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yvs.1 5 I will observe the vow, Lord of Vows, Agni! May I have strength therefor.
yvs.1 10 By impulse of God Savitar I take thee with arms of Asvins, with the hands of Pushan, Thee dear to Agni, dear to Agni Soma.
yvs.1 Upon the navel of the earth I place thee, on Aditi s lap. Protect the oblation, Agni! 12 Ye two are strainers that belong to Vishnu.
yvs.1 I sprinkle thee agreeable to Agni.
yvs.1 I sprinkle thee welcome to Agni Soma.
yvs.1 15 Body of Agni art thou, the releaser of speech.
yvs.1 Drive off the fire that eats raw flesh, O Agni.
yvs.1 18 Agni, do thou accept our holy service.
yvs.1 This is Agni s.
yvs.1 This Agni Soma s.
yvs.1 Thy skin let Agni harm not.
yvs.1 Thou art the tongue of Agni.
yvs.2 I sprinkle thee agreeable to Agni.
yvs.2 Thou art the Sacrificer s guard, thou, Agni, lauded and worthy to receive laudation.
yvs.2 4 Thee, Sage, who offerest to Gods their banquet, we will enkindle till thou shinest brightly, thee mighty in the sacrifice, O Agni.
yvs.2 7 O Agni, Winner of the Spoil, I cleanse thee, thee who wilt hasten to the spoil, Spoil winner.
yvs.2 Agni, may I approach thy shade abounding in store of riches.
yvs.2 9 O Agni, undertake the Hotar s office, take on thyself the duty of an envoy.
yvs.2 I, through my Kindlership, am Agni.
yvs.2 I feed upon thee with the mouth of Agni.
yvs.2 14 This is the stick for kindling thee, O Agni.
yvs.2 O Agni, thou who winnest food, I cleanse thee, thee who hast hastened to the food, Food winner.
yvs.2 15 After the victory of Agni Soma may I obtain the victory.
yvs.2 May Agni Soma drive off him who hates us, drive off the man whom we detest.
yvs.2 After the victory of Indra Agni may I obtain the victory.
yvs.2 May Indra Agni
yvs.2 Thou art the eye s guard: guard mine eye, O Agni.
yvs.2 I7 The stick which thou, God Agni, laidest round thee, what time thou wast kept hidden by the Panis, this do I bring to thee for thine enjoyment.
yvs.2 Approach, ye two, the place which Agni loveth.
yvs.2 Glory to thee, O Sacrifice, and increase! Stand firm in my auspicious, righteous worship. 20 O Agni of unweakened strength, far reaching, protect me from the lightning flash, protect me from bondage.
yvs.2 Svaha! Vat! Hail to the Lord of close embracements, Agni! Hail to Sarasvati enriched with glory! 21 Veda art thou, whereby, O godlike Veda, thou hast become for Deities their Veda: thereby mayst thou become for me a Veda.
yvs.2 27 Agni, may I become a good householder, through thee, Home master, O Householder Agni.
yvs.2 Mayst thou become an excellent Householder through me the master of the house, O Agni.
yvs.2 28 I have performed the vow, Lord of Vows, Agni! Full power was mine, and it has proved successful.
yvs.2 29 To Agni Hail! who bears gifts due to Sages.
yvs.2 30 The Asuras, attracted by oblation, who roam at will assuming varied figures, from this our world may Agni drive them, whether they clothe themselves in large or little bodies.
yvs.3 SERVE Agni with the kindling brand, with drops of butter wake the Guest.
yvs.3 2 To Agni Jatavedas, to the flame, the well enkindled God, Offer thick sacrificial oil.
yvs.3 4 Rich in oblations, dropping oil, to thee, sweet Agni, let them go.
yvs.3 5 Earth! Ether! Sky! Like heaven in plenty and like earth in compass! Upon thy back, Earth, place of sacrificing to Gods, for gain of food I lay food eating Agni.
yvs.3 9 Agni is light, and light is Agni.
yvs.3 Hail! Agni is splendour, light is splendour.
yvs.3 Hail! 10 Accordant with bright Savitar and Night with Indra at her side, May Agni, being pleased, enjoy.
yvs.3 All hail! 11 Approaching sacrifice, may we pronounce a text to Agni who Heareth us even when afar.
yvs.3 12 Agni is head and height of heaven, the Master of the earth is he: He quickeneth the waters seed.
yvs.3 13 You two will I invoke, O Indra Agni, will please you both together with oblation.
yvs.3 Knowing this, Agni, rise thou up and cause our riches to increase.
yvs.3 17 Thou, Agni, art our bodies guard.
yvs.3 Giver of life art thou, O Agni.
yvs.3 Giver of splendour art thou, Agni.
yvs.3 All that is wanting in my body, Agni, supply for me.
yvs.3 18 Enkindled we enkindle thee through hundred winters, thee the bright; We healthy, thee who givest health; we strong, thee author of our strength; We, never injured, Agni, thee uninjured injurer of foes.
yvs.3 19 Thou hast attained, O Agni, to the splendour of Surya, to the eulogy of Rishis, and to the habitation which thou lovest.
yvs.3 To thee, dispeller of the night, O Agni, day by day with prayer, Bringing thee reverence, we come;
yvs.3 24 Be to us easy of approach, even as a father to his son: Agni, be with us for our weal.
yvs.3 25 O Agni, be our nearest Friend; be thou a kind deliverer and gracious Friend.
yvs.3 Excellent Agni, come thou nigh to us, and give us wealth most splendidly renowned.
yvs.3 Splendour and strength bestow on us, O Agni, thou Imperial Lord.
yvs.3 39 Lord of the Home, this Agni Garhapatya is best at finding riches for our children.
yvs.3 Splendour and strength bestow on us, O Agni, Master of the Home.
yvs.3 40 Rich, furtherer of plenty is this Agni, Master of the Herd.
yvs.3 Splendour and strength bestow on us, O Agni, Master of the Herd.
yvs.4 Svaha! 7 To Resolution, Motive, Agni, Svaha! All hail to Wisdom, and to Mind, and Agni! All hail to Consecration, Fervour, Agni! Hail to Sarasvati, Pushan, and Agni! Ye vast, divine, all beneficial Waters, ye Heaven and Earth and spacious Air between them, Let us adore Brihaspati with oblation.
yvs.4 Agni is the Brahman, Agni is sacrifice, the tree is holy.
yvs.4 14 O Agni, watch thou well.
yvs.4 Our bodies guard, unscathed, Vaisvanara Agni preserve us from misfortune and dishonour.
yvs.4 16 Thou, Agni, art the guardian God of sacred vows among mankind, thou meet for praise at holy rites.
yvs.4 28 Keep me, O Agni, from unrighteous conduct: make me a sharer in the path of goodness.
yvs.4 32 Ascend the eye of Surya, mount the pupil set in Agni s eye Where, radiant through the Wise One, thou speedest along with dappled steeds.
yvs.5 BODY of Agni art thou.
yvs.5 Thee for the giver of abundance, Agni.
yvs.5 2 Birth place art thou of Agni.
yvs.5 Be kind to us this day, Omniscient Ones! 4 Preserver from the curse, Son of the Rishis, Agni is active having entered Agni.
yvs.5 6 O Agni, Guardian of the Vow, O Guardian of the Vow, in thee Whatever form there is of thine, may that same form be here on me: un thee be every form of mine.
yvs.5 8 That noblest body which is thine, O Agni, laid in the lowest deep, encased in iron, hath chased the awful word, the word of terror.
yvs.5 May Agni know thee, he whose name is Nabhas.
yvs.5 Go, Agni, Angiras, with the name of ayu.
yvs.5 Agni s completion art thou.
yvs.5 All hail! 36 By goodly paths lead us to riches, Agni, thou God who knowest every sacred duty.
yvs.5 37 Wide room and comfort may this Agni give us, and go before us cleaving down our foemen.
yvs.5 40 O Agni, Guardian of the Vow, O Guardian of the Vow, on me whatever form of thine path been, may that same form be upon thee.
yvs.6 9 By impulse of God Savitar I bind thee, with arms of Asvins and with hands of Pushan, thee welcome unto Agni and to Soma.
yvs.6 I sprinkle thee welcome to Agni Soma.
yvs.6 Let Agni eagerly enjoy the butter.
yvs.6 Let Agni make thee ready.
