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yvs.2 Obeisance to the Gods! Svadha to Fathers! Be both of you easy for me to handle.
yvs.2 To Soma Hail! accompanied by Fathers.
yvs.2 31 O Fathers, here enjoy yourselves.
yvs.2 The Fathers have enjoyed themselves, and hither, like bulls, come each to his allotted portion.
yvs.2 32 Obeisance to your genial sap, O Fathers! Fathers, obeisance unto you for Ardour! Fathers, obeisance Onto you for Svadha! Obeisance unto you for Life, O Fathers! Fathers, to you obeisance for the Awful! Fathers, obeisance unto you for Passion! O Fathers, unto you be adoration.
yvs.2 Bestow upon us houses, O ye Fathers, what is ours, O Fathers, will we give you.
yvs.2 With this your raiment clothe yourselves, O Fathers.
yvs.2 33 Fathers, bestow on me a babe, a boy enwreathed with lotuses, so that there may be here a man.
yvs.2 Delight my Fathers.
yvs.3 53 We call the spirit hither with a hero celebrating strain, Yea, with the Fathers holy hymns.
yvs.3 55 O Fathers, may the Heavenly Folk give us the spirit once again, That we may be with those who live.
yvs.5 The Thought swift guard thee on the right with Fathers.
yvs.5 Pure be the worlds, the Fathers dwelling places.
yvs.5 Thou art the habitation of the Fathers.
yvs.6 Pure be the worlds, the Fathers dwelling places.
yvs.6 Thou art the habitation of the Fathers.
yvs.8 For sin against the Fathers thou atonest.
yvs.8 Mitra when purchased; Vishnu Sipivishta when on the Sacrificer s thigh he resteth; Vishnu Naraudhisha brought on the barrow; 56 Soma when come: when seated on the platform, Varuna; Agni in the sacred fire place; Indra upon the sacrificial barrow; Atharvan when deposited for pounding; 57 All Gods when offered in the scattered fragments; Vishnu, the guard of those who soothe his anger, when he is filled and swelling in the waters; Yama in pressing; Vishnu in collection; Vayu what time they cleanse and purify him; the Bright when cleansed; the Bright with milk about him; Manthin commingled with the meal of barley; 58 All Gods when he is drawn away in beakers; Life when uplifted for the fire oblation; Rudra when offered; Vata when reverted; Man viewer when beheld; drink when they drink him; deposited, the Narasamsa Fathers; 59 Sindhu when ready for the bath that cleanses the sea when he is carried to the waters; Water is he when he is plunged beneath it.
yvs.8 60 To Gods, to sky the sacrifice hath gone: come riches thence to me! To men, to air the sacrifice hath gone: come riches thence to me! To Fathers, earth, the sacrifice hath gone: come riches thence to me! Whatever sphere the sacrifice hath reached, may wealth come thence to me 61 The threads that have been spun, the four and thirty, which stablish this our sacrifice with Svadha, Of these I join together what is broken.
yvs.12 This place for him the Fathers have provided.
yvs.14 29 With nine they praised; the Fathers were created.
yvs.19 36 To Fathers who claim Svadha be Svadha and homage! To Grandfathers who claim Svadha be Svadha and homage! To Great grandfathers who claim Svadha be Svadha and homage! The Fathers have eaten.
yvs.19 The Fathers have rejoiced.
yvs.19 The Fathers have been satisfied, Fathers, be ye purified.
yvs.19 37 Cleanse me the Fathers who enjoy Soma! Grandfathers make me clean! May Great grandfathers cleanse me with a sieve that brings a century.
yvs.19 45 The Fathers who in Yama s realm are equal and unanimous Their world is Svadha, reverence.
yvs.19 47 I have heard mention of two several pathways, way of the Fathers, way of Gods and mortals.
yvs.19 49 May they ascend, the lowest, highest, midmost, the Fathers who deserve a share of Soma.
