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yvs.3 5 Earth! Ether! Sky! Like heaven in plenty and like earth in compass! Upon thy back, Earth, place of sacrificing to Gods, for gain of food I lay food eating Agni.
yvs.3 37 Earth! Ether! Sky! May I be rich in offspring, well manned with men and opulent with riches.
yvs.8 Earth! Ether! Sky! May we be rich in offspring, rich in brave sons and rich in food to feed us.
yvs.23 Earth! Ether! Heaven! O Gods, eat this food, parched grains and groats in the product of barley and in the product of cows: eat this food, Prajapati.
yvs.36 3 Earth! Ether! Heaven! May we attain that excellent, etc.

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