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yvk.1.3 h May we win by thy help, O Agni, our wish, Wealth with fair offspring, O wealthy one: May we win booty, seeking for booty; May we win, O deathless, undying glory.
yvk.1.3 O giver! give (us wealth) in good offspring; O Agni, may we enjoy wealth richest in heroes; Wealth() that is excellent, uttering praises to thee.
yvk.1.4 a May Dhatr the giver, may Savitr, rejoice in this, Prajapati, the lord of treasures, and Agni, for our sake; May Tvastr, Visnu, accord generously Wealth with offspring to the sacrificer.
yvk.2.2 u O Agni, give to the giver Wealth of heroes in abundance; Quicken us to richness in sons.
yvk.4.3 q Enricher, slayer of disease, Wealth finder, prospering prosperity, O Soma, be a good friend to us.
yvk.4.6 d Wealth they won by offering to him The seers of old like singers in abundance, They who fashioned these beings illumined and unillumined In the expanse of space.
yvk.4.6 I Wealth of kine for us, may the strong one (grant), wealth in horses, Men and sons, and every form of prosperity; May Aditi confer on us sinlessness; Kingship for us may the horse rich in offering gain.
yvk.5.7 The theologians say, Since they do not offer to any deity, then what deity has the stream of wealth? Wealth is Agni, this stream is his; wealth is Visnu, this stream is his; with a verse addressed to Agni and Visnu he offers the stream of wealth; verily he unites them with their proper portions; verily also [2] he makes this libation to have an abode; he wins that for desire of which he makes this offering.

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