yvs.6 All hail! Go to Vaisvanara Agni.
yvs.6 24 I set you down in Agni s seat whose home is indestructible.
yvs.6 Indra and Agni s share are ye, Mitra and Varuna s share are ye.
yvs.6 Down, unto thee, go, one and all, thy people! May Agni with his fuel hear my calling.
yvs.6 29 That man is lord of endless strength whom thou protectest in the fight, Agni, or urgest to the fray.
yvs.6 For plenty giving Agni, thee.
yvs.7 This is the first all bounteous Consecration: he the first, Varuna, Mitra, and Agni.
yvs.7 For Indra Agni, thee, etc.
yvs.7 24 Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaisvanara, born in holy Order, The Sage, the King, the Guest of men, a vessel fit for their mouths, the Gods have generated.
yvs.7 31 Moved, Indra Agni, by our hymns, come to the juice, the precious dew.
yvs.7 For Indra Agni thee.
yvs.7 Thee for Indra Agni.
yvs.7 For Indra Agni thee.
yvs.7 Thee for Indra Agni.
yvs.7 All hail! 42 The brilliant presence of the Gods hath risen, the eye of Mitra, Varuna, and Agni.
yvs.7 43 By goodly paths lead us to riches, Agni, thou God who knowest every sacred duty.
yvs.7 44 Wide room and comfort may this Agni give us, and go before us cleaving down our foemen.
yvs.7 47 To Agni, yea, to me let Varuna give thee.
yvs.8 10 Agni, associate with the Dames, accordant with the God Tvashtar, drink.
yvs.8 17 May this please Savitar and liberal Dhatar, Prajapati the Treasure Guard, bright Agni, Tvashtar, and Vishnu: blessing him with children, grant store of riches to the Sacrificer.
yvs.8 All hail! 19 The willing Gods whom, God, thou hast brought hither, send them to their own dwelling place, O Agni.
yvs.8 20 Here, Agni, as this sacrifice proceedeth, have we elected thee to be our Hotar.
yvs.8 24 The waters, face of Agni, have I entered, O Waters Child, repelling evil spirits.
yvs.8 Offer the fuel in each home, O Agni.
yvs.8 38 Skilled in thy task, O Agni, pour lustre and hero strength on us, Granting me wealth and affluence.
yvs.8 For Agni thee, for splendour This is thy home.
yvs.8 For Agni thee, for splendour.
yvs.8 Thou, lustrous Agni, mid the Gods art splendid.
yvs.8 I take thee lord of Gayatri for Agni.
yvs.8 50 O radiant Soma, eagerly draw nigh to Agni s well loved food.
yvs.8 Mitra when purchased; Vishnu Sipivishta when on the Sacrificer s thigh he resteth; Vishnu Naraudhisha brought on the barrow; 56 Soma when come: when seated on the platform, Varuna; Agni in the sacred fire place; Indra upon the sacrificial barrow; Atharvan when deposited for pounding; 57 All Gods when offered in the scattered fragments; Vishnu, the guard of those who soothe his anger, when he is filled and swelling in the waters; Yama in pressing; Vishnu in collection; Vayu what time they cleanse and purify him; the Bright when cleansed; the Bright with milk about him; Manthin commingled with the meal of barley; 58 All Gods when he is drawn away in beakers; Life when uplifted for the fire oblation; Rudra when offered; Vata when reverted; Man viewer when beheld; drink when they drink him; deposited, the Narasamsa Fathers; 59 Sindhu when ready for the bath that cleanses the sea when he is carried to the waters; Water is he when he is plunged beneath it.
yvs.9 26 As suppliants, for aid we grasp Soma the King, and Agni, the adityas, Vishnu, Surya, and the Brahman priest Brihaspati.
yvs.9 28 Agni, speak kindly to us here, be graciously inclined to us.
yvs.9 I with Brihaspati s supreme dominion endow thee by the balm of consecration 31 With the monosyllable Agni won vital breath: may I win that.
yvs.9 All hail! To Gods whose guide is Agni, to the eastward seated Gods, All hail! To Gods whose guide is Yama, to the southward seated Gods, All hail! To Gods whose guides are the All Gods, those who are seated westward, Hail! Hail to the northward seated Gods, to those whose guides are Mitra and Varuna or the Marut host! To Gods whose guide is Soma, who, worshipful, sit on high, All hail! 36 Gods who have Agni as their guide, whose seat is eastward, Hail to them! Gods who have Yama as their guide, whose seat is southward, Hail to them! Gods who have All Gods as their guides, whose seat is westward, Hail to them! Gods who have Mitra Varuna for guides, north seated, Hail to them! Gods who have Soma as their guide, high seated, worshipful, Hail to them! 37 Agni, subdue opposing bands and drive our enemies away.
yvs.9 39 Savitar quicken thee for sway of rulers, Agni of householders, of the trees Soma, Brihaspati of Speech, for lordship Indra, Rudra for cattle, Mitra for true speaking, Varuna for the sway of Law s protectors.
yvs.10 To Agni Hail! To Soma Hail! To Savitar Hail! To Sarasvati Hail! To Pushan Hail! To Brihaspati Hail! To Indra Hail! To the Noise Hail! To Fame Hail To Amsa Hail! To Bhaga Hail! To Aryaman Hail! 6 Ye are two strainers, Varuna s own possession.
yvs.10 9 Visible, O ye men, Informed is Agni, Master of the House.
yvs.10 17 Thee with the strength of Soma, Agni s lustre, with Surya s splendour, Indra s might I sprinkle.
yvs.10 23 All hail to Agni, Master of the Household! All hail to Soma, Sovran of the Forest! All hail to the great vigour of the Maruts! All hail to the effectual might of Indra! Injure me not, O Mother Earth, and may I never injure thee.
yvs.10 29 May spacious Agni, Lord of Duty, gladly, vast Agni, Duty s Lord, accept the butter.
yvs.10 30 I creep forth urged onward by Savitar the Impeller; by Sarasvati, Speech; by Tvashtar, created forms; by Pushan, cattle; by this Indra; by Brihaspati, Devotion; by Varuna, Power; by Agni, Brilliance; by Soma, the King; by Vishnu the tenth Deity.
yvs.11 HARNESSING, first of all, the mind, Savitar having stretched the thought With reverent look upon the light of Agni bore them up from earth.
yvs.11 From the earth s seat bring thou Purishya Agni, as Angiras was wont, with Trishtup metre.
yvs.11 Ours be power with thee to dig out Agni in his dwelling, as Angiras was wont, with Jagati metre.
yvs.11 11 Savitar, bearing in his hand the gold spade which he took therewith, Looking with reverence on the light of Agni, raised it from the earth, With the Anushtup metre and as Angiras was wont to do.
yvs.11 13 Upon this course, O lords of wealth, harness; ye twain, the Ass who bears Agni, and kindly favours us.
yvs.11 16 From the Earth s seat, like Anginas, bring thou Purishya Agni forth.
yvs.11 After the wont of Angiras we to Purishya Agni go.
yvs.11 Agni Purishya we will bear after the went of Angiras.
yvs.11 17 Agni hath looked along the van of Mornings, looked on the days, the earliest Jatavedas, And many a time along the beams of Surya: along the heaven and earth hast thou extended.
yvs.11 He longs to look with reverent eye on Agni is the mighty.
yvs.11 19 O Courser, having come to earth, seek Agni with a longing wish.
yvs.11 May we enjoy Earth s favour while we dig forth Agni from her 22 Down hath he stepped, wealth giver, racer, courser.
yvs.11 Thence let us dig forth Agni, fair to look on, while to the loftiest vault we mount, to heaven.
yvs.11 Agni with bridegroom s face and lovely colour may not be touched when all his form is fury.
yvs.11 25 Round the oblation bath he paced, Agni the wise, the Lord of Strength, Giving the offerer precious boons.
yvs.11 26 We set thee round us as a fort, victorious Agni, thee a Sage, Of hero lineage, day by day destroyer of our treacherous foes.
yvs.11 27 Thou, Agni, with the days, fain to shine hitherward, art brought to life from out the waters, from the stone,
yvs.11 28 At Savitar s, the Shining One s, impulsion, with arms of Asvins and with hands of Pushan, As Angiras was wont to do, I dig thee forth from the seat of Earth, Agni Purishya.
