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yvs.1 Make ready for the Deities this oblation: with careful preparation make it ready.
yvs.2 Svaha! Vat! Hail to the Lord of close embracements, Agni! Hail to Sarasvati enriched with glory! 21 Veda art thou, whereby, O godlike Veda, thou hast become for Deities their Veda: thereby mayst thou become for me a Veda.
yvs.2 O Deities, ye knowers of the Pathway, walk on the pathway having known the Pathway.
yvs.3 62 May Jamadagni s triple life, the triple life of Kasyapa, The triple life of Deities may that same triple life be ours.
yvs.4 WE have reached this earth s place of sacrificing, the place wherein all Deities delighted.
yvs.6 heard by Deities: make me content.
yvs.7 Flow pure, a Deity thyself, for Deities whose share thou art.
yvs.7 Thee for the Deities who sip light atoms.
yvs.7 Sanda hath been removed, may Deities who drink the pure libation lead thee forward.
yvs.11 6 Even he, the God whose going forth and majesty the other Deities have followed with their might, He who hath measured the celestial regions out by his great power, he is the Courser Savitar.
yvs.12 We will invoke benignant Earth and Heaven: ye Deities, give us wealth with hero children.
yvs.13 I TAKE within me Agni first, for increase of my wealth, good offspring, manly strength: So may the Deities wait on me.
yvs.17 27 Father who made us, he who, as Disposer, knoweth all races and all things existing, Even he alone, the Deities name giver, him other beings seek for information.
yvs.19 God, with the Bright give Deities enjoyment: give food with flavour to the Sacrificer.
yvs.19 81 This his immortal shape with mighty powers three Deities bestowing gifts compounded.
yvs.20 11 May Deities, eleven threes, the three and thirty bounteous Ones Whose House Priest is Brihaspati, by impulse of bright Savitar, the Gods protect me with the Gods.
yvs.20 14 Gods, Deities, whatever fault of ours have stirred the wrath of Gods, May Agni set me free from that iniquity and all distress.
yvs.20 25 Fain would I know that holy world where Deities with Agni dwell, Where priestly rank and princely power together in accordance move.
yvs.22 Thee welcome to all Deities I sprinkle.
yvs.22 17 Agni, Envoy, I place in front, the oblation bearer I address: Here let him seat the Deities.
yvs.31 With him the Deities and all Sadhyas and Rishis sacrificed.
yvs.34 37 So may felicity be ours at present, and when the day approaches, and at noontide; And may we still, O Bounteous One, at sunset be happy in the Deities loving kindness.
yvs.35 Here let this other, Jatavedas, carry oblation to the Deities, foreknowing.

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