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yvs.15 15 This one in front, golden tressed, with sunbeams; the leader of his host and his chieftain are Rathagritsa and Rathaujas, and Punjikasthala: and Kratusthala his Apsarases.
yvs.15 16 This one on the right, the Omnific; the leader of his host and his chieftain are Rathasvana and Rathechitra, and Menaka and Sahajanya his Apsarases.
yvs.15 17 This one behind, the All comprising; the leader of his host and his chieftain are Rathaprota and Asamaratha, and Pramlochanti and Anumochlanti are his Apsarases.
yvs.15 18 This one on the left, Lord of uninterrupted riches; the leader of his host and his chieftain are Tarkshya and Arishtanemi, and Visvachi and Ghritachi his Apsarases.
yvs.15 19 This one above, Wealth giver; the leader of his host and his chieftain are Senajit and Sushena, and Urvasi and Purvachitti his Apsarases.
yvs.18 The plants are his Apsarases, namely Delights.
yvs.18 His motes are his Apsarases, Swift moving.
yvs.18 The Asterisms are his Apsarases, Luminous.
yvs.18 The Waters are his Apsarases, named Energies.
yvs.18 Guerdons are his Apsarases, called Praisers.
yvs.18 Richas and Samans are his Apsarases, called Wishings.
yvs.24 37 The cuckoo belongs to the Half Months; antelope, peacock, eagle, these are the Gandharvas; the otter belongs to the Months; tortoise, doe antelope, iguana, Golathika belong to the Apsarases; the black snake belongs to Death.
yvs.30 6 For Dance a stable master; for Song a public dancer; for Duty one who attends court; for Pastime a timid man; for Sport a chatterer; for Laughter an artist; for Pleasure a woman lover; for Desire a damsel s son; for Dexterity a car builder; for Firmness a carpenter; 7 For Trouble a potter s son; for Device an artificer; for Beauty a jeweller; for Welfare a sower; for the Arrow deity a maker of shafts; for Injury a bowyer; for Action a bowstring maker; for Fate a rope maker; for Death a hunter; for the Finisher a dog leader; 8 For Rivers a fisherman; for Rikshikas a Nishada s son; for the Man tiger a madman; for the Gandharvas and Apsarases a Vratya; for Motives one demented; for Serpents and Genii an untrustworthy man; for Dice a gambler; for Excitement a non gambler; for Pisachas a woman who splits cane; for Yatudhanas a woman who works in thorns; 9 For Rendezvous a lover; for Homestead a paramour; for Trouble an unmarried elder brother; for Nirriti a younger brother who has married before his elder; for Misfortune the husband of a younger sister whose elder sister has not been married; for Representation a woman who embroiders; for Agreement a woman who deals in love charms; for Garrulity a by sitter; for Colour an obstinate man; for Strength a yielding man; 10 For Interruptions a hunch back; for Delight a dwarf, for Doors a blear eyed man; for Sleep a blind man; for Unrighteousness a deaf man; for Purifying Medium a physician; for Insight an astrologer; for Craving for

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