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yvs.2 O Agni, thou who winnest food, I cleanse thee, thee who hast hastened to the food, Food winner.
yvs.7 For Food thee.
yvs.8 Food when approached.
yvs.11 83 A share of food, O Lord of Food, vouchsafe us, invigorating food that brings no sickness.
yvs.25 33 Food undigested steaming from his belly, and any odour of raw flesh remaining, This let the immolators set in order and dress the sacrifice with perfect cooking.
yvs.34 7 Now will I glorify great strength s upholder, Food, By whose invigorating might Trita rent Vritra limb from limb.
yvs.34 A share of good, O Lord of Food.

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