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yvs.6 34 Auspicious are ye, conquerors of Vritra, formed for bestowing wealth, the Immortal s Consorts.
yvs.8 May it be mine to prosper the libations of thee Brihaspati s son, O radiant Soma, of thee, strong Indu, mated with thy Consorts.
yvs.11 Pan! Angiras like may the Gods heavenly Consorts, dear to all Gods, in the Earth s bosom place thee.
yvs.23 33 Gayatri, Trishtup, Jagati, and Pankti with Anushtup joined, Brihati, Kakup, Ushniha pacify thee with needle points! 34 Two footed, those that have four feet, those with three feet and those with five, Metteless, with one metre; these pacify thee with needle points! 35 May Mahanamnis, Revatis, all far spread Regions of the sky, Voices, and lightnings from the cloud pacify thee with needle points! 36 May married dames of human birth skilfully separate thy hair: The Regions, Consorts of the Gods, pacify thee with needle points!
yvs.24 5 Parti coloured female victims belong to the All Gods; red coloured, eighteen mouths old to Vak; victims without distinguishing marks to Aditi; those of one same colour to Dhatar; weaned kids sacred to the Consorts of the Gods.
yvs.24 9 Black necked ones, Agni s; brown, Soma s; white, Vayu s; undistinguished, Aditi s; self coloured, Dhatar s; weanlings, the Gods Consorts.
yvs.24 24 To Soma he sacrifices quails; to Tvashtar Kaulikas; Mainas to the Gods Consorts; Kulikas to the Gods Sisters; Parushnas to Agni Lord of the Homestead.
yvs.26 20 O Agni, bring thou hitherward the yearning Consorts of the Gods Bring Tvashtar to the Soma draught.
yvs.27 17 May Dawn and Night protect his heavenly Consorts in a his home this our sacrificial worship. 18 Ye two celestial Hotars, greet with praises this lofty rite of ours, the tongue of Agni.
yvs.28 Let the three triple active Ones, let Ida and Sarasvati and Bharati the mighty Dames, Consorts of Indra, who receive our sacrificial offerings, enjoy the butter, etc.

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