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yvk.3.5 Prajapati sacrificed; where the oblation found support, thence sprung the Vikankata; there he created offspring; the oblation of him whose Dhruva, is made of Vikankata, wood finds rest; verily he is propagated.
yvk.5.1 He puts on (a stick) of Vikankata wood; verily he wins radiance; he puts on one of Sami, for atonement.
yvk.5.1 He puts on one of Vikankata; verily he wins light.
yvk.5.4 Let us pay homage to thee in thy highest birth, O Agni (with these words) he takes up (the kindling stick) of Vikankata wood; verily he wins radiance.
yvk.6.4 The eye of Prajapati swelled; it fell away, it entered the Vikankata, it did not stay in the Vikankata; it entered barley, it stayed in barley; that is why barley has its name [5].
yvk.6.4 In that the Manthin vessel is of Vikankata and he mixes with groats, verily thus he gathers together the eye of Prajapati.

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