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yvs.7 Content be priestly offices, those with good sacrifice of meath, those that are pleased when they have gained fair offerings with the solemn Hail! The Kindler of the Fire hath sacrificed.
yvs.11 56 May Sinivali with fair braids, with beauteous crest, with lovely locks, May she, O mighty Aditi, bestow the Fire pan in thy hands.
yvs.11 57 Aditi shape the Fire pan with her power, her arms, her intellect, And in her womb bear Agni as a mother, in her lap, her son.
yvs.11 She, having made the great Fire pan, a womb for Agni, formed of clay, Aditi, gave it to her Sons and, Let them bake it, were her words.
yvs.11 Angiras like may the celestial Matrons, beloved by all the Gods, with unclipped pinions, within the lap of Earth, O Fire pan, bake thee.
yvs.11 To thee, O Mitra, I entrust this Fire pan for security.
yvs.12 16 Within this Fire pan with thy light, O Agni, in thy proper seat, Glowing with warmth, be gracious thou, O Jatavedas, unto her.
yvs.20 55 Fire hath been kindled, Asvins Twain! the Gharma warmed, the Radiant pressed, Here the Milch Cow Sarasvati hath poured bright Soma, Indra s own.
yvs.23 The Moon is brought to life again, Fire is the remedy of cold; Earth is the great receptacle.
yvs.30 for Sounds a Bhilla; for Caverns a Kirata; for Mountain heights a destructive savage; for Mountains a wild man; 17 For Abhorrence a Paulkasa; for Colour a goldsmith; for Balance a merchant; for Repentance a sluggard; for All Spirits a leper; for Prosperity a watchful man; for Failure a sleepy man; for Mischief a chatterer; for Misfortune a shameless man; for Undoing one who cuts up into small pieces; 18 For the Dice king a gambler; for the die Krita one who contemplates his adversary s ill luck, for the Treta a gamble manager; for the Dvapara a chief manager; for Askanda one who will not leave the gambling hall; for Mrityu one who approaches cows; for Antaka a Cow killer; for Hunger one who goes begging to a man who is cutting up a cow; for Misdeed a leader of the Charakas; for Misery a robber; 19 For Echo a reviler; for Noise a snarler; for End a very talkative man; for Endless a mute; for Sound a drummer; for Might a lute player; for Cry a flute blower; for Confused Tone a Conch blower; for the Wood a wood ranger; for Partly wooded Land a forest fire guard; 20 For Pastime a harlot; for Laughter a jester; for Lust a woman with spotty skin; for Might these, the head man of a village, an astrologer, and a watchman; a lute player; a hand clapper, a flutist, these for Dance; for Pleasure a musician; 21 For Fire a fat man; for Earth a cripple; for Wind a Chandala; for Mid Air a pole dancer; for Sky a bald head; for the Sun a green eyed man; for Stars a spotty man; for the Moon

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