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yvs.16 Homage to Bhava s weapon, homage to the Lord of moving things! homage to Rudra whose bow is bent to slay, to the Lord of fields homage, homage to the charioteer who injures, none, to the Lord of forests be homage.
yvs.16 Homage to Bhava, and to Rudra homage, homage to Sarva and to Pasupati, and to Nilagriva and Sitikantha, homage.
yvs.39 8 Agni with the heart; Lightning with the heart s point; Pasupati with the whole heart; Bhava with the liver.
yvs.39 Bhava s is what is on the throat; Rudra s what is between the ribs; Mahadeva s is the liver; Sarva s the rectum; Pasupati s the pericardium.

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