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yvs.5 Doors of the sacrifice, do not distress me! Lord, Ruler of the pathways, lead me onward.
yvs.20 40 To the strong Indra go the sounding Portals, dames with a goodly husband, swiftly moving! Well manned, divine, wide be the Doors thrown open, expanding in their greatness fir the Hero!
yvs.21 The metre Gayatri, the steer of eighteen months, give power and life! 13 Tanunapat whose acts are pure, our bodies guard Sarasvati, Ushniha metre and the steer of two years age give power and life! 14 Agni with offerings, meet for praise, and Soma the immortal God, Anushtup metre and the steer of thirty months give power and life! 15 Agni with goodly grass spread out, deathless with Pushan at his side, Brihati metre and a steer of three years age give power and life! 16 The Doors divine, the mighty Regions, Brahma, God Brihaspati, The metre Pankti, here a bull in his fourth year, give power and life 17 The two young Darns of lovely form, the deathless Universal Gods, The Trishtup metre, here, a bull in his sixth year, give power and life! 18 The two celestial Hotars, both Physicians, Indra s close knit friends, The metre Jagati, an ox who draws the wain, give power and life! 19 The Three, Ida, Sarasvati, and Bharati, the Marut folk, Viraj the metre, here, a cow in milk, a bull, give power and life!
yvs.21 34 Let the Hotar worship the Doors, the Regions, the resounding, expansive Doors, the Regions, with the Asvins.
yvs.21 49 The Doors, the Doors divine, the Two Asvins, Leeches, Sarasvati May they give breath to Indra in his nostrils, and heroic strength.
yvs.27 16 Widely expansive, ruling by foundation, the Doors divine and, after, all Preserve this Agni s holy works.
yvs.28 The Doors have strengthened Indra, his force and conquering might and vigour.
yvs.28 At this our worship let the Doors be opened, easy to pass, the strengtheners of Order: wide let them open out for bounteous Indra.
yvs.28 13 Firm, closely joined, the Doors divine have strengthened Indra in the rite.
yvs.28 36 The Doors divine have magnified bright Indra, who bestoweth strength.
yvs.29 5 May these your Doors divine that wear all colours, auspicious, with uplifted leaves unfolding, Lofty and closely fitted and sonorous, rich in adornment, offer easy passage.
yvs.29 30 Let the expansive Doors be widely opened, like wives who deck their beauty for their husbands.
yvs.30 6 For Dance a stable master; for Song a public dancer; for Duty one who attends court; for Pastime a timid man; for Sport a chatterer; for Laughter an artist; for Pleasure a woman lover; for Desire a damsel s son; for Dexterity a car builder; for Firmness a carpenter; 7 For Trouble a potter s son; for Device an artificer; for Beauty a jeweller; for Welfare a sower; for the Arrow deity a maker of shafts; for Injury a bowyer; for Action a bowstring maker; for Fate a rope maker; for Death a hunter; for the Finisher a dog leader; 8 For Rivers a fisherman; for Rikshikas a Nishada s son; for the Man tiger a madman; for the Gandharvas and Apsarases a Vratya; for Motives one demented; for Serpents and Genii an untrustworthy man; for Dice a gambler; for Excitement a non gambler; for Pisachas a woman who splits cane; for Yatudhanas a woman who works in thorns; 9 For Rendezvous a lover; for Homestead a paramour; for Trouble an unmarried elder brother; for Nirriti a younger brother who has married before his elder; for Misfortune the husband of a younger sister whose elder sister has not been married; for Representation a woman who embroiders; for Agreement a woman who deals in love charms; for Garrulity a by sitter; for Colour an obstinate man; for Strength a yielding man; 10 For Interruptions a hunch back; for Delight a dwarf, for Doors a blear eyed man; for Sleep a blind man; for Unrighteousness a deaf man; for Purifying Medium a physician; for Insight an astrologer; for Craving for

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