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yvs.4 The form of Consecration and of Fervour art thou.
yvs.4 Svaha! 7 To Resolution, Motive, Agni, Svaha! All hail to Wisdom, and to Mind, and Agni! All hail to Consecration, Fervour, Agni! Hail to Sarasvati, Pushan, and Agni! Ye vast, divine, all beneficial Waters, ye Heaven and Earth and spacious Air between them, Let us adore Brihaspati with oblation.
yvs.4 Fervour s form art thou, and Prajapati s nature.
yvs.5 May Diksha s Lord allow my Consecration, may holy Fervour s Lord approve my Fervour.
yvs.5 Diksha s Lord hath approved my Consecration, and holy Fervour s Lord allowed my Fervour.

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