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yvk.3.1 He, who knows the support of the Tanunaptra finds support.
yvk.3.1 The theologians say, They do not eat, nor offer; then where does the Tanunaptra find support? In Prajapati, in the mind, he should reply.
yvk.3.1 He should smell at it thrice, (saying), In Prajapati thee, in the mind I offer this indeed is the support of the Tanunaptra; he who knows thus finds support.
yvk.6.2 Therefore of those who perform the Tanunaptra rite he who first is hostile goes to destruction.
yvk.6.2 In that he divides up the Tanunaptra, (it serves) for the overcoming of the foe; he himself prospers, his foe is defeated.
yvk.6.2 For Tanunaptra he says; for they divided up these bodies.
yvk.6.2 The gods making the ghee a weapon smote Soma; now they come near the Soma as it were, when they perform the Tanunaptra.

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