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yvs.19 14 atithya s sign is Masara, the Gharma s symbol Nagnahu.
yvs.20 55 Fire hath been kindled, Asvins Twain! the Gharma warmed, the Radiant pressed, Here the Milch Cow Sarasvati hath poured bright Soma, Indra s own.
yvs.38 Spare some for the Gharma.
yvs.38 9 Svaha to Yama attended by the Angirases, attended by the Fathers! Svaha to the Gharma! The Gharma for the Father! 10 Here hath he worshipped, seated south, all the sky regions, all the Gods.
yvs.38 12 Drink, Asvins, with your daily helps, the Gharma, strengthener of hearts.
yvs.38 13 The Gharma have the Asvins drunk: with Heaven and Earth have they agreed.
yvs.38 15 All hail to Pushan, to the milk s skin! All hail to the press stones! All hail to their echoes! All hail to the Fathers who are above the grass, who drink the Gharma! All hail to Heaven and Earth! All hail to the All Gods! 16 All hail to Rudra invoked by worshippers! All hail! Let light combine with light.
yvs.38 Homage to thee, divine Gharma! Do not thou injure me.
yvs.38 18 Gharma, that heavenly light of thine in Gayatri, in the Soma store, May it increase and be confirmed for thee, that light.
yvs.38 Gharma, that light of thine in air, in Trishtup, in the sacred hearth, May it increase and be confirmed for thee, that light.
yvs.38 Gharma, that light of thine on earth, in Jagati, of the priest s shed, May that increase and be confirmed for thee, that light.
yvs.38 21 This, Gharma! is thy liquid store.
yvs.38 27 In me be that great hero power, in me be strength and mental force: The Gharma shines with triple light, with lustre fulgent far away, with holy lore, with brilliancy.
yvs.39 Svaha! 5 Prajapati while in preparation; Samraj when prepared; All Gods when seated; Gharma when heated with fire; Splendour when lifted up; the Asvins while milk is poured in; Pushan s when the butter trickles down it; the Maruts when the milk is clotting; Mitra s when the milk s skin is spreading; Vayu s when it is carried off; Agni s while offered as oblation; Vak when it has been offered.
yvs.39 11 To Effort Svaha! To Exertion Svaha! To Endeavour Svaha! To Viyasa Svaha! To Attempt Svaha! 12 To Grief Svaha! To the Grieving Svaha! To the Sorrowing Svaha! To Sorrow Svaha! To Heat Svaha! To him who grows hot Svaha! To him who is being heated Svaha! To him who has been heated Svaha! To Gharma Svaha! To Atonement Svaha! To Expiation Svaha! To Remedy Svaha! 13 To Yama Svaha! To the Finisher Svaha! To Death Svaha! To the Priesthood Svaha! To Brahmanicide Svaha! To the All Gods Svaha! To Heaven and Earth Svaha!

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