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yvk.4.4 m O thou of the three and thirtyfold Stoma, lady of the world, Breathed on by Vivasvant, do thou be gracious to us [4]; Rich in ghee, O Savitr, through thy overlordship, Be the bounteous region rich in milk, for us.
yvk.6.5 She cooked a third (mess) for the Adityas [1], (saying) Let this labour be for enjoyment to me they said, Let us choose a boon; let him who shall be born hence be one of us; let him who shall be prosperous among his offspring be for our enjoyment then was born the Aditya Vivasvant, men are his offspring here, among them he alone is successful who sacrifices, he serves for enjoyment of the gods.
yvk.6.5 (The stone) for pressing out the Upansu (cup) is this Aditya Vivasvant; it lies round this Soma drink until the third pressing.
yvk.6.5 O bright Aditya, this is thy Soma drink he says; verily he unites the Aditya Vivasvant with the Soma drink.

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