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yvk.1.4 a Overcoming, seen of all, Light making art thou, Surya; Thou dost illumine all the firmament.
yvk.1.4 b Thou art taken with a support; to Surya the radiant thee! This is thy birthplace; to Surya the radiant thee!
yvk.1.7 g Soma the king, Varuna, Agni, we grasp, The Adityas, Visnu, Surya And Brhaspati, the Brahman (priest).
yvk.2.1 Yonder sun did not shine; the gods desired an atonement for him; for him they offered a white cow to Surya; verily thereby they restored his brilliance.
yvk.2.1 For him who desires splendour, he should offer this white cow to Surya; verily he has recourse to yonder sun with his own share; verily he bestows splendour upon him; he becomes resplendent.
yvk.2.1 The dawn shines away from him and he enters the darkness, the evil, to whom when the litany to the Asvins is being recited the sun becomes not visible; he should offer to Surya (a beast) of many forms; verily he has resort to yonder sun with its own share; verily it drives away the darkness, the evil, from him, the dawn shines upon him, he strikes away the darkness, the evil.
yvk.2.3 Yonder sun did not shine, the gods sought an atonement for it, for it they offered this oblation to Surya; verily thereby they bestowed upon it [2] radiance.
yvk.2.3 For him who desires splendour he should offer this oblation to Surya; verily he has recourse to yonder sun with his own share; verily he bestows upon him splendour; he becomes resplendent.
yvk.2.3 Rajana Kauneya went to Kratujit Janaki for a cure for eyesight; for him he offered this sacrifice, to Agni, the blazing, a cake on eight potsherds, to Surya an oblation, to Agni, the blazing, a cake on eight potsherds; verily thereby he bestowed sight upon him.
yvk.2.3 For him who desires sight he should offer this sacrifice, to Agni, the blazing, a cake on eight potsherds; to Surya an oblation, to Agni, the blazing, a cake on eight potsherds; by the eye of Agni men see [1], (by the eye) of the sun the gods; verily he has recourse to Agni and Surya with their own share; verily they bestow sight upon him; he becomes possessed of sight.
yvk.2.3 In that there are two for Agni, he restores his eyes for him; in that there is (an oblation) for Surya, (he restores) his nose; the two for Agni are on either side of that for Surya; therefore the two eyes are on either side of the nose, therefore by the nose the eyes are separated.
yvk.2.3 If he is going to accept another, he should offer in supplement an offering to Surya, on one potsherd; verily he makes yonder sun to rise.
yvk.2.4 To Agni, hiding his abode, he should offer a cake on eight potsherds, to the Maruts on seven potsherds, to Surya on one potsherd; Agni thence causes the rain to arise, the Maruts lead it out when produced; when yonder Sun Moves low with his rays, then he rains; becoming a hider of his abode, as it were, he rains; these deities are the lords of rain; them he has recourse to with their own share; they [2] make Parjanya rain for him; even if he is not minded to rain yet he rains.
yvk.2.4 o Seven bays in thy chariot Bear thee, O god Surya, With hair of light, O wise one.
yvk.2.4 p The radiant countenance of the gods hath arisen, The eye of Mitra, Varuna, and Agni; He hath filled the sky, the earth, and the atmosphere; Surya is the soul of that which moveth and standeth [4].
yvk.3.1 Surya is the deity, Brhati the metre [2], thou art the vessel of the pure Soma().
yvk.3.3 g On me wisdom, on me offspring, on me brilliance may Agni bestow; on me wisdom, on me offspring, on me power may Indra bestow; on me wisdom, on me offspring, on me blazing may Surya bestow.
yvk.3.3 a Surya, the god, for those that sit in the sky, Dhatr for lordly power, Vayu for offspring, Brhaspati for Prajapati offer thee radiant.
yvk.3.4 The sacrifice of him whose offering is too large is unsuccessful; Surya, the god, for those that sit in the sky he says; verily with the aid of Brhaspati and Prajapati he makes good the deficiency in the sacrifice.
yvk.3.4 b For intent thee, for desire thee, for prosperity thee; Kikkita thy mind! to Prajapati hail! Kikkita thy breath, to Vayu hail! Kikkita thy eye, to Surya hail! Kikkita thy ear, to sky and earth hail! Kikkita, thy speech, to Sarasvati hail! [1] c Thou, the fourth, art the barren, the eager one, Since once in thought the embryo hath entered thy womb; Do thou, the barren, go eagerly to the gods, Be the desires of the sacrificer fulfilled.
