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yvs.5 Utter thy mighty sounding voice to Indra: 23 Fiend killing, charm destroying voice of Vishnu.
yvs.9 Soma with immortality approach me! 20 To the Friend, Hail! To the Good Fiend, Hail! To the Later born, Hail! To Resolution, Hail! To the Vasu, Hail! To the Lord of Days, Hail! To the Failing Day, Hail! To the Failing sprung from the Transitory, Hail! To the Transitory sprung from the Final, Hail! To the Final Mundane, Hail! To the Lord of the World, Hail! To the Sovran Lord, Hail!
yvs.26 26 Fiend queller, Friend of all men, he hath in the vat attained unto His place, his iron fashioned home.

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