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yvk.3.1 Visvamitra and Jamadagni had a quarrel with Vasistha.
yvk.3.1 Jamadagni saw this Vihavya (hymn), and by means of it he appropriated the power and strength of Vasistha.
yvk.3.5 The Rsis could not see Indra face to face; Vasistha saw him face to face; he said, Holy lore shall I proclaim to you so that people will be propagated with thee as Purohita; therefore do thou proclaim me to the other Rsis.
yvk.3.5 To him he proclaimed these shares in the Stoma, therefore people were propagated with Vasistha as their Purohita; therefore a Vasistha should be chosen as the Brahman priest; verily he is propagated.
yvk.4.3 a This one in front the existent; his, the existent s breath; spring born of the breath; the Gayatri born of the spring; from the Gayatri the Gayatri Saman(); from the Gayatra the Upansu (cup); from the Upansu the Trivrt Stoma(); from the Trivrt the Rathantara; from the Rathantara Vasistha, the Rsi; with thee taken by Prajapati, I take breath for offspring.
yvk.5.2 With those (put down) on the east Vasistha prospered, with those on the south Bharadvaja, with those on the west Visvamitra, with those on the north Jamadagni, with those above Visvakarman.
yvk.5.4 Visvamitra and Jamadagni h d a feud with Vasistha; Jamadagni saw these Vihavya (bricks); he put them down, and with them he appropriated the power and strength of Vasistha; in that he puts down the Vihavyas, the sacrificer with them appropriates the power and strength of his foe.
yvk.6.6 Vasistha Satyahavya asked Devabhaga, When thou didst cause to sacrifice the Srnjayas, with many sacrificers, didst thou cause the sacrifice to rest upon the sacrifice [2] or on the lord of the sacrifice? He replied, On the lord of the sacrifice.
yvk.7.4 Vasistha, his sons slain, desired, May I win offspring, and defeat the Sauddsas.

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