yvs.11 Thee, Agni, luminous and fair of aspect, resplendent with imperishable lustre, gracious to living creatures, never harming, As Angiras was wont to do, we dig thee forth from the seat of Earth, Agni Purishya.
yvs.11 29 Thou art the Waters back, the womb of Agni, around the ocean as it swells and surges.
yvs.11 Do ye; expansive, cover him: bear ye Purishya Agni up. 31 Cover him, finders of the light, united both with breast and self, Bearing between you Agni, the refulgent, everlasting One.
yvs.11 Atharvan was the first, Agni, who rubbed thee into life.
yvs.11 Agni, Atharvan brought thee forth by rubbing from the lotus, from The head of Visva, of the Priest.
yvs.11 Agni, give long life to the Sacrificer.
yvs.11 36 Accustomed to the Hotar s place, the Hotar hath seated him, bright, splendid, passing mighty, Whose foresight keeps the Law from violation, excellent, pure tongued, bringing thousands, Agni.
yvs.11 Worthy of sacred food, praised Agni! loose the smoke, ruddy and beautiful to see.
yvs.11 O Agni, Rich in Splendour, robe thyself in many hued attire.
yvs.11 With great light splendid to behold come, Agni, through sweet hymns of praise.
yvs.11 43 Thou, being horn, art Child of Earth and Heaven, parted, fair Babe, among the plants, O Agni.
yvs.11 Broad be thou, pleasant as a seat, bearing the store which Agni needs.
yvs.11 Bearing Purishya Agni on, let him not perish ere his time, Male bearer of male Agni, Child of Waters, Offspring of the Sea.
yvs.11 Agni, come hither to the feast.
yvs.11 As Angiras was wont to do, we bear Purishya Agni on.
yvs.11 Ye Plants, with joyous welcome greet this Agni, auspicious One who cometh on to meet you.
yvs.11 May lofty Agni be my guide and shelter, ready to hear our call, the good Protector.
yvs.11 57 Aditi shape the Fire pan with her power, her arms, her intellect, And in her womb bear Agni as a mother, in her lap, her son.
yvs.11 She, having made the great Fire pan, a womb for Agni, formed of clay, Aditi, gave it to her Sons and, Let them bake it, were her words.
yvs.11 66 Intention, Agni.
yvs.11 Motive, Hail! Mind, Wisdom, Agni, Motive, Hail! Thought, Knowledge, Agni, Motive, Hail! Rule of Speech, Agni, Motive, Hail! To Manu Lord of creatures, Hail! To Agni dear to all men, Hail! 67 May every mortal man elect the friendship of the guiding God.
yvs.11 Endure, O Mother, and be brave; This work will thou and Agni do.
yvs.11 Do thou Purishya, Agni, loved of many, overcome our foes.
yvs.11 73 O Agni, whatsoever be the fuel that we lay on thee, May that he butter unto thee.
yvs.11 75 Bringing to him, with care unceasing, fodder day after day as to a stabled courser, Joying in food and in the growth of riches, may we thy neighbours, Agni, never be injured.
yvs.11 76 While on earth s navel Agni is enkindled, we call, for ample increase of our riches, On Agni joying in the draught, much lauded, worshipful; victor conquering in battle.
yvs.11 77 Whatever hosts there are, fiercely assailant, charging in lengthened lines, drawn up in order, Whatever thieves there are, whatever robbers, all these I cast into thy mouth, O Agni.
yvs.12 Agni by vital powers became immortal when his prolific Father Dyaus begat him.
yvs.12 The wealth possessing Gods supported Agni.
yvs.12 6 Agni roared out like Dyaus what time he thunders: licking full oft the earth round plants he flickered.
yvs.12 7 Return to me, thou still returning Agni, with life, with lustre, progeny, and treasure, With profit, wisdom, riches, and abundance.
yvs.12 8 A hundred, Agni Angiras! be thy ways, a thousand thy returns.
yvs.12 9 Return again with nourishment; Agni, again with food and life.
yvs.12 10 Agni, return with store of wealth.
yvs.12 Fair shapen Agni with white shining splendour hath filled at birth all human habitations.
yvs.12 15 Knowing all holy ordinances, Agni, be seated in the lap of this thy mother.
yvs.12 16 Within this Fire pan with thy light, O Agni, in thy proper seat, Glowing with warmth, be gracious thou, O Jatavedas, unto her.
yvs.12 17 Being propitious unto me, O Agni, sit propitiously.
yvs.12 18 First Agni sprang to life from out of heaven, the second time from us came Jatavedas.
yvs.12 19 Agni, we know thy three powers in three stations, we know thy forms in many a place divided.
yvs.12 21 Agni roared out, etc.
yvs.12 Even the firm rock he cleft when passing over, when the Five Tribes brought sacrifice to Agni.
yvs.12 24 So among mortals was immortal Agni stablished as cleansing, wise, and eager envoy.
yvs.12 26 Whoso this day, O God whose flames are lovely, makes thee a cake, O Agni, mixed with butter, Lead thou and further him to higher fortune, to bliss bestowed by Gods, O thou Most Youthful.
yvs.12 27 Endow him, Agni, with a share of glory, at every, song of praise sung forth enrich him.
yvs.12 Dear let him be to Surya, dear to Agni, preminent with son and children s children.
yvs.12 28 While, Agni, day by day men pay thee worship they win themselves all treasures worth the wishing.
yvs.12 29 Agni, man s gracious Friend, the Soma s keeper, Vaisvanara, hath been lauded by the Rishis.
yvs.12 30 Pay service unto Agni with your fuel, rouse your Guest with oil: In him present your offerings.
yvs.12 31 May all the Gods, O Agni, bear thee upward with their earnest thoughts: Not to be looked on, rich in light, be thou propitious unto us, 32 Agni, go forth resplendent, thou with thine auspicious flames of fire.
yvs.12 33 Agni roared out, etc.
yvs.12 34 Far famed is this the Bharata s own Agni: he shineth like the Sun with lofty splendour.
yvs.12 36 Agni, thy home is in the floods: into the plants thou forcest way, And as their child art born anew.
yvs.12 37 Thou art the offspring of the plants, thou art the offspring of the trees: The offspring thou of all that is, thou, Agni, art the Waters Child, 38 With ashes having reached the womb, the waters, Agni and the earth, United with the mothers, thou blazing hast seated thee again.
yvs.12 39 Seated again upon thy seat, the waters, Agni! and the earth, In her, thou, most auspicious One, liest as in a mother s lap
yvs.12 Agni, return, etc.
yvs.12 I thine adorer laud thy form, O Agni.
yvs.12 Thou art the ashes, thou the mould of Agni.
yvs.12 47 This is that Agni where the longing Indra took the pressed Soma deep within his body.
yvs.12 48 The splendour which is thine in heaven, O Agni, in earth, O Holy One, in plants, in waters, Wherewith thou hast overspread mid air s broad region, that light is brilliant, billowy, man surveying.
yvs.12 49 O Agni, to the flood of heaven thou mountest, thou tallest hither Gods, the thought inspirers.
yvs.12 51 As holy food, Agni, to thine invoker give wealth in cattle, lasting, rich in marvels.
yvs.12 Agni, be this thy gracious will to us ward.
yvs.12 Knowing this, Agni, mount on high and cause our riches to increase.
yvs.12 Be thou our Sovran Lord, Agni Purishya; give food and vigour to the Sacrificer.
yvs.12 59 Thou art Purishya Agni, thou art wealthy, thou art prosperous.
yvs.12 61 Even as a mother bears her son, Earth, Ukha hath borne within her womb Purishya Agni.
yvs.12 Thy covering skin Agni, urged forth, hath mounted.
yvs.12 105 All, Agni, that in thee is bright, pure, cleansed, and meet for sacrifice, That do we bring unto the Gods.
yvs.12 107 Agni, life power and fame are thine: thy fires blaze mightily, thou rich in wealth of beams! Sage, passing bright, thou givest to the worshipper, with strength, the food that merits laud.
yvs.12 In thee are treasured various forms of strengthening food, born nobly and of wondrous help. 110 Agni, spread forth, as Ruler, over living things: give wealth to us, Immortal God.
yvs.12 112 The men have set before them for their welfare Agni, strong, visible to all, the Holy.
yvs.12 116 May Vatsa draw thy mind away, even from thy loftiest dwelling place, Agni, with song that yearns for thee.
