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yvs.1 Earth art thou.
yvs.1 25 O Earth, whereon men serve the Gods with worship, let me not do thy plant s root any damage.
yvs.1 26 May I drive Araru away from Earth, the seat of men s oblations to the Gods.
yvs.2 Hail to the Earth s Lord! To the World s Lord Hail! Hail to the Lord of Beings! 3 For safety of this all let the Gandharva Visvavasu lay thee round as a protection.
yvs.2 Heaven and Earth guard thee! Guard thou Earth and Heaven.
yvs.2 Our Mother, Earth, hath been invited hither.
yvs.2 May Earth, our Mother, in return invite us.
yvs.2 Be, Heaven and Earth, accordant with each other.
yvs.3 5 Earth! Ether! Sky! Like heaven in plenty and like earth in compass! Upon thy back, Earth, place of sacrificing to Gods, for gain of food I lay food eating Agni.
yvs.3 37 Earth! Ether! Sky! May I be rich in offspring, well manned with men and opulent with riches.
yvs.4 Svaha! 7 To Resolution, Motive, Agni, Svaha! All hail to Wisdom, and to Mind, and Agni! All hail to Consecration, Fervour, Agni! Hail to Sarasvati, Pushan, and Agni! Ye vast, divine, all beneficial Waters, ye Heaven and Earth and spacious Air between them, Let us adore Brihaspati with oblation.
yvs.5 To Heaven and Earth be adoration offered.
yvs.5 O Heaven and Earth, be ye filled full of fatness.
yvs.6 till hail! Go to Heaven and Earth.
yvs.7 The Bright, conjoined with Heaven and with Earth, with the brightly shining one.
yvs.7 The Manthin joined with Heaven and Earth and with the Manthin shining one.
yvs.8 32 May Heaven and Earth, the Mighty Pair, besprinkle this our sacrifice, And feed us full with nourishments.
yvs.8 Earth! Ether! Sky! May we be rich in offspring, rich in brave sons and rich in food to feed us.
yvs.9 19 To me come plenteous growth of wealth! Approach me these, Heaven and Earth, who wear each form and figure! Hither may Father come to me, and Mother.
yvs.9 Obeisance to our Mother Earth! Obeisance to our Mother Earth! This is thy Sovranty.
yvs.10 Informed are Heaven and Earth, the All propitious.
yvs.10 23 All hail to Agni, Master of the Household! All hail to Soma, Sovran of the Forest! All hail to the great vigour of the Maruts! All hail to the effectual might of Indra! Injure me not, O Mother Earth, and may I never injure thee.
yvs.11 16 From the Earth s seat, like Anginas, bring thou Purishya Agni forth.
yvs.11 May we enjoy Earth s favour while we dig forth Agni from her 22 Down hath he stepped, wealth giver, racer, courser.
yvs.11 28 At Savitar s, the Shining One s, impulsion, with arms of Asvins and with hands of Pushan, As Angiras was wont to do, I dig thee forth from the seat of Earth, Agni Purishya.
yvs.11 Thee, Agni, luminous and fair of aspect, resplendent with imperishable lustre, gracious to living creatures, never harming, As Angiras was wont to do, we dig thee forth from the seat of Earth, Agni Purishya.
yvs.11 43 Thou, being horn, art Child of Earth and Heaven, parted, fair Babe, among the plants, O Agni.
yvs.11 58 With Gayatri, like Angiras the Vasus form and fashion thee! Stedfast art then, thou art the Earth.
yvs.11 61 Pit! Angiras like may Aditi the Goddess, beloved by all Gods, dig thee in Earth s bosom.
yvs.11 Pan! Angiras like may the Gods heavenly Consorts, dear to all Gods, in the Earth s bosom place thee.
yvs.11 Pan! Angiras like may Dhishanas, Divine Ones, dear to alt Gods, in the Earth s bosom light thee.
yvs.11 Angiras like may the celestial Matrons, beloved by all the Gods, with unclipped pinions, within the lap of Earth, O Fire pan, bake thee.
yvs.11 69 Be firm for weal, O Goddess Earth.
yvs.12 We will invoke benignant Earth and Heaven: ye Deities, give us wealth with hero children.
yvs.12 61 Even as a mother bears her son, Earth, Ukha hath borne within her womb Purishya Agni.
yvs.12 64 Thou, Awful One, thou in whose mouth I offer for the unloosing of these binding fetters, Whom people hail as Earth with their glad voices, as Nirriti in every place I know thee.
