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yvs.2 Svaha! 11 The Father Heaven hath been invited hither.
yvs.2 May Heaven the Father in return invite us.
yvs.3 6 This spotted Bull hath come and sat before the Mother and before The Father, mounting up to heaven.
yvs.9 19 To me come plenteous growth of wealth! Approach me these, Heaven and Earth, who wear each form and figure! Hither may Father come to me, and Mother.
yvs.12 Agni by vital powers became immortal when his prolific Father Dyaus begat him.
yvs.13 28 Sweet be the night and sweet the dawns, sweet the terrestrial atmosphere: Sweet be our Father Heaven to us.
yvs.17 17 He who sate down as Hotar priest, the Rishi, our Father offering, up all things existent He, seeking with his wish a great possession, came among men on earth as archetypal.
yvs.17 25 The Father of the eye, the Wise in spirit, created both these worlds submerged in fatness.
yvs.17 27 Father who made us, he who, as Disposer, knoweth all races and all things existing, Even he alone, the Deities name giver, him other beings seek for information.
yvs.17 60 Steer, Sea, Red Bird with strong wings, he hath entered the dwelling place of the Primeval Father.
yvs.19 On these two roads each moving creature travels, each thing between the Father and the Mother.
yvs.19 Plain was the hundred streaming fount as penis: the jar poured forth libations to the Father.
yvs.25 17 May the Wind waft to us that pleasant medicine, may Earth our Mother give it, and our Father Heaven, And the joy giving stones that press the Soma s juice.
yvs.29 21 The Steed is come unto the noblest mansion, is come unto his Father and his Mother.
yvs.32 10 He is our kin, our Father and Begetter: he knows all beings and all Ordinances, In whom the Gods obtaining life eternal have risen upward to the third high station.
yvs.33 Father art thou, all conquering, cancelling the curse: vanquish the men who fight with us.
yvs.34 32 Night! the terrestrial realm hath been filled with the Father s power and might.
yvs.34 Father who made us.
yvs.37 14 Germ of the Gods, Father of hymns, all living creatures guardian Lord, Radiant, with radiant Savitar united, with the Sun he shines.
yvs.37 20 Thou art our Father, father like regard us.
yvs.38 9 Svaha to Yama attended by the Angirases, attended by the Fathers! Svaha to the Gharma! The Gharma for the Father! 10 Here hath he worshipped, seated south, all the sky regions, all the Gods.

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