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yvk.2.5 Thee with the kindling sticks, O Angiras he says; this is the character of the Vamadevya.
yvk.2.6 The Vamadevya is invoked with the atmosphere he says.
yvk.2.6 The Vamadevya, is cattle; verily he invokes cattle with the atmosphere.
yvk.3.5 c By the All gods I win battles, with the Jagati metre, the Saptadasa Stoma, the Vamadevya Saman, the Vasat call, the thunderbolt, (I trample under foot my foes) born after (me), &c.
yvk.3.5 Now offspring leave their vital airs in that the Vamadevya Saman() departs from its norm; on the tenth day the Vamadevya departs from its norm; in that they are drawn on the tenth day, offspring leave not their vital airs.
yvk.4.1 o Thou art the bird of fair feathers; thy head the Trivrt Stoma(), thy eye the Gayatra, thy breath the Stoma, thy body the Vamadevya Saman, thy wings the Brhat and the Rathantara, thy tail the Yajnayajniya, thy limbs the metres, thy hoofs the altars, thy name the Yajus formulae.
yvk.6.6 The Saman is that called the Vamadevya; singing in his mind that foundation he draws; verily he becomes possessed of a foundation.

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