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yvk.6.2 The observance of the Upasads is for the driving away of foes.
yvk.6.2 Now the gods by the Upasads which they performed in the morning drove away the Asuras from the day, by the Upasads (performed) in the evening (they drove away the Asuras) from the night.
yvk.6.2 In that both morning and evening Upasads [3] are performed, the sacrificer drives away his foes from day and night.
yvk.6.2 He performs three Upasads, these worlds are three; verily he delights these worlds; they together make six, the seasons are six; verily he delights the seasons.
yvk.6.2 They go to the world of heaven who perform the Upasads.
yvk.6.2 If there were twelve Upasads in the one day rite, and three in the Ahina, the sacrifice would be upset.
yvk.6.2 There are three Upasads in the one day rite, twelve in the Ahina, to preserve the strength of the sacrifice; thus it is in order.
yvk.7.1 On the Upasads offerings of the sacrificial cake are made.
yvk.7.2 The twelve Upasads are these four sets of three nights; with the first three he prepares the sacrifice, with the second three he grasps the sacrifice [3], with the third three he cleanses the vessels, and with the fourth three he purifies himself within.
yvk.7.4 They kindle themselves with the Diksas, and cook themselves with the Upasads.

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