yvs.12 104 Turn thyself hitherward, O Earth, to us with sacrifice and milk.
yvs.13 Thee, luminous, may Prajapati settle upon the back of Earth.
yvs.13 May Heaven and Earth, may Waters, Plants and Agnis help, separate, accordant, my precedence.
yvs.13 32 May Heaven and Earth, the Mighty Pair, besprinkle this our sacrifice, And feed us full with nourishments.
yvs.13 45 The Agni who from Agni had his being, from heat of Earth or also heat of Heaven, Whereby the Omnific One engendered creatures, him may thy fierce displeasure spare, O Agni.
yvs.14 May Heaven and Earth, may Waters, Plants and Agnis help, separate, accordant, my precedence.
yvs.14 19 Earth metre.
yvs.14 21 Chief art thou, bright, supporting, firm, thou art the great sustainer, Earth.
yvs.15 With Pratidhi by Earth quicken Earth.
yvs.15 Laid on the back of Earth, may he, resplendent, cast under foot those who would fight against us.
yvs.17 21 Thine highest, lowest sacrificial natures, and these thy midmost here, O Visvakarman, Teach thou thy friends at sacrifice, O Blessed, and come thy self, exalted, to our worship. 22 Bring those, thyself exalted with oblation, O Visvakarman, Earth and Heaven to worship. Let enemies around us live in folly: here let us have a rich and liberal patron.
yvs.20 fore sentences with inviting texts, inviting texts with Vashat calls, Vashat calls with oblations, and oblations, fulfil my desires, Earth! All hail! 13 My hair is effort and attempt, my skin is reverence and approach.
yvs.20 Earth comes again, the Dawn, the Sun.
yvs.20 Earth! All hail!
yvs.21 6 Sinless may we ascend, for weal, this vessel rowed with good oars, divine, that never leaketh, Earth our strong guard, incomparable Heaven.
yvs.22 23 Hail to vital breath! Hail to out breathing! Hail to diffusive breath! Hail to the eye! Hail to the ear! Hail to Speech! Hail to Mind! 24 Hail to the Eastern Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Southern Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Western Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Northern Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Upward Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Downward Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! 25 Hail to waters! Hail to floods! Hail to water! Hail to standing waters! flail to flowing waters! Hail to trickling waters! Hail to well waters! Hail to spring waters! Hail to the foaming sea! Hail to the ocean! Hail to the deep! 26 Hail to wind! Hail to mist! Hail to vapour! Hail to cloud! Hail to cloud lightening! Hail to cloud thundering! Hail to it bursting! Hail to it raining! Hail to it pouring! Hail to it violently raining! Hail to it swiftly raining! Hail to it holding up! Hail to it when it has held up! Hail to it sprinkling! Hail to it drizzling! Hail to its drops! Hail to thunderbolts! Hail to hoar frosts! 27 Hail to Agni! Hail to Soma! Hail to Indra! Hail to Earth! Hail to Firmament! Hail to Sky! Hail to Regions? Hail to Quarters! Hail to the Upward Region! Hail to the Downward Region!
yvs.22 23 Hail to the lunar asterisms! Hail to those connected with the lunar asterisms! Hail to Day and Night! Hail to the half months! Hail to the mouths! Hail to the Seasons! Hail to the Season groups! Hail to the Year! Hail to Heaven and Earth! Hail to the Moon! Hail to the Sun! Hail to his rays! Hail to the Vasus! Hail to the Rudras! Hail to the adityas! Hail to the Maruts! Earl to the All Gods! Hail to roots! Hail to branches! Hail to forest trees! Hail to flowers! Hail to fruits! Hail to herbs! 29 Hail to Earth! Hail to Firmament t Hail to Sky! Hail to Sun! Hail to Moon! Hail to lunar asterisms! Hail to waters! Hail to herbs! Hail to forest trees! Hail to creatures that swim! Hail to things moving and stationary! Hail to things that creep and crawl! 30 Hail to breath! Hail to the Vasu! Hail to the Mighty! Hail to Vivasvan! Hail to the trooping one! Hail to the Troop s Lord! Hail to the Superior! Hail to the Overlord! Hail to Strength! Hail to Samsarpa! Hail to the Moon! Hail to light! Hail to Malimlucha! Hail to him who flies by day! 31 Hail to Madhu! Hail to Madhava! Hail to Sukra! Hail to Suchi! Hail to Nabhas! Hail to Nabhasya! Hail to Isha! Hail to urja! Hail to Sahas! Hail to Sahasya! Hail to Tapas! Hail to Tapasya! Hail to Amhasaspati! 32 Hail to Strength! Hail to impulse! Hail to After born! Hail to will! Heaven, Hail? Hail to the head! Hail to Vyasnuvin! To the final, Hail! Hail to the mundane final! Hail to the Lord of the world! Hail to the Overlord! Hail to the
yvs.23 Earth! Ether! Heaven! O Gods, eat this food, parched grains and groats in the product of barley and in the product of cows: eat this food, Prajapati.
