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yvs.12 Even the firm rock he cleft when passing over, when the Five Tribes brought sacrifice to Agni.
yvs.17 54 May the Five Regions guard, divine, our worship, Goddesses chasing lack of thought and hatred, Giving the Sacrificer growth of riches.
yvs.18 24 May me One and my Three, and my Three and my Five, and my Five and my Seven (and similarly up to thirty three) prosper by sacrifice.
yvs.26 9 Agni is Pavamana, Sage, the Tribe Priest of the Races Five: To him of mighty wealth we pray.
yvs.34 11 Five rivers flowing on their way speed onward to Sarasvati, But then became Sarasvati a fivefold river in the land.

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