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yvs.4 20 Thy mother give thee leave to go, thy father, thine own brother, and thy friend of the same herd with thee! Go thou, O Goddess, to the God.
yvs.4 May I, O Goddess, in thy sight find for myself a hero son.
yvs.8 May she, the Goddess of Speech, rejoicing, sate herself with Soma All hail! with Prana as her feast companion.
yvs.9 May Vak the Goddess give to us.
yvs.11 61 Pit! Angiras like may Aditi the Goddess, beloved by all Gods, dig thee in Earth s bosom.
yvs.11 69 Be firm for weal, O Goddess Earth.
yvs.12 To thee, O Goddess Nirriti, be homage.
yvs.12 65 The binding noose which Nirriti the Goddess hath fastened on thy neck that none may loose it, I loose for thee as from the midst of ayus.
yvs.19 44 Dear to all Gods hath come the cleansing Goddess, she who contains these many smooth backed figures.
yvs.33 89 May Brahmanaspati draw nigh, may Sunrita the Goddess come, And Gods bring to our rite which gives the fivefold gift the Hero, lover of mankind.
yvs.34 9 Anumati this day approve our sacrifice among the Gods! Oblation bearing Agni be, and thou, bliss to the worshipper! 10 O broad tressed Sinivali, thou who art the sister of the Gods, Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, grant us progeny.

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