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yvk.1.8 e Do thou mount the zenith; let the Pankti of metres help thee, the Trinava, and Trayastrinsa Stomas, the Sakvara and Raivata Samans, the deity Brhaspati, the treasure radiance.
yvk.7.1 If they omit the Trayastrinsa Stoma, his deities are omitted, and he who offers the sacrifice does so with the wish, May it be in my deities.
yvk.7.2 There is a Trayastrinsa Stoma(), for support.
yvk.7.2 There is a Trayastrinsa Stoma(), for support.
yvk.7.2 The sacrifice of ten nights has three eminences [2]; the Pancadasa Stoma() is one eminence; the Ekavinsa one eminence, the Trayastrinsa one eminence.
yvk.7.2 The sacrificer is the Pancadasa; the sacrificer the Ekavimsa, the sacrificer the Trayastrinsa, and the others are the citadels.
yvk.7.2 There is an Ukthya, with the Trayastrinsa Stoma() with verses addressed to the All gods, for rest.
yvk.7.3 There are two Trayastrinsa Stomas in the middle; verily they attain sovereignty.
yvk.7.4 From the Trayastrinsas they go to the Trayastrinsa, for the continuity of the sacrifice.
yvk.7.4 Now the Trayastrinsa is Prajapati; verily they seize hold of Prajapati, for support.
yvk.7.4 From the Trayastrinsa they go to the Trayastrinsa.
yvk.7.5 They first use the Jagati, and the metres descend from the Jagati, the cups from the Agrayana, the Prsthas from the Brhat, the Stomas from the Trayastrinsa.
yvk.7.5 To Savitr, of the Atichandas (metre), the Trayastrinsa Stoma(), the Raivata Saman(), the cool (season), (offering is made) on twelve potsherds.

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