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yvk.2.4 All the metres are to be recited in this sacrifice they say; the Kakubh is the strength of the Tristubh, the Usnih of the Jagati; in that he repeats the Usnih and the Kakubh, thereby he wins all the metres.
yvk.2.4 The Usnih is the Gayatri; the four syllables over are fourfooted cattle; just as cake is over cake, so it is with the syllables which are over the verse; if he were to close with a Jagati [1], he would end the sacrifice; he closes with a Tristubh, the Tristubh is power and strength; verily he establishes the sacrifice on power and strength, he does not end it.
yvk.3.1 The All gods are the deity, Usnih the metre, thou art the vessel of the opening offering.
yvk.4.3 a (Thou art) the calf of eighteen months in strength, the Tristubh metre; the two year old in strength, the Viraj metre; the two and a half year old in strength, the Gayatri metre; the three year old in strength, the Usnih metre; the four year old in strength, the Anustubh metre; the draught ox in strength, the Brhati metre; the bull in strength, the Satobrhati metre; the bullock in strength, the Kakubh metre; the milch cow in strength, the Jagati metre; the beast of burden in strength, the Pankti metre; the goat in strength, the spacious metre; the ram in strength, the slow metre; the tiger in strength, the unassailable metre; the lion in strength, the covering metre; the support in strength, the overlord metre; the lordly power in strength, the delight giving metre; the all creating in strength, the supreme lord metro; the head in strength, the Prajapati metre.
yvk.4.3 a (Thou art) Ma metre, Prama metre, Pratima metre, Asrivis metre, Pankti metre, Usnih metre, Brhati metre, Anustubh metre, Viraj metre, Gayatri metre, Tristubh metre, Jagati metre.
yvk.5.2 a May the Gayatri, the Tristubh, the Jagati, The Anustubh, with the Pankti, The Brhati, the Usnih, and the Kakubh, Pierce thee with needles.

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