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yvk.3.2 Two oceans are there extended, unperishing; They revolve in turns like the waves in the bosom of the sea; Seeing they pass over one of them, Seeing not [1] they pass over the other with a bridge.
yvk.3.2 Two garments continuous one weareth; With locks, knowing all the worlds; He goeth in secret clad in the dark; He putteth on his bright robe abandoning that of the worn out one.
yvk.4.6 h One carver is there of the steed of Tvastr Two restrainers are there, so is the use; Those parts of thy limbs that I place in order, Those in balls I offer in the fire.
yvk.7.1 Two Stomas bear the morning pressing, like expiration and inspiration; two the midday pressing, like eye and ear; two the third pressing, like speech and support.
yvk.7.5 Two strive on a dry hide, to gain strength.

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