Vishnu s Consort Aditi; to Agni Vaisvanara is to be offered a rice cake on twelve potsherds, and to Anumati one on eight.
yvs.30 12 For Light a wood bringer; for Brightness a fire kindler; for the Sun s Station a besprinkler; for Highest Heaven a high steward; for the World of Gods a carver; for the World of Men a distributer; for All Worlds a pourer out: for Poverty, Affliction a stirrer up of strife; for Sacrifice a washerwoman; for Delight a female dyer; 13 For Assault a thievish hearted man; for Homicide a slanderer; for Discrimination a door keeper; for Inspection a door keeper s attendant; for Strength a servant; for Plenty a running footman; for the Beloved a sweet speaker; for Safety the rider of a horse; for the World of Svarga a dealer out of portions; for Highest Heaven a high steward; 14 For Passion an iron smelter; for Anger a remover; for Yoking a yoker; for Pain an assailant; for Quiet an unyoker; for Up hill and Down hill one who stands on three legs; for Form a conceited man; for Virtue a female ointment maker; for Nirriti a female scabbard maker; for Yama a barren woman; 15 For Yama a mother of twins; for the Atharvans a woman who has miscarried; for the First Year a gad about; for the Parivatsara one who has not borne a child; for the Idavatsara one who exceeds; for the Idvatsara one who transgresses; for the Vatsara one who is worn out; for the Samvatsara one with grey hair; for the Ribhus a hide dresser; for the Sadhyas a currier; 16 For Lakes a fisherman; for Standing Waters a fisher; for Tank waters a Nishada; for Reed beds a fish vender; for the Opposite Bank one who gropes
yvs.31 14 When Gods performed the sacrifice with Purusha as offering Spring was the butter, Autumn the oblation, Summer was the wood.
yvs.31 15 Then seven were his enclosing sticks, his kindling brands were three times seven, When Gods, performing sacrifice, bound as their victim Purusha.
yvs.31 16 Gods, sacrificing, sacrificed the victim: these were the earliest holy ordinances.
yvs.31 The Mighty Ones attained the height of heaven, there where the Sadhyas, Gods of old, are dwelling.
yvs.31 20 He who gives light and heat to Gods, first, foremost Agent of the Gods, Born ere the Gods to him the bright, the holy One, be reverence 21 Thus spake the Gods at first, as they begat the bright and holy One: The Brahman who may know thee thus shall have the Gods in his control.
yvs.32 10 He is our kin, our Father and Begetter: he knows all beings and all Ordinances, In whom the Gods obtaining life eternal have risen upward to the third high station.
yvs.32 14 That wisdom which the Companies of Gods, and Fathers, recognize, Even with that intelligence, O Agni, make me wise to day.
yvs.32 Best splendour may the Gods bestow on me.
yvs.33 Bring to us Mitra Varuna, bring the Gods to the great sacrifice; Bring them, O Agni, to thine home.
yvs.33 4 Yoke, Agni, as a charioteer, thy steeds who best invoke the Gods: As ancient Hotar take thy seat.
yvs.33 7 Three times a hundred Gods, and thrice a thousand, and three times ten, and nine have worshipped Agni, For him spread sacred grass, balmed him with butter, and stablished him as Priest and Sacrificer.
yvs.33 8 Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaisvanara, born in holy Order, The Sage, the King, the Guest of men, a vessel fit for their mouths, the Gods have generated.
yvs.33 10 With the All Gods, with Indra and with Vayu drink the Soma mead, O Agni, after Mitra s laws.
yvs.33 The best men praise thee as the peer of Indra in strength, mid Gods, like Vayu in thy bounty.
yvs.33 15 Hear, Agni who hast ears to hear, with all thy train of escort Gods.
yvs.33 16 The Freedom of all Gods who merit worship, freely received as Guest in all men s houses, Agni who hath secured the Gods high favour, may he be gracious to us, Jatavedas.
yvs.33 17 In great enkindled Agni s keeping and, for bliss, free from all sin before Mitra and Varuna, May we share Savitar s best animating help. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods to day.
yvs.33 In Indra, yea, in him victorious through his might, the Gods have joyed at feast and when the Soma flowed.
yvs.33 Thou by thy greatness art the Gods Home Priest, divine, far spread, unconquerable light.
yvs.33 42 To day, ye Gods, when Surya hath ascended, deliver us front trouble and dishonour.
yvs.33 O ye eleven Gods.
yvs.33 With the All Gods.
yvs.33 48 O Agni, Indra, Varuna, and Mitra, give, O ye Gods, and Marut host, and Vishnu.
yvs.33 May Gods with Indra as their chief protect us.
yvs.33 Protect us, Gods, let not the wolf destroy us.
yvs.33 53 Listen, All Gods, to this mine invocation, ye who inhabit heaven and air s mid region.
yvs.33 54 For thou at first producest for the holy Gods the noblest of all portions, immortality.
yvs.33 The Gods immortal strengthened the immortal Vaisvanara to win the land in battle.
yvs.33 62 Sing forth to Indu, O ye men, to him as he is purified, Fain to pay worship to the Gods.
yvs.33 68 The sacrifice obtains the Gods acceptance, etc.
yvs.33 79 Nothing, O Bounteous Lord, stands firm before thee: among the Gods not one is found thine equal.
yvs.33 87 Yea, specially that mortal man hath toiled for service of the Gods, Who quickly hath brought near Mitra and Varuna to share his sacrificial gifts.
yvs.33 89 May Brahmanaspati draw nigh, may Sunrita the Goddess come, And Gods bring to our rite which gives the fivefold gift the Hero, lover of mankind.
yvs.33 94 For of one spirit are the Gods with mortal man, co sharers all of gracious gifts.
