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yvk.1.1 c The Vedi hath come to the sacrificial straw, Made by Manu, fashioned with the Svadha call.
yvk.2.3 Soma is full of life; he is (full) through the plants; the sacrifice is full of life; it is (full) through the sacrificial fees; the Brahman is full of life; that is full of life through the Brahmans; the gods are full of life; they are (full of life) through the ambrosia; the Pitrs are full of life; they are full of life through the Svadha call with this life I make thee full of life.
yvk.2.6 f O fathers that sit on the sacrificial strew, come hither with your aid; We have made these offerings for you; accept them, And then come to us with your most healing aid, Give us [2] health, wealth, and safety! g I have found the kindly fathers, The scion and the step of Visnu; They that sit on the sacrificial strew and enjoy the drink That is pressed for them with the Svadha call are most eager to come hither.
yvk.2.6 n Thou, O Agni, praised, all knower, Didst carry the offerings making them fragrant; Thou didst give them to the fathers who ate them at the Svadha call; Eat thou, O god, the offerings set before thee.
yvk.2.6 o Matali with the Kavyas, Yama with the Angirases, Brhaspati rejoicing with the Rkvans, Those whom the gods magnified and those who magnified the gods; Some in the Svaha call, some in the Svadha rejoice [5].

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