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yvs.4 For, Goddesses, they bear off all defilement.
yvs.6 May the Waters, the Goddesses, add sweetness to the oblation prepared for Gods, even though already sweetened.
yvs.12 78 Plants, by this name I speak to you, Mothers, to you the Goddesses: Steed, cow, and garment may I win, win back thy very self, O man.
yvs.17 54 May the Five Regions guard, divine, our worship, Goddesses chasing lack of thought and hatred, Giving the Sacrificer growth of riches.
yvs.21 37 Let the Hotar worship the three Goddesses.
yvs.21 50 May Dawn and Night, the Goddesses, both Asvins, and Sarasvati Lay, with both Dawns, strength, voice within Indra the Good Deliverer s mouth.
yvs.21 51 Both nursing Goddesses, the Pair of Asvins, and Sarasvati Have with both nurses given strength to Indra, fame, and power to hear.
yvs.21 52 Bringers of strengthening sacrifice, both Goddesses, well yielding cows, Sarasvati, both Asvins, the Physicians, these are Indra s guards.
yvs.21 54 Goddesses three, three Goddesses Asvins, Ida, Sarasvati In Indra s midmost navel have laid store of energy and power.
yvs.26 And, Tvashtar, well content be joyful in the juice with Gods and Goddesses in gladsome company.
yvs.27 19 Upon this grass three Goddesses be seated, Ida, Sarasvati, Bharati the Mighty glorified with song.
yvs.28 8 Let the Priest offer sacrifice to the three Goddesses and balm.
yvs.28 14 Morning and Night, the Goddesses, have called on Indra as the rite advanced.
yvs.28 15 Two Goddesses, wealth givers, kind, have heightened radiant Indra s strength.
yvs.28 16 Bringers of strengthening sacrifice, the Goddesses, the teeming Cows, have prospered Indra with their milk.
yvs.28 18 Goddesses three, three Goddesses have heightened their Lord Indra s strength.
yvs.28 Hotar, worship. 31 Let the Priest sacrifice to three well decorated Goddesses, gold decked, great, lofty, Bharatis, Indra their Lord who giveth strength, Bringing him mighty power, Viraj the metre, and a cow in milk. Let him enjoy the butter. Hotar, worship. 32 Let the Priest worship Tvashtar the prolific, strengthener of growth, maintaining varied growth and form, Indra who giveth vital force, Bringing him Dvipad metre, mighty power, and an ox full grown.
yvs.28 34 Let the Priest offer worship to the Svahakriti Goddesses, to Agni Household Lord apart, to Varuna the Leech and Sage.
yvs.28 37 Morning and Night, divine Ones, have strengthened bright Indra, strength giver, the Goddesses advanced the God, With the Anushtup laying power in Indra, strength and vital force.
yvs.28 38 Kind, bounteous, and divine, they have strengthened bright Indra, force giver, the Goddesses advanced the God, Laying in Indra power and force and hearing with the Brihati.
yvs.28 39 Bringers of strengthening sacrifice, the Goddesses, two teeming cows, have heightened Indra s power with milk, Laying bright power in Indra with Pankti, and vital energy.
yvs.28 41 Goddesses three, three Goddesses have heightened their Lord Indra s strength, his who bestoweth vital force, Laying in Indra power and might and vital strength with Jagati.
yvs.29 8 Bharati with adityas love our worship! Sarasvati with Rudras be our helper, And Ida in accord, invoked with Vasus! Goddesses, place our rite among the Immortals.
yvs.29 So let Sarasvati and both her fellows, deft Goddesses, on this fair grass be seated.

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