yvs.19 May Fathers who have gained the world of spirits, gentle and righteous, aid us when we call them.
yvs.19 50 Our Fathers are Angirases, Navagvas, Atharvans, Bhrigus, who deserve the Soma.
yvs.19 51 Our ancient Fathers who deserve the Soma, who came, most noble, to our Soma banquet With these let Yama, yearning with the yearning, rejoicing eat our offerings at his pleasure.
yvs.19 Our prudent Fathers by thy wisdom, Soma, dealt out among the Gods their share of treasure.
yvs.19 53 For our sage Fathers, Soma Pavamana, of old performed by thee their sacred duties.
yvs.19 54 Associate with the Fathers thou, O Soma, hast spread thyself abroad through earth and heaven.
yvs.19 55 Fathers who sit on sacred grass, come help us: these offerings we have made for you; accept them.
yvs.19 56 I have attained the gracious minded Fathers, have gained a son and progeny from Vishnu.
yvs.19 57 May they, the Fathers, worthy of the Soma, invited to their favourite oblations Laid on the sacred grass, come nigh and listen: may they be gracious unto us and bless us.
yvs.19 58 May they our Fathers whom the flames have tasted, worthy of Soma, come on God ward pathways.
yvs.19 59 Fathers whom Agni s flames have tasted, come ye nigh: ye kindly leaders, take ye each your proper place.
yvs.19 Injure us not for any sin, O Fathers, which we through human frailty have committed.
yvs.19 Grant to his sons a portion of your treasure, and, present, give us energy, ye Fathers.
yvs.19 65 May Agni, Kavya bearer, who hath worshipped Fathers true to Law.
yvs.19 Announce to Gods and Fathers these our sacrificial offerings.
yvs.19 Agni Kavya bearer, when entreated, didst bear the offerings which thou madest fragrant, And gayest to the Fathers who did eat them with Svadha.
yvs.19 67 Thou, Jatavedas, knowest well the number of Fathers who are here and who are absent, Of Fathers whom we know and whom we know not.
yvs.19 68 Now let us pay this homage to the Fathers, to those who passed of old and those who followed, Those who have rested in the earthly region and those who dwell among the Mighty Races.
yvs.19 69 As in the days of old our ancient Fathers speeding the work of holy worship, Agni! Sought pure light and devotion, singing praises, they cleft the ground and made red Dawns apparent.
yvs.19 Gladly bring yearning Fathers nigh to eat the food of sacrifice.
yvs.24 18 Smoke coloured, those of brownish hue, to be offered to the Soma possessing Fathers; the brown and the smoky looking to the Fathers who sit on sacred grass; the black and the brownish looking to the Fathers who have been tasted by Agni; the black and the spotted belong to Tryambaka.
yvs.24 38 The frog belongs to the Seasons; the vole, the rat, the mouse, these are the Fathers; the Python, the Balava belong to the Vasus; Kapinjala, pigeons owl, hare belong to Nirriti; the wild ram to Varuna.
yvs.29 47 The Brahmans, and the Fathers meet for Soma draughts, and, graciously inclined, unequalled Heaven and Earth.
yvs.32 14 That wisdom which the Companies of Gods, and Fathers, recognize, Even with that intelligence, O Agni, make me wise to day.
yvs.35 20 Carry the fat to Fathers, Jatavedas, where, far away, thou knowest, them established.
yvs.38 9 Svaha to Yama attended by the Angirases, attended by the Fathers! Svaha to the Gharma! The Gharma for the Father! 10 Here hath he worshipped, seated south, all the sky regions, all the Gods.
yvs.38 15 All hail to Pushan, to the milk s skin! All hail to the press stones! All hail to their echoes! All hail to the Fathers who are above the grass, who drink the Gharma! All hail to Heaven and Earth! All hail to the All Gods! 16 All hail to Rudra invoked by worshippers! All hail! Let light combine with light.

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