yvs.12 117 Agni, best Angiras, to thee all people who have pleasant homes Apart have turned to gain their wish.
yvs.12 118 In dear homes, Agni, the desire of all that is and is to be, Shines forth the One Imperial Lord.
yvs.13 I TAKE within me Agni first, for increase of my wealth, good offspring, manly strength: So may the Deities wait on me.
yvs.13 2 Thou art the waters back, the womb of Agni, around the ocean as it swells and surges.
yvs.13 Spread with thy tongue the winged flames, O Agni: unfettered cast thy firebrands all around thee.
yvs.13 12 Rise up, O Agni, spread thee out before us, burn down our foes, thou who hast sharpened arrows.
yvs.13 Him, blazing Agni! who hath worked us mischief, consume thou utterly like dried up stubble.
yvs.13 13 Rise, Agni, drive off those who fight against us: make manifest thine own celestial vigour.
yvs.13 I settle thee with Agni s fiery ardour.
yvs.13 14 Agni is head and height of heaven, the Master of the earth is he: He quickeneth the waters seed.
yvs.13 Thy light bestowing head to heaven thou liftest, making thy tongue the oblation bearer, Agni! 16 Steady art thou, sustainer, laid by Visvakarman in thy place.
yvs.13 19 For all breath, out breath; through breath, upward breathing, for high position, for prescribed observance, May Agni keep thee safe with great well being, with the securest shelter.
yvs.13 22 Thy lights, O Agni, in the Sun that with their beams overspread the sky, With all of those assist thou us to day to light and progeny.
yvs.13 Lights of yours in the Sun, O Gods, or lights that are in kine and steeds, O Indra Agni, with all those vouchsafe us light, Brihaspati! 24 The Far.
yvs.13 Thy Sovran Lord is Agni.
yvs.13 25 Madhu and Madhava, the two Spring seasons thou art the innermost cement of Agni.
yvs.13 30 Seat thyself in the deepness of the waters, lest Surya, lest Vaisvanara Agni scorch thee.
yvs.13 Thou art all ruling, independent Ruler: both fountains of Sarasvati protect thee! 36 O radiant Agni, harness thou thy steeds which are most excellent! They bear thee as thy spirit wills.
yvs.13 37 Yoke, Agni, as a charioteer, thy steeds who best invoke the Gods: As ancient Hotar take thy seat.
yvs.13 I look upon the flowing streams of butter: the golden reed is in the midst of Agni.
yvs.13 This hath become the energetic spirit of all the world and of Vaisvanara Agni.
yvs.13 40 Agni, all luminous with light, splendid with splendour, golden One.
yvs.13 42 The wind s impetuous rush, Varuna s navel! the horse that springs to life amid the waters! The rivers tawny child, based on the mountain, harm not, O Agni, in the loftiest region.
yvs.13 43 Unwasting Drop, red, eager, pressing forward, Agni I worship with repeated homage.
yvs.13 Forming thyself with joints in proper order, harm not the Cow, Aditi widely ruling! 44 Her who is Tvashtar s guardian, Varuna s navel, the Ewe brought forth from out the loftiest region, The Asura s mighty thousandfold contrivance, injure not in the highest sphere, O Agni.
yvs.13 45 The Agni who from Agni had his being, from heat of Earth or also heat of Heaven, Whereby the Omnific One engendered creatures, him may thy fierce displeasure spare, O Agni.
yvs.13 46 The brilliant presence of the Gods hath risen, the eye of Mitra, Varuna, and Agni.
yvs.13 Accept as pith man s counterfeit the victim, Agni: therewith building thy forms, be settled.
yvs.13 49 Thousandfold, with a hundred streams, this fountain, expanded in the middle of the waters, Infinite, yielding butter for the people, harm not, O Agni, in the highest region.
yvs.13 50 This creature clothed in wool, Varuna s navel, the skin of animals quadruped and biped, The first that was produced of Tvashtar s creatures, O Agni, harm not in the highest region.
yvs.13 51 From Agni s warmth the he goat had his being: he looked at first upon his generator.
yvs.14 6 Sukra and Suchi, seasons, both, of summer thou art the innermost cement of Agni.
yvs.14 7 Associate with the Seasons, with the Modes with the Gods, with the health establishing Gods may the Asvins the Adhvaryus settle thee here for Agni Vaisvanara.
yvs.14 11 Indra and Agni, in its place securely set the unshaking brick.
yvs.14 15 Two Rainy Seasons, Nabhas and Nabhasya thou art the innermost cement of Agni, etc.
yvs.14 16 Isha and urja, two Autumnal Seasons thou art the innermost cement of Agni, etc.
yvs.14 20 The Deity Agni.
yvs.14 24 Thou art the portion of Agni, chief control of Consecration.
yvs.14 27 Sahas, Sahasya, the two Winter Seasons thou art the innermost cement of Agni, etc.
yvs.15 DRIVE our born enemies away, O Agni; drive from us foes unborn, O Jatavedas.
yvs.15 Apsas art thou, the complement of Agni.
yvs.15 Agni is thy warder off of hostile weapons.
yvs.15 20 Agni is head and height of heaven, the Master of the earth is he.
yvs.15 21 This Agni is the Master of spoil thousandfold and hundredfold, the sapient one, the head of wealth.
yvs.15 22 Agni, Atharvan brought thee forth by rubbing from the lotus leaf, the head of Visva, of the Priest.
yvs.15 Thy light bestowing head to heaven thou liftest, making thy tongue oblation bearer, Agni.
yvs.15 24 Agni is wakened by the people s fuel to meet the Dawn who cometh like a milch cow.
yvs.15 Gavishthira hath raised with prayer to Agni this laud far reaching as the gold in heaven.
yvs.15 27 The watchful Guardian of the people hath been born, Agni the very strong, for fresh prosperity.
yvs.15 28 Agni, Angirases discovered thee what time thou layest hidden, fleeing back from wood to wood.
yvs.15 29 Offer to Agni, O my friends, your seemly food, your seemly praise; To him supremest over the folk, the Son of Strength, the Mighty Lord.
yvs.15 30 Thou, mighty Agni, gatherest up all that is precious for thy friend: Bring us all treasure as thou art enkindled in libation s place.
yvs.15 31 O Agni, loved of many, thou of fame most wondrous, in their homes Men call on thee whose hair is flame to be the bearer of their gifts.
yvs.15 32 With this my reverent hymn I call Agni for you, the Son.
yvs.15 35 O Agni, thou who art the Lord of wealth in kine, the Son of Strength, Vouchsafe to us, O Jatavedas, high renown.
yvs.15 36 He, Agni, kindled, good and wise, must be exalted in our song: Shine, thou of many forms, shine radiantly on us.
yvs.15 37 O Agni, shining of thyself by night and when the morning breaks, Burn, thou whose teeth are sharp, against the Rakshasas.
yvs.15 38 May Agni, worshipped, bring us bliss, may the gift, Blessed One! and sacrifice bring bliss, Yea, may our praises bring us bliss.
yvs.15 41 I value Agni, that good Lord, the home to which the kind return; Whom fleet foot coursers seek as home, and strong enduring steeds as home.
yvs.15 42 It is Agni whom we laud as good, to whom the milch kine come in herds, To whom the coursers swift of foot, to whom our well born princes come.
yvs.15 44 Agni, with lauds this day may we bring thee that which thou lovest, Right judgment, like a horse, with our devotions.
yvs.15 45 For thou hast ever been the car driver, Agni, of noble Strength, lofty sacrifice, and rightful judgment.
yvs.15 46 Through these our praises come thou to meet us, bright as the sunlight, O Agni, well disposed, with all thine aspects.
yvs.15 47 Agni I hold as Herald, the munificent, the gracious Son of Strength who knoweth all that live, as holy singer knowing all; Lord of fair rites, a God with form erected, turning to the Gods, He, when the flame hath sprung forth from the sacred oil, the offered fatness, longeth for it with his glow.
yvs.15 48 O Agni, be our nearest Friend, be thou a kind deliverer and a gracious Friend.
yvs.15 Come as good Agni, come as excellent and give us wealth most splendidly renowned.
yvs.15 49 With what devotion, winning light, the Rishis came, kindling Agni, to the Holy session, Even with that in heaven I stablish Agni whom men call him whose sacred grass is scattered.
yvs.15 51 This Agni mounted up to Speech s Centre, Lord of the Brave, observant, ever active.