yvs.23 The Moon is brought to life again, Fire is the remedy of cold; Earth is the great receptacle.
yvs.23 42 Let the divine Adhvaryus flay thy body and dissect thy frame, And let the sacrificing lines prepare thy members joint by joint, 43 May Sky, Earth, Air, and Wind supply each failing and defect of thine: May Surya with the Stars of heaven duly prepare a world for thee.
yvs.23 What is more spacious than the Earth? What thing is that which naught can mete? 48 Brahma is lustre like the Sea.
yvs.23 Indra is vaster than the Earth.
yvs.24 10 Black ones for Earth; smoke coloured for Firmament; tall ones for Sky; brindled ones for Lightning; blotched ones for Stars.
yvs.24 14 Black necked victims sacred to Agni; brown to Soma; spotted to Savitar; weaned she kids to Sarasvati; dark coloured goats to Pushan; speckled victims to the Maruts; many coloured to the All Gods; barren cows to Heaven and Earth.
yvs.24 34 The eagle is Parjanya s; the ati, the Vahasa, the wood pecker, these are for Vayu; for Brihaspati Lord of Speech is the Paingaraja; the Alaja belongs to Firmament; pelican, cormorant, fish, these belong to the Lord of Rivers; the tortoise belongs to Heaven and Earth.
yvs.25 The tongue tip for Sarasvati; I gratify the root of the tongue and the palate with his neigh, Vaja with his jaws, the Waters with his mouth, the Stallion with his testicles, the adityas with the beard, Path with his eyebrows, Heaven and Earth with his eyelashes, Lightning with the pupils of his eyes.
yvs.25 The right flank belongs to Heaven and Earth, the left to the All Gods.
yvs.25 9 I gratify Separation with his navel; Butter with his flavour; the Waters with his broth; Sunbeams with his drops of fat; Hoar frost with his heat; Ice with his marrow; Hailstones with his tears; Thunderbolts with the rheum of his eyes; Rakshasas with his blood; Bright things with his limbs; Stars with his beauty; Earth with his skin.
yvs.25 17 May the Wind waft to us that pleasant medicine, may Earth our Mother give it, and our Father Heaven, And the joy giving stones that press the Soma s juice.
yvs.29 34 Hotar more skilled in sacrifice, bring hither with speed today God Tvashtar, thou who knowest, Even him who framed these two, the Earth and Heaven, the Parents, with their forms, and every creature.
yvs.29 47 The Brahmans, and the Fathers meet for Soma draughts, and, graciously inclined, unequalled Heaven and Earth.
yvs.30 for Sounds a Bhilla; for Caverns a Kirata; for Mountain heights a destructive savage; for Mountains a wild man; 17 For Abhorrence a Paulkasa; for Colour a goldsmith; for Balance a merchant; for Repentance a sluggard; for All Spirits a leper; for Prosperity a watchful man; for Failure a sleepy man; for Mischief a chatterer; for Misfortune a shameless man; for Undoing one who cuts up into small pieces; 18 For the Dice king a gambler; for the die Krita one who contemplates his adversary s ill luck, for the Treta a gamble manager; for the Dvapara a chief manager; for Askanda one who will not leave the gambling hall; for Mrityu one who approaches cows; for Antaka a Cow killer; for Hunger one who goes begging to a man who is cutting up a cow; for Misdeed a leader of the Charakas; for Misery a robber; 19 For Echo a reviler; for Noise a snarler; for End a very talkative man; for Endless a mute; for Sound a drummer; for Might a lute player; for Cry a flute blower; for Confused Tone a Conch blower; for the Wood a wood ranger; for Partly wooded Land a forest fire guard; 20 For Pastime a harlot; for Laughter a jester; for Lust a woman with spotty skin; for Might these, the head man of a village, an astrologer, and a watchman; a lute player; a hand clapper, a flutist, these for Dance; for Pleasure a musician; 21 For Fire a fat man; for Earth a cripple; for Wind a Chandala; for Mid Air a pole dancer; for Sky a bald head; for the Sun a green eyed man; for Stars a spotty man; for the Moon
yvs.31 13 Forth from his navel came mid air; the sky was fashioned from his head; Earth from his feet, and from his ear the Quarters.
