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yvk.1.2 e Over this Visnu strode; Thrice did he set down his foot; (All) is gathered [1] in its dust.
yvk.2.4 He gave it to him; he accepted it, and (saying), Thrice hast thou furthered me gave it to Visnu.
yvk.2.5 Thrice he fans (the fire); the worlds of the gods are three; verily he conquers the worlds of the gods.
yvk.5.4 Thrice again he goes round; they make up six, the seasons are six; verily with the seasons he calms its pain.
yvk.6.1 Thrice aloud (he says it); verily he proclaims him to both gods and men.
yvk.6.3 Thrice each he rubs them, for the sacrifice is thrice repeated; also (it serves) to smite away the Raksases.
yvk.6.5 Thrice he draws, for thrice he gave to him.
yvk.6.6 Thrice he performs the finale; these worlds are three; verily from these worlds [1] he smites away the Raksases.

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