yvs.15 52 May this most manly Agni, strength bestower, giver of thousands, shine with care that fails not.
yvs.15 O Agni, make the paths for Godward travel.
yvs.15 54 Wake up, O Agni, thou, and keep him watchful.
yvs.15 Whereby thou, Agni, bearest wealth in thousands and all precious things.
yvs.15 Knowing this, Agni, rise thou up and cause our riches to increase.
yvs.17 2 O Agni, may these bricks be mine own milch kine: one, and ten, and ten tens, a hundred, and ten hundreds, a thousand, and ten thousand a myriad, and a hundred thousand, and a million, and a hundred millions, and an ocean middle and end, and a hundred thousand millions, and a billion.
yvs.17 4 With the lake s mantling need we robe thee, Agni: to us he purifying and auspicious.
yvs.17 5 With cold s investing garb we gird thee, Agni: to us be purifying and auspicious.
yvs.17 6 Descend upon the earth, the reed, the rivers: thou art the gall, O Agni, of the waters.
yvs.17 8 O Agni, purifier, God, with splendour and thy pleasant tongue Bring hither, and adore, the Gods.
yvs.17 9 So, Agni, purifying, bright, bring hither to our sacrifice, To our oblation bring the Gods.
yvs.17 16 May Agni with his sharpened blaze cast down each fierce devouring fiend.
yvs.17 May Agni win us wealth by war.
yvs.17 50 Worshipped with butter, Agni, lead this man to high preeminence.
yvs.17 53 May the All Gods, O Agni, bear and lift thee upward with their thoughts.
yvs.17 55 Inspirited above enkindled Agni, adorable, winged with hymns, was it accepted, When the Gods offered sacrifice with viands, circling the heated caldron, paving worship. 56 Lord of a hundred draughts.
yvs.17 May Agni, God, make offering and hither bring the Gods to us.
yvs.17 May Indra, too, and Agni drive my foes away to every side.
yvs.17 65 Go ye by Agni to the sky bearing the Ukhya in your hands.
yvs.17 66 Agni, go forward to the eastern region, well skilled, be here the fire in front of Agni.
yvs.17 69 Foremost of those who seek the Gods come forward, thou who art eye of Gods and men, O Agni.
yvs.17 71 O Agni, thousand eyed and hundred headed, thy breaths are hundred, thy through breaths a thousand.
yvs.17 73 Receiving offerings, fair of aspect, eastward be duly seated in thy place, O Agni.
yvs.17 75 May we adore thee in thy loftiest birth place, Agni! with praise songs in thy lower station.
yvs.17 The place whence those hast issued forth I worship. In thee, well kindled, have they paid oblations 76 Shine thou before us, Agni, well enkindled, with flame, most youthful God, that never fadeth.
yvs.17 77 Agni, this day with lands, etc.
yvs.17 79 Seven fuel logs hast thou, seven tongues, O Agni, seven Rishis hast thou, seven beloved mansions.
yvs.17 87 Drink in the middle of the flood, O Agni, this breast stored full of sap, teeming with water.
yvs.17 96 Like women at a gathering fair to look on and gently smiling, they incline to Agni.
yvs.18 16 May my Agni and my Indra, and my Soma and my Indra, and my Savitar and my Indra, and my Sarasvati and my Indra, and my Pushan and my Indra prosper by sacrifice.
yvs.18 22 May my Agni and my charms, and my Arka and my Surya, and my Prana and my Asvamedha, and my Prithivi and my Aditi, and my Diti and my Sky, and my fingers, powers, and sky regions prosper by sacrifice.
yvs.18 As such may I gain strength, O Agni.
yvs.18 37 Thee by the radiant Savitar s impulsion, with arms of Asvins, with the hands of Pushan, Controlled by Vak Sarasvati s Controller, with Agni s sole dominion I besprinkle.
yvs.18 38 Maintainer of Law, true by nature, Agni is the Gandharva.
yvs.18 Seeker of aid art thou, receiving worship. Blow on me, etc. 46 Thy lights, O Agni, in the Sun, etc.
yvs.18 50 Heaven like is Warmth, Hail! Heaven like is Arka, Hail! Heaven like is the Bright One, Hail! Heaven like is Light, Hail! Heaven like is Surya, Hail! 51 I yoke with power and flowing butter Agni, divine, strong pinioned, great with vital vigour.
yvs.18 52 With these thy two never wasting feathered pinions wherewith thou drivest fiends away, O Agni, Let us fly to the regions of the pious whither have gone the first born ancient Rishis.
yvs.18 57 May Agni, served with sacrifice and gifts, protect our offered food: This homage be Good speed to Gods! 58 That which hath flowed from purpose or from judgment, or gathered from the wind or from the vision, Follow ye to the region of the pious whither have gone the first born ancient Rishis.
yvs.18 61 Wake up, O Agni, etc.
yvs.18 64 Our gifts, our charitable grants, our pious works, our fees to priests, May the Omnific s Agni set all this among the Gods in heaven.
yvs.18 65 There where all never failing streams of honey and of butter flow, May Agni, Visvakarman s own, place us in heaven among the Gods.
yvs.18 66 Agni am who know by birth all creatures.
yvs.18 72 To aid us let Vaisvanara come from the distance far away: Come Agni, to our eulogies! 73 Sought in the sky, sought on the earth, sought after, all plants that grow on ground hath Agni entered.
yvs.18 May Agni, may Vaisvanara with vigour, sought for, by day and night from harm preserve us.
yvs.18 74 Help its that we may gain this wish, O Agni, gain riches, Wealthy One! with store of heroes.
yvs.18 O Agni.
yvs.18 76 Home hider Agni, Indra, and Brahma, and bright Brihaspati May the All Gods, one minded, guard our sacrifice in happy place.
yvs.19 Free from my debt, O Agni, I become thereby.
yvs.19 The stake is by the stake obtained, by Agni Agni carried forth.
yvs.19 33 All essence of thine own in plants collected, all strength of Soma when poured out with Sura Therewith impel with joy the sacrifice, Sarasvati, the Asvins, Indra, Agni.
yvs.19 33 Agni, thou poorest life: send down upon us food and vigorous strength.
yvs.19 40 Purify me, O Agni, God, refulgent with thy pure bright sieve, With powers according to thine own.
yvs.19 41 O Agni, may the cleansing sieve, diffused through all thy fiery glow, Holy devotion, make me clean.
yvs.19 May Agni make nay progeny abundant.
yvs.19 59 Fathers whom Agni s flames have tasted, come ye nigh: ye kindly leaders, take ye each your proper place.
yvs.19 64 O Agni Kavyavahana, cause us to praise before the Gods, As our associate meet for lauds, wealth which een thou reputest wealth.
yvs.19 65 May Agni, Kavya bearer, who hath worshipped Fathers true to Law.
yvs.19 Agni Kavya bearer, when entreated, didst bear the offerings which thou madest fragrant, And gayest to the Fathers who did eat them with Svadha.
yvs.19 69 As in the days of old our ancient Fathers speeding the work of holy worship, Agni! Sought pure light and devotion, singing praises, they cleft the ground and made red Dawns apparent.
yvs.20 14 Gods, Deities, whatever fault of ours have stirred the wrath of Gods, May Agni set me free from that iniquity and all distress.
yvs.20 Agni, come hither rich in milk, splendour and brilliancy bestow on me, and progeny and wealth.
yvs.20 24 O Agni, Master of the Vow, on thee I lay the kindling stick.
yvs.20 25 Fain would I know that holy world where Deities with Agni dwell, Where priestly rank and princely power together in accordance move.
yvs.20 78 He in whom horses, bulls, oxen, and barren cows, and rams, when duly set apart, are offered up, To Agni, Soma sprinkled, drinker of sweet juice, Disposer, with thy heart bring forth a pleasant hymn.
yvs.20 79 Within thy mouth is poured the offering, Agni, as Soma into cup, oil into ladle.
yvs.21 3 Do thou who knowest Varuna, O Agni, put far away from us the God s displeasure.
yvs.21 4 Be thou the nearest unto us, O Agni, our closest Friend while now this Morn is breaking.
yvs.21 12 Kindled is Agni with the brand, yea, kindled well, the excellent.