yvs.33 Indra, refulgent with the Marut host! the Gods eagerly strove to win thy love.
yvs.34 9 Anumati this day approve our sacrifice among the Gods! Oblation bearing Agni be, and thou, bliss to the worshipper! 10 O broad tressed Sinivali, thou who art the sister of the Gods, Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, grant us progeny.
yvs.34 12 O Agni, thou the earliest Angiras, the Seer, hast, God thyself, become the Gods auspicious Friend.
yvs.34 15 In Ida s place, the centre of the earth, will we deposit thee, That, Agni Jatavedas, thou mayst bear our offerings to the Gods.
yvs.34 38 May Bhaga verily he Bliss bestower, and through him, Gods! may happiness attend us.
yvs.34 Preserve us evermore, ye Gods, with blessings.
yvs.34 47 Come, O Nasatyas, with the thrice eleven Gods: come, O ye Asvins, to the drinking of the meath.
yvs.34 51 This gold no demons injure, no Pisachas; for this is might of Gods, their primal offspring.
yvs.34 Whoever wears the gold of Daksha s children lives a long life among the Gods, lives a long life among mankind.
yvs.34 All Gods Law strengtheners, invoked and lauded, and Texts recited by the sages, help us! 54 These hymns that drop down fatness, with the ladle I ever offer to the Kings adityas.
yvs.34 Seven waters seek the world of him who lies asleep: two sleepless Gods are feast fellows of him who wakes.
yvs.34 Wherein Indra and Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, the Gods have made their dwelling place.
yvs.34 All that the Gods regard with love is blessed.
yvs.35 BEGONE the Panis, hence away, rebellious, scorners of the Gods! The place is his who poured the juice.
yvs.35 7 Go hence, O Death, pursue thy special pathway apart from that which Gods are wont to travel.
yvs.35 Be bearer and deliverer to us as Indra to the Gods.
yvs.35 18 These men have led about the ox, have duly carried Agni round, And raised their glory to the Gods.
yvs.36 52, 17 Sky alleviation, Air alleviation, Earth alleviation, Plants alleviation, Trees alleviation, All Gods alleviation, Brahma alleviation, Universe alleviation, just Alleviation alleviation may that alleviation come to me! 18 Caldron, strengthen me.
yvs.37 3 O Heaven and Earth divine, may I duly prepare for you this day the head of Makha on the place of earth where the Gods sacrificed.
yvs.37 For Makha thee, thee for the head of Makha! 4 Ye who were born the earliest of creation, Ants divine, may I duly prepare for you this day the head of Makha on the place of earth where the Gods sacrificed.
yvs.37 Duly may I prepare for you this day the head of Makha on earth s place where the Gods sacrificed.
yvs.37 Duly may I prepare for you this day the head of Makha on earth s place where the Gods sacrificed.
yvs.37 9 Thee on Gods sacrificial ground with stallion s dung I fumigate.
yvs.37 14 Germ of the Gods, Father of hymns, all living creatures guardian Lord, Radiant, with radiant Savitar united, with the Sun he shines.
yvs.37 16 He shines on earth upholder of the sky and heat, the Gods upholder, God, immortal, born of heat.
yvs.37 To him address a speech devoted to the Gods.
yvs.37 Heard by the Gods, Caldron divine, do thou, a God, protect the Gods.
yvs.37 Here, after, let it speed you twain on to the banquet of the Gods.
yvs.37 Standing erect lay thou the sacrifice in heaven among the Gods.
yvs.38 Thee with Svaha to Brihaspati beloved of all the Gods.
yvs.38 9 Svaha to Yama attended by the Angirases, attended by the Fathers! Svaha to the Gharma! The Gharma for the Father! 10 Here hath he worshipped, seated south, all the sky regions, all the Gods.
yvs.38 15 All hail to Pushan, to the milk s skin! All hail to the press stones! All hail to their echoes! All hail to the Fathers who are above the grass, who drink the Gharma! All hail to Heaven and Earth! All hail to the All Gods! 16 All hail to Rudra invoked by worshippers! All hail! Let light combine with light.
yvs.38 Seat thee, for thou art mighty: shine, best entertainer of the Gods.
yvs.38 24 Looking upon the loftier light above the darkness we have come To Surya, God among the Gods, the light that is most excellent.
yvs.39 Svaha! 5 Prajapati while in preparation; Samraj when prepared; All Gods when seated; Gharma when heated with fire; Splendour when lifted up; the Asvins while milk is poured in; Pushan s when the butter trickles down it; the Maruts when the milk is clotting; Mitra s when the milk s skin is spreading; Vayu s when it is carried off; Agni s while offered as oblation; Vak when it has been offered.
yvs.39 6 Savitar on the first day; Agni on the second; Vayu on the third; aditya (the Sun) on the fourth; Chandramas (the Moon) on the fifth; Ritu on the sixth; the Maruts on the seventh; Brihaspati on the eighth; Mitra on the ninth; Varuna on the tenth; Indra on the eleventh; the All Gods on the twelfth.
yvs.39 11 To Effort Svaha! To Exertion Svaha! To Endeavour Svaha! To Viyasa Svaha! To Attempt Svaha! 12 To Grief Svaha! To the Grieving Svaha! To the Sorrowing Svaha! To Sorrow Svaha! To Heat Svaha! To him who grows hot Svaha! To him who is being heated Svaha! To him who has been heated Svaha! To Gharma Svaha! To Atonement Svaha! To Expiation Svaha! To Remedy Svaha! 13 To Yama Svaha! To the Finisher Svaha! To Death Svaha! To the Priesthood Svaha! To Brahmanicide Svaha! To the All Gods Svaha! To Heaven and Earth Svaha!

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