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yvs.3 25 O Agni, be our nearest Friend; be thou a kind deliverer and gracious Friend.
yvs.6 4 Look ye on Vishnu s works, whereby the Friend of Indra, close allied, Hath let his holy ways be seen.
yvs.7 32 Hitherward! they who light the flame and straightway strew the sacred grass, Whose Friend is Indra ever young.
yvs.9 Soma with immortality approach me! 20 To the Friend, Hail! To the Good Fiend, Hail! To the Later born, Hail! To Resolution, Hail! To the Vasu, Hail! To the Lord of Days, Hail! To the Failing Day, Hail! To the Failing sprung from the Transitory, Hail! To the Transitory sprung from the Final, Hail! To the Final Mundane, Hail! To the Lord of the World, Hail! To the Sovran Lord, Hail!
yvs.12 29 Agni, man s gracious Friend, the Soma s keeper, Vaisvanara, hath been lauded by the Rishis.
yvs.13 33 Look ye on Vishnu s works whereby the Friend of Indra, close allied, Hath let his holy ways be seen.
yvs.15 48 O Agni, be our nearest Friend, be thou a kind deliverer and a gracious Friend.
yvs.21 4 Be thou the nearest unto us, O Agni, our closest Friend while now this Morn is breaking.
yvs.23 49 Friend of the Gods, I ask, for information, if thou in spirit hast obtained the knowledge, Hath Vishnu this whole Universe pervaded in the three steps wherein the God is worshipped? 50 I also am in those three steps of Vishnu wherewith this Universe he permeated.
yvs.25 47 O Agni, be our nearest Friend, etc.
yvs.26 26 Fiend queller, Friend of all men, he hath in the vat attained unto His place, his iron fashioned home.
yvs.27 5 Kind to the people, grasp thy power, O Agni: contend thou with the Friend by way of friendship. Placed, Agni, in the centre of our kinsmen, flash forth to be invoked by Kings around thee.
yvs.27 39 What succour will he bring to us, wonderful, ever prospering Friend? With what most mighty company? 40 What, genuine and most liberal draught will spirit thee with juice to burst Open een strongly guarded wealth 41 Do thou who art protector of us thy friends who praise thee With hundred aids approach us.
yvs.27 Come, let us praise the Wise and Everlasting God even as a well beloved Friend.
yvs.27 44 The Son of Strength; for is he not our Friend? Let us serve him for offering our gifts.
yvs.29 40 Close to his ear, as fain to speak, She presses, holding her well loved Friend in her embraces.
yvs.32 13 To the Assembly s wondrous Lord, to Indra s lovely Friend who gives Wisdom.
yvs.33 24 Great is their fuel, strung their laud, wide is their sacrificial post Whose Friend is Indra, ever young.
yvs.34 12 O Agni, thou the earliest Angiras, the Seer, hast, God thyself, become the Gods auspicious Friend.

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