yvs.21 The metre Gayatri, the steer of eighteen months, give power and life! 13 Tanunapat whose acts are pure, our bodies guard Sarasvati, Ushniha metre and the steer of two years age give power and life! 14 Agni with offerings, meet for praise, and Soma the immortal God, Anushtup metre and the steer of thirty months give power and life! 15 Agni with goodly grass spread out, deathless with Pushan at his side, Brihati metre and a steer of three years age give power and life! 16 The Doors divine, the mighty Regions, Brahma, God Brihaspati, The metre Pankti, here a bull in his fourth year, give power and life 17 The two young Darns of lovely form, the deathless Universal Gods, The Trishtup metre, here, a bull in his sixth year, give power and life! 18 The two celestial Hotars, both Physicians, Indra s close knit friends, The metre Jagati, an ox who draws the wain, give power and life! 19 The Three, Ida, Sarasvati, and Bharati, the Marut folk, Viraj the metre, here, a cow in milk, a bull, give power and life!
yvs.21 29 Let the Hotar sacrifice with fuel to Agni in the place of libation, to the Asvins, Indra, Sarasvati.
yvs.21 40 Let the Hotar worship Agni.
yvs.21 Svaha! Agni the salutary remedy.
yvs.21 Agni accepting the medicine.
yvs.21 Yea, let them eat amid the fodder of fields fresh with moisture, with their expanse of barley, limbs of those tasted by Agni, belonging to the Hundred Rudras, portions covered with fat, from the sides, from the thighs, from the fore feet from the chine.
yvs.21 There where the favourite stations of the Asvins are, of the he goat the sacrifice; of Sarasvati, of the ram the sacrifice; of Indra, of the bull the sacrifice; there where the favourite stations of Agni are, of Soma, of Indra the Good Deliverer, of Savitar, of Varuna, the favourite places of Vanaspati, the favourite stations of Gods who drink clarified butter, and of Agni the Hotar, there let him arrange these victims when he has praised and lauded them, and perform when he has made them very strong.
yvs.21 47 Let the Hotar worship Agni Svishtakrit.
yvs.21 Let Agni worship the favourite stations of the Asvins, of the he goat the sacrifice; of Sarasvati, of the ram the sacrifice; of Indra, of the bull the sacrifice; there, etc.
yvs.21 Let him worship the favourite stations of Agni the Hotar.
yvs.21 58 Let the God Agni Svishtakrit worship the Gods as is meet and right for each, the two Hotars, Indra, the Asvins, Vak with speech, Sarasvati, Agni, Soma.
yvs.21 The God Vanaspati, the Gods who drink clarified butter have been well worshipped, Agni by Agni.
yvs.21 59 To day this Sacrificer cooking viands, cooking sacrificial rice cakes, binding a goat for the Asvins, a ram for Sarasvati, a hull for Indra, pressing Sura and Soma juices for the Asvins, Sarasvati, and Indra the Good Deliverer, has chosen Agni as Hotar.
yvs.21 61 Thee, to day, O Rishi, Rishi s son, descendant of Rishis, hath this Sacrificer chosen for many collected, saying: This Agni() shall win by sacrifice for me choice worthy treasures among the Gods.
yvs.22 Go, consecrate by Svaha to Agni Vaisvanara widely famed.
yvs.22 I sprinkle thee welcome to Indra Agni.
yvs.22 6 To Agni Hail! To Soma Hail! Hail to the Waters Joy! Hail to Savitar! Hail to Vayu! Hail to Vishnu! Hail to Indra! Hail to Brihaspati! Hail to Mitra! Hail to Varuna! 7 Hail to the sound hi?! Hail to the uttered hi?! Hail to the neigh! Hail to the down neigh! Hail to the snort! Hail to the roar! Hail to his smell! Hail to him smelt at! Hail to him seated! Hail to him seated down! Hail to him weary! Hail to him going! Hail to him sitting! Hail to him lying! Hail to him sleeping! Hail to him waking! Hail to him whinnying! Hail to him wakened! Hail to him yawning! Hail to him outstretched! Hail to him drawn together! Hail to him risen! Hail to his going! Hail to his good going! Hail! 8 Hail to him as he goes! Hail to him running! Hail to him running away! Hail to him when he has run away! Hail to the cry Shoo! Hail to him scared with Shoo! Hail to him seated! Hail to him risen! Hail to his speed! Hail to his strength! Hail to him rolling! Hail to him when he has rolled! Hail to him tossing about! Hail to him when he has tossed about! Hail to him listening! Hail to him hearing.
yvs.22 15 Wake Agni with thy laud and set the Immortal One aflame, let him Bestow our offerings on the Gods.
yvs.22 16 Oblation bearer, well inclined, immortal, eager Messenger, Agni comes near us with the thought.
yvs.22 17 Agni, Envoy, I place in front, the oblation bearer I address: Here let him seat the Deities.
yvs.22 23 Hail to vital breath! Hail to out breathing! Hail to diffusive breath! Hail to the eye! Hail to the ear! Hail to Speech! Hail to Mind! 24 Hail to the Eastern Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Southern Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Western Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Northern Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Upward Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! Hail to the Downward Region! Hail to the hitherward Region! 25 Hail to waters! Hail to floods! Hail to water! Hail to standing waters! flail to flowing waters! Hail to trickling waters! Hail to well waters! Hail to spring waters! Hail to the foaming sea! Hail to the ocean! Hail to the deep! 26 Hail to wind! Hail to mist! Hail to vapour! Hail to cloud! Hail to cloud lightening! Hail to cloud thundering! Hail to it bursting! Hail to it raining! Hail to it pouring! Hail to it violently raining! Hail to it swiftly raining! Hail to it holding up! Hail to it when it has held up! Hail to it sprinkling! Hail to it drizzling! Hail to its drops! Hail to thunderbolts! Hail to hoar frosts! 27 Hail to Agni! Hail to Soma! Hail to Indra! Hail to Earth! Hail to Firmament! Hail to Sky! Hail to Regions? Hail to Quarters! Hail to the Upward Region! Hail to the Downward Region!
yvs.23 Thy majesty that has accrued to thee by night, in a year, thy majesty that has accrued in the earth, in Agni, in the stars and in the Moon, to that majesty of thine, to Prajapati and to the Gods, All hail! 5 They who stand round hills as he moves harness the bright, the ruddy Steed: The lights are shining in the sky.
yvs.23 Brahmakrishna help us! Obeisance to Agni!
yvs.23 17 Agni was the victim.
yvs.23 He won this world in which Agni is.
yvs.24 A black necked goat, devoted to Agni, (is to be bound) in front to the forehead (of the horse); Sarasvati s ewe below his jaws; two goats belonging to the Asvins, with marks on the lower parts of the body, to his fore legs; a dark coloured goat, Soma s and Pushan s, to his navel; a white and a black, sacred to Soma and Varna, to his sides; Tvashtar s two, with bushy tails, to his hind feet; Vayu s white goat to his tail; for Indra the Good Worker a cow who slips her calf; a dwarf belonging to Vishnu.
yvs.24 The black necked, the white flanked, one with bright coloured thighs belong to Indra and Agni.
yvs.24 6 Black necked victims for Agni; white browed for the Vasus; red for Rudra; bright ones for the adityas; cloud coloured for Parjanya.
yvs.24 7 The tall goat, the sturdy, the dwarf, these are Indra Vishnu s; the tall, the white fore footed, the black backed, Indra Brihaspati s; parrot coloured the Vajins; speckled Agni Maruts; dark coloured Pushan s.
yvs.24 8 Variegated, Indra Agni s; two coloured, Agni Soma s; dwarf oxen, Agni Vishnu s; barren cows, Mitra Varuna s; partly variegated, Mitra s.
yvs.24 9 Black necked ones, Agni s; brown, Soma s; white, Vayu s; undistinguished, Aditi s; self coloured, Dhatar s; weanlings, the Gods Consorts.
yvs.24 14 Black necked victims sacred to Agni; brown to Soma; spotted to Savitar; weaned she kids to Sarasvati; dark coloured goats to Pushan; speckled victims to the Maruts; many coloured to the All Gods; barren cows to Heaven and Earth.
yvs.24 15 Called contemporary, the dappled belong to Indra Agni; black ones to Varuna; speckled to the Maruts; hornless he goats to Ka.
yvs.24 16 To Agni foremost in place he sacrifices firstling goats; to the consuming Maruts those born of one mother; to the Maruts who perform domestic rites those born after a long time; to the sportive Maruts those born together; to the self strong Maruts those born in succession.
