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yvk.3.2 The Udgithas are similar for the priests, the Udgitha for the Udgatrs, [5], the Rces and the Pranavas for the singers of hymns, the resp nse for the Adhvaryus.
yvk.3.3 b All this the Adhvaryu, as he begins, begins for the Udgatrs; May these gods who support breath bestow breath upon me he says; verily he bestows all this on himself.
yvk.6.4 The Adhvaryu taking the Agrayana, commencing the sacrifice, utters his speech; thrice he utters Him verily thus he chooses the Udgatrs; the Agrayana is Prajapati; in that he utters Him after taking the Agrayana, verily thus Prajapati sniffs offspring [3]; therefore the cow sniffs the calf on birth.
yvk.6.6 They give to the Udgatrs, (the oblation) of Soma has the Saman for its deity; whatever of the Saman they do amiss, that is the atonement for it.

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