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yvk.1.1 c The Vedi hath come to the sacrificial straw, Made by Manu, fashioned with the Svadha call.
yvk.1.5 m Unbroken is the cauldron, sprinkling abundantly, It hath returned to that whence it came; The kindling wood, the Vedi, and all the enclosing sticks Attend the life of the sacrifice.
yvk.1.6 He lets the calf go free and puts the pot on the fire: he puts down (the rice), and beats the millstones together; he scatters (the grains) and collects the potsherds; the cake [3] he puts on the fire and the melted butter; he throws the clump of g ass, and gathers it in; he surrounds the Vedi and he girds the wife (of the sacrificer); he puts in place the anointing waters and the melted butter.
yvk.1.7 There is good grass and good water where the strew and the waters are [2]; the Vedi is the abode of the sacrificer; in that he places the full bowl within the Vedi, he establishes good grass and good water in his own abode.
yvk.1.8 There is (an offering) to Mitra and Brhaspati; in the milk of a white (cow) with a white calf which has curdled itself, and in butter which has churned itself, in a dish of Asvattha wood [2] with four corners (made) of a branch which has fallen of itself, he should scatter husked and unhusked rice grains; the husked ones in the milk are Brhaspati s, the unhusked in the butter are Mitra s; the Vedi must be self made, the strew self cut, the kindling stick self made; the sacrificial fee is the white (cow) with a white calf.
yvk.2.4 He unites (them) on a black antelope skin; verily he makes the offering; he unites within the Vedi, for accomplishment.
yvk.6.2 So the sacrifice bore off the sacrifice for them; in that they won the wealth of the Asuras which was to be won (vdyam), that alone is the reason why the Vedi is so called.
yvk.6.2 So they won the earth, and in that they won it therefore is the Vedi so called [4].
yvk.6.2 All this earth is the Vedi, but they measure off and sacrifice on so much as they deem they can use.

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