yvs.24 17 Called contemporaneous, the dappled belonging to Indra Agni; those with projecting horns to Mahendra; the many coloured to Visvakarman.
yvs.24 18 Smoke coloured, those of brownish hue, to be offered to the Soma possessing Fathers; the brown and the smoky looking to the Fathers who sit on sacred grass; the black and the brownish looking to the Fathers who have been tasted by Agni; the black and the spotted belong to Tryambaka.
yvs.24 22 To Soma he sacrifices wild geese; to Vayu female cranes; to Indra Agni curlews; to Mitra divers; to Varuna Chakravakas.
yvs.24 23 To Agni he sacrifices cocks; to Vanaspatis owls; to Agni Soma blue jays; to the Asvins peacocks; to Mitra Varuna pigeons.
yvs.24 24 To Soma he sacrifices quails; to Tvashtar Kaulikas; Mainas to the Gods Consorts; Kulikas to the Gods Sisters; Parushnas to Agni Lord of the Homestead.
yvs.24 31 The Kinnara belongs to Prajapati; the Ula, the Halikshna, the cat belong to Dhatar; the heron belongs to the Quarters; the Dhunksha to Agni; sparrow, red snake, Saras, these are Tvashtar s; the curlew belongs to Vak.
yvs.25 3 I gratify Flies with his hair; Indra with his active shoulder; Brihaspati with his quick spring; Tortoises with his hoofs; Approach with his fetlocks; Kapinjalas with his heel ropes; Speed with his two thighs; the Way with his two fore legs; the Forest God with a kneepan; Agni with his two knees; Pushan with his two fore feet; the Asvins with his shoulders; Rudra with his shoulder joints,
yvs.25 4 The first rib is Agni s; the second Vayu s; the third Indra s; the fourth Soma s; the fifth Aditi s; the sixth Indrani s; the seventh the Maruts; the eighth Brihaspati s; the ninth Aryaman s; the tenth Dhatar s; the eleventh Indra s; the twelfth Varuna s; the thirteenth Yama s.
yvs.25 5 (On the left side) the first rib belongs to Indra Agni; the second to Sarasvati; the third to Mitra; the fourth to the Waters; the fifth to Nirriti; the sixth to Agni Soma; the seventh to the Serpents; the eighth to Vishnu; the ninth to Pushan; the tenth to Tvashtar; the eleventh to Indra; the twelfth to Varuna; the thirteenth to Yama.
yvs.25 6 The shoulders belong to the Maruts; the first rib cartilages to the All Gods; the second to the Rudras; the third to the adityas; the tail belongs to Vayu; the hind quarters to Agni Soma.
yvs.25 20 The Maruts, Sons of Prisni, borne by spotted steeds, moving in glory, oft visiting holy rites, Sages whose tongue is Agni and their eyes the Sun, hither let all the Gods for our protection come.
yvs.25 47 O Agni, be our nearest Friend, etc.
yvs.26 8 Hitherward come Vaisvanara to succour us from far away, Agni through laud that brings him near! Taken upon a base, etc, as in verse 6.
yvs.26 9 Agni is Pavamana, Sage, the Tribe Priest of the Races Five: To him of mighty wealth we pray.
yvs.26 12 Agni s is the most fetching song.
yvs.26 13 Come, here, O Agni, will I sing verily other songs to thee, And with these drops shalt thou grow strong.
yvs.26 20 O Agni, bring thou hitherward the yearning Consorts of the Gods Bring Tvashtar to the Soma draught.
yvs.27 HALF YEARS and Seasons strengthen thee, O Agni, the Years and all the Verities and Rishis! Flash forth with thy celestial effulgence: illumine all four regions of the heaven.
yvs.27 2 Kindle thee, Agni, rake this man to knowledge: rise up erect for great and happy fortune.
yvs.27 Agni, be those uninjured who adore thee, thy priests be glorious and none beside them! 3 The Brahmans present here elect thee, Agni: be thou propitious in our sanctuary.
yvs.27 Slayer of rivals, Agni, quell our foemen: watch in thy house with care that never ceases.
yvs.27 4 Even here do thou, O Agni, stablish wealth: let not oppressors injure thee by thinking of thee first.
yvs.27 Light be thy task of ruling, Agni, with thy power: may he who worships thee wax strong, invincible.
yvs.27 5 Kind to the people, grasp thy power, O Agni: contend thou with the Friend by way of friendship. Placed, Agni, in the centre of our kinsmen, flash forth to be invoked by Kings around thee.
yvs.27 6 Past those who slay, past enemies, past thoughtless men, past those who hate, Yes, Agni, drive away all woe and trouble: vouchsafe us opulence with men about us.
yvs.27 7 Holder of sway, shine here refulgent, Agni! invincible, unconquered Jatavedas.
yvs.27 9 As thou, Brihaspati, from curse hast freed us, from dwelling yonder in the realm of Yama, The Asvins, Leeches of the Gods, O Agni, have chased Death far from us with mighty powers.
yvs.27 11 Uplifted are the brands that are his fuel: lofty and brilliant are the flames of Agni, Splendidly bright of the Son fair of aspect.
yvs.27 13 With mead to sacrifice thou comest, Agni, earnest as friendly minded Narasamsa, and Savitar righteous God who brings all blessings.
yvs.27 While rites proceed the ladles move to Agni.
yvs.27 15 Let him pay worship to this Agni s greatness, daintily fed: he verily gives enjoyments: The wisest Vasu he, and best wealth giver.
yvs.27 16 Widely expansive, ruling by foundation, the Doors divine and, after, all Preserve this Agni s holy works.
yvs.27 17 May Dawn and Night protect his heavenly Consorts in a his home this our sacrificial worship. 18 Ye two celestial Hotars, greet with praises this lofty rite of ours, the tongue of Agni.
yvs.27 21 Vanaspati, presenting of thyself, send God ward! Let Agni, Immolator, season our oblation.
yvs.27 22 Pay sacrifice to Indra, Jatavedas Agni! with Hail! All Gods accept the gift we offer! 23 Wise, bright, arranger of his teams, he seeketh men with rich food whose treasures are abundant.
yvs.27 26 What time the mighty waters came containing the universal germ, producing Agni, Thence sprang the Gods one spirit into being.
yvs.27 42 Sing to your Agni with each song, at every sacrifice, for strength.
yvs.27 43 Protect us, Agni, through the first, protect us through the second hymn.
yvs.28 22 Agni, Fair offering maker, bright, hath heightened radiant Indra s strength.
yvs.28 23 To day the Sacrificer hath elected dressing messes of cooked food and a rice cake, binding a goat for Indra Agni as his Hotar.
yvs.28 21 Let the Priest worship Agni, Indra, kindled, splendidly kindled, excellent strength giver, Lending him mighty power, Gayatri metre, a cow aged eighteen months, and vital vigour.
yvs.28 34 Let the Priest offer worship to the Svahakriti Goddesses, to Agni Household Lord apart, to Varuna the Leech and Sage.
yvs.28 45 Agni, the God who makes fair rites, hath strengthened Indra force giver, the God hath magnified the God, Laying with Atichhandas power in Indra, sway, and vital strength.
yvs.29 DECKING the treasure house of prayers, O Agni, enkindled, pouring forth sweet tasted butter, Swift moving, bearing curd, O Jatavedas, bear what they love to the Gods habitation.
yvs.29 In concert with the Gods and Vasus Agni Omniscient waft thee a contented bearer! 4 Pleased with much Sacred Grass which we have scattered wide spread upon the earth, a pleasant carpet, Joined with the Gods may Aditi, accordant, bestowing bliss award it happy fortune.
yvs.29 To the Gods world Vanaspati, well knowing, bear our oblations which the fire has tasted! 11 Thou, waxing by Prajapati s strong fervour, born quickly, guardest sacrifice, O Agni.
yvs.29 28 Invoked, deserving laud and adoration, O Agni, come accordant with the Vasus.
yvs.29 Agni, Vanaspati, the Immolator sweeten our offered gift with mead and butter.
yvs.29 36 Agni as soon as he was born made ready the sacrifice and was the Gods preceder.