yvs.33 23 I laud your Mighty One who joyeth in the juice, him who is good to all men, who pervadeth all; Indra whose conquering strength is powerful in war, whose fame and manly vigour Heaven and Earth revere.
yvs.33 This boon may Varuna and Mitra grant us, and Aditi and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.
yvs.33 49 Indra, Agni, Mitra, Varuna, Aditi, the Waters, Mountains, Maruts, Sky, and Earth and Heaven, Vishnu I call, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, and Bhaga, Samsa, Savitar that they may help. 50 With us are raining Rudras, clouds accordant in call to battle at the death of Vritra, The strong, assigned to him who sings and praises.
yvs.33 67 Heaven and Earth cling close to thy victorious might As sire and mother to their child.
yvs.34 This prayer of ours may Varuna grant, and Mitra, and Aditi and Sindhu, Earth and Heaven.
yvs.34 Lovers of holy song, light up. 45 Filled full of fatness, compassing all things that be, wide, spacious, dropping meath, beautiful in their form, The Heaven and the Earth by Varuna s decree, unwasting, rich in seed, stand parted each from each.
yvs.34 53 Let Ahibudhnya also hear our calling, and Aja Ekapad and Earth and Ocean.
yvs.35 5 Let Savitar lay down thy bones committed to the Mother s lap. Be pleasant to this man, O Earth.
yvs.35 All hail! 21 Pleasant be thou to us, O Earth, without a thorn, our resting place.
yvs.36 3 Earth! Ether! Heaven! May we attain that excellent, etc.
yvs.36 13 Pleasant be thou to us, O Earth, etc.
yvs.36 52, 17 Sky alleviation, Air alleviation, Earth alleviation, Plants alleviation, Trees alleviation, All Gods alleviation, Brahma alleviation, Universe alleviation, just Alleviation alleviation may that alleviation come to me! 18 Caldron, strengthen me.
yvs.37 3 O Heaven and Earth divine, may I duly prepare for you this day the head of Makha on the place of earth where the Gods sacrificed.
yvs.38 With Heaven and Earth I grasp thee.
yvs.38 To him who draweth out the thread be homage, and to Heaven and Earth.
yvs.38 13 The Gharma have the Asvins drunk: with Heaven and Earth have they agreed.
yvs.38 Overflow for Heaven and Earth.
yvs.38 15 All hail to Pushan, to the milk s skin! All hail to the press stones! All hail to their echoes! All hail to the Fathers who are above the grass, who drink the Gharma! All hail to Heaven and Earth! All hail to the All Gods! 16 All hail to Rudra invoked by worshippers! All hail! Let light combine with light.
yvs.39 SVaHa to the Vital Breathings with their Controlling Lord! To Earth Svaha! To Agni Svaha! To Firmament, Svaha! To Vayu Svaha! To Sky Svaha! To Surya Svaha! 2 To the Quarters Svaha! To the Moon Svaha! To the Stars Svaha! To the Waters Svaha! To Varuna Svaha! To the Navel Svaha! To the Purified Svaha! 3 To Speech Svaha! To Breath Svaha! To Breath Svaha! To Sight Svaha! To Sight Svaha! To Hearing Svaha! To Hearing Svaha! 4 The wish and purpose of the mind and truth of speech may I obtain.
yvs.39 11 To Effort Svaha! To Exertion Svaha! To Endeavour Svaha! To Viyasa Svaha! To Attempt Svaha! 12 To Grief Svaha! To the Grieving Svaha! To the Sorrowing Svaha! To Sorrow Svaha! To Heat Svaha! To him who grows hot Svaha! To him who is being heated Svaha! To him who has been heated Svaha! To Gharma Svaha! To Atonement Svaha! To Expiation Svaha! To Remedy Svaha! 13 To Yama Svaha! To the Finisher Svaha! To Death Svaha! To the Priesthood Svaha! To Brahmanicide Svaha! To the All Gods Svaha! To Heaven and Earth Svaha!

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