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yvs.5 So, for the worship of the Gods, with gladness we welcome thee God, Sovran of the Forest! Let the Gods welcome thee for the Gods service.
yvs.5 Hence, with a hundred branches, God, Lord of the Forest, grow thou up. May we grow spreading with a hundred branches.
yvs.9 Be freed, ye Forest lords.
yvs.9 Be ye set free, ye Forest lords.
yvs.10 23 All hail to Agni, Master of the Household! All hail to Soma, Sovran of the Forest! All hail to the great vigour of the Maruts! All hail to the effectual might of Indra! Injure me not, O Mother Earth, and may I never injure thee.
yvs.24 39 The white animal belongs to the adityas; the camel, the Ghrintivan, the rhinoceros to Mati; the Srimara belong to the Forest God; the Raru buck is Rudra s; Kvayi, cock, gallinule, these are the Vajins; the cuckoo belongs to Kama.
yvs.25 3 I gratify Flies with his hair; Indra with his active shoulder; Brihaspati with his quick spring; Tortoises with his hoofs; Approach with his fetlocks; Kapinjalas with his heel ropes; Speed with his two thighs; the Way with his two fore legs; the Forest God with a kneepan; Agni with his two knees; Pushan with his two fore feet; the Asvins with his shoulders; Rudra with his shoulder joints,
yvs.28 10 Let the Priest worship him, the Forest Sovran, the Immolator, Lord of Hundred Powers, the lover of the prayer, the friend of Indra.
yvs.28 33 Let the Priest serve with sacrifice the Forest Lord Vanaspati, the Immolator, hundred powered, praise worthy, golden leafed, who wears the girdle, loved, the gracious Lord, Indra who gives the strength of life, Giving him Kakup metre, mighty power, a barren, a calf slipping cow, and vital vigour.
yvs.28 43 The God the Forest Sovran hath strengthened bright Indra, force giver, the God hath magnified the God, With Dvipad storing Indra with fortune and power and vital strength.

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