yvk.3.4 a Agni overlord of creatures, may he help me; Indra of powers, Yama of earth, Vayu of the atmosphere, Surya of the sky, Candramas of Naksatras, Brhaspati of holy power, Mitra of truths, Varuna of waters, the ocean of streams, food of lordships overlord, may it help me; Soma of plants, Savitr of instigations, Rudra of cattle, Tvastr of forms, Visnu of mountains, the Maruts of troops overlords, may they help me.
yvk.3.5 e The gods, destroyers of the sacrifice, stealers of the sacrifice, That sit in the sky, From them may Surya guard me; May we go to those that do good deeds.
yvk.3.5 a May Surya, the god, protect me from the gods, Vayu from the atmosphere; may Agni, the sacrificer, protect me from the (evil) eye; O strong one, O impetuous one, O instigator, O thou of all men, with these names, O Soma, we will worship thee; with these names, O Soma, we will worship thee.
yvk.4.1 k We from the darkness, Gazing on the higher light, Surya a god among the gods, Have come to the highest light.
yvk.4.2 i Give him portion, O Agni, in praises; Give him portion in every hymn that is sung, Dear shall he be before Surya, dear before Agni With what is born, what is to be born shall he be victorious.
yvk.4.3 (Thou art) Agni, the deity [1], Vata, the deity, Surya, the deity, Candramas, the deity, the Vasus, the deity, the Rudras, the deity, the Adityas, the deity, the All gods, the deity, the Maruts, the deity, Brhaspati, the deity, Indra, the deity, Varuna, the deity.
yvk.4.4 h May the supreme lord place thee on the ridge of the vault, encompassing, expanding, mighty, powerful, overcoming; support the sky, make firm the sky, harm not the sky; for every expiration, inspiration, cross breathing, out breathing, support, movement; let Surya protect thee with great prosperity, with a covering most healing; with that deity do thou sit firm in the manner of Angiras.
yvk.4.4 h (Thou art) the uniter and forethinker of Agni, Soma, Surya.
yvk.4.7 k What time ye came to the wedding of Surya, Choosing a seat together on the three wheeled (chariot), I praise you, Asvins, gods, invoke seeking aid, May ye relieve us from sin.
yvk.5.5 He offers with (a verse) addressed to Surya; verily he bestows sight upon it; twice he offers, for there are two eyes; he offers with the same verse, for sight is the same, for prosperity.
yvk.5.6 The year in unison with the Ayavans the dawn in unison with the ruddy (cows); Surya in unison with the steed; the Asvins in unison with the wondrous works.
yvk.5.6 The year is the year, the Ayavas are the months, the red one the dawn, the steed Surya, the Asvins these two (worlds), Agni Vaisvanara the year, the food offerings cattle, ghee cattle.
yvk.5.6 There are three black spotted for Varuna; to Varuna, the king, are (to be offered) three red spotted; to Varuna, destroyer of foes, three ruddy spotted; three of varied colours are for the All gods; three dappled for all the deities; the white spotted hornless ones are for Indra and Surya.
yvk.5.6 For Surya there are nine white barren cows to be offered; those for Agni, Indra and Agni, and the Asvins are offered at the great stake.
yvk.5.7 c A golden vessel full of honey he gives, (saying), May I be possessed of honey with (a verse) addressed to Surya, containing the word brilliant he should gaze (on it); verily it becomes brilliant in the midday; he causes the horse to sniff it; Indra is yonder sun, Prajapati is he; the horse is connected with Prajapati; verily he wins him straightway.
yvk.5.7 Strength with the jaws; the waters with the mouth; the Adityas with the hair; support with the lower lip; the existent with the upper; the clearness with what is between; by the gloss the external (radiance); by the knob the thundering; by the eyes Surya and Agni; by the two pupils the two lightnings; the lightning stroke by the brain; might by the marrow parts.
yvk.6.1 As each part is performed, the Raksases are fain to injure the sacrifice; the path of Agni and Surya is one which the Raksases cannot injure.
yