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yvk.4.1 o Thou art the bird of fair feathers; thy head the Trivrt Stoma(), thy eye the Gayatra, thy breath the Stoma, thy body the Vamadevya Saman, thy wings the Brhat and the Rathantara, thy tail the Yajnayajniya, thy limbs the metres, thy hoofs the altars, thy name the Yajus formulae.
yvk.5.4 He strokes with two (verses) in the Stotra of the Yajnayajniya; the sacrifice is as great as is the Agnistoma; a further extension is performed over and above it; verily he mounts at the end the whole extent of the sacrifice.
yvk.5.5 (He reverences) the tail with the seasonal Yajnayajniya; verily he finds support in the seasons.

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