yvs.29 58 The black necked victim belongs to Agni; the ewe to Sarasvati; the brown victim is Soma s; the dusky Pushan s; the white backed is Brihaspati s; the dappled belongs to the All Gods; the red to Indra; the spotted to the Maruts; the strong bodied to Indra Agni; one with white marks below to Savitar; to Varuna a black ram with one white foot 59 To Agni Anikavan is sacrificed a red marked ox; two with white spots below are for Savitar; two with silvery navels for Pushan; two yellow hornless he goats for the All Gods; a spotted one for the Maruts; the black faced he goat is Agni s; the ewe is Sarasvati s; the ram is Varuna s.
yvs.29 60 To Agni of the Gayatri, of the Trivrit hymn and of the Rathantara Saman is to be offered a rice cake on eight potsherds; to Indra of the Trishtup, the Panchadasa hymn and the Brihat Saman one on eleven potsherds; to the All Gods of the Jagati, the Seventeenfold hymn and the Vairupa Saman, one on twelve potsherds; to Mitra Varuna of the Anushtup, the Ekavimsa hymn, and the Vairaja Saman, a mess of curdled milk; to Brihaspati of the Pankti metre, the Trinava hymn, and the Sakvara Saman, an oblation of rice boded in milk; to Savitar of the Ushnih, the Thirty threefold hymn, and the Raivata Saman, a rice cake on eight potsherds; a mess of boiled rice is to be made for Prajapati; the same for Vishnu s Consort Aditi; to Agni Vaisvanara is to be offered a rice cake on twelve potsherds, and to Anumati one on eight.
yvs.31 12 The Moon was gendered from his mind, and from his eye the Sun had birth; Vayu and Prana from his ear, and from his mouth was Agni born.
yvs.32 14 That wisdom which the Companies of Gods, and Fathers, recognize, Even with that intelligence, O Agni, make me wise to day.
yvs.32 All hail! 15 Varuna grant me wisdom! grant it Agni and Prajapati! Wisdom may Indra, Vayu grant.
yvs.33 Bring to us Mitra Varuna, bring the Gods to the great sacrifice; Bring them, O Agni, to thine home.
yvs.33 4 Yoke, Agni, as a charioteer, thy steeds who best invoke the Gods: As ancient Hotar take thy seat.
yvs.33 7 Three times a hundred Gods, and thrice a thousand, and three times ten, and nine have worshipped Agni, For him spread sacred grass, balmed him with butter, and stablished him as Priest and Sacrificer.
yvs.33 8 Him, messenger of earth and head of heaven, Agni Vaisvanara, born in holy Order, The Sage, the King, the Guest of men, a vessel fit for their mouths, the Gods have generated.
yvs.33 9 May Agni slay the foemen, fain for riches, through the love of song Kindled, bright, served with sacrifice.
yvs.33 10 With the All Gods, with Indra and with Vayu drink the Soma mead, O Agni, after Mitra s laws.
yvs.33 Agni brought forth to light and filled with spirit the youthful host benevolent and blameless.
yvs.33 12 Show thyself strong for mighty bliss, O Agni; most excellent be thine effulgent splendours.
yvs.33 13 We have elected thee as most delightful for thy beams glow: hear our great laud, O Agni.
yvs.33 14 O Agni who art worshipped well, dear let our princes be to thee, Our wealthy patrons who are governors of men, who part in gifts their stalls of kine.
yvs.33 15 Hear, Agni who hast ears to hear, with all thy train of escort Gods.
yvs.33 16 The Freedom of all Gods who merit worship, freely received as Guest in all men s houses, Agni who hath secured the Gods high favour, may he be gracious to us, Jatavedas.
yvs.33 17 In great enkindled Agni s keeping and, for bliss, free from all sin before Mitra and Varuna, May we share Savitar s best animating help. We crave this gracious favour of the Gods to day.
yvs.33 45 Indra, Vayu, Brihaspati, Mitra, Agni, Pushan, Bhaga, adityas, and the Marut host.
yvs.33 48 O Agni, Indra, Varuna, and Mitra, give, O ye Gods, and Marut host, and Vishnu.
yvs.33 49 Indra, Agni, Mitra, Varuna, Aditi, the Waters, Mountains, Maruts, Sky, and Earth and Heaven, Vishnu I call, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, and Bhaga, Samsa, Savitar that they may help. 50 With us are raining Rudras, clouds accordant in call to battle at the death of Vritra, The strong, assigned to him who sings and praises.
yvs.33 All ye; O Holy Ones, whose tongue is Agni, seated upon this sacred grass be joyful.
yvs.33 60 For nowhere did they find another envoy to lead the way than this Vaisvanara Agni.
yvs.33 61 The strong, dispellers of the foe, Indra and Agni, we invoke: May they be kind to one like me.
yvs.33 92 Agni Vaisvanara, set in heaven, with mighty splendour hath shone forth.
yvs.33 93 First, Indra Agni! hath this Maid come footless unto those with feet.
yvs.34 9 Anumati this day approve our sacrifice among the Gods! Oblation bearing Agni be, and thou, bliss to the worshipper! 10 O broad tressed Sinivali, thou who art the sister of the Gods, Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, grant us progeny.
yvs.34 12 O Agni, thou the earliest Angiras, the Seer, hast, God thyself, become the Gods auspicious Friend.
yvs.34 15 Worthy to be revered, O Agni, God, preserve our wealthy patrons with thy succours, and ourselves.
yvs.34 15 In Ida s place, the centre of the earth, will we deposit thee, That, Agni Jatavedas, thou mayst bear our offerings to the Gods.
yvs.34 34 Agni at dawn, and Indra we invoke at dawn, and Varuna and Mitra and the Asvins twain, Bhaga at dawn, Pushan and Brahmanaspati, Soma at dawn, Rudra may we invoke at dawn.
yvs.34 46 Let those who are our foemen stand afar from us: with Indra and with Agni we will drive them off.
yvs.35 With Agni s glitter.
yvs.35 16 Agni, thou pourest life, etc.
yvs.35 17 Waxing with sacrifice live long, O Agni, with butter on thy face and homed in fatness.
yvs.35 18 These men have led about the ox, have duly carried Agni round, And raised their glory to the Gods.
yvs.35 Who will attack them with success? 19 I drive Corpse eating Agni to a distance: sin laden let him go to Yama s kingdom.
yvs.35 22 Born art thou, Agni, from this man: let him again be born from thee, For Svarga s world, the man I name.
yvs.36 Befriend us with their aids Indra and Agni, Indra and Varuna who taste oblations.
yvs.37 12 Unconquerable, eastward, in Agni s overlordship, give me life.
yvs.37 15 Agni combined with flaming fire, combined with Savitar divine, hath shone together with the Sun.
yvs.38 To sacrificial Agni hail! May bliss be ours from Yajus texts.
yvs.38 All hail! May we enjoy the mead offered in most Indra like Agni.
yvs.38 Worthy of sacred food, praised Agni! loose the smoke ruddy and beautiful to see.
yvs.39 SVaHa to the Vital Breathings with their Controlling Lord! To Earth Svaha! To Agni Svaha! To Firmament, Svaha! To Vayu Svaha! To Sky Svaha! To Surya Svaha! 2 To the Quarters Svaha! To the Moon Svaha! To the Stars Svaha! To the Waters Svaha! To Varuna Svaha! To the Navel Svaha! To the Purified Svaha! 3 To Speech Svaha! To Breath Svaha! To Breath Svaha! To Sight Svaha! To Sight Svaha! To Hearing Svaha! To Hearing Svaha! 4 The wish and purpose of the mind and truth of speech may I obtain.
yvs.39 Svaha! 5 Prajapati while in preparation; Samraj when prepared; All Gods when seated; Gharma when heated with fire; Splendour when lifted up; the Asvins while milk is poured in; Pushan s when the butter trickles down it; the Maruts when the milk is clotting; Mitra s when the milk s skin is spreading; Vayu s when it is carried off; Agni s while offered as oblation; Vak when it has been offered.
yvs.39 6 Savitar on the first day; Agni on the second; Vayu on the third; aditya (the Sun) on the fourth; Chandramas (the Moon) on the fifth; Ritu on the sixth; the Maruts on the seventh; Brihaspati on the eighth; Mitra on the ninth; Varuna on the tenth; Indra on the eleventh; the All Gods on the twelfth.
yvs.39 8 Agni with the heart; Lightning with the heart s point; Pasupati with the whole heart; Bhava with the liver.
yvs.40 16 By goodly path lead us to riches, Agni, thou God who knowest all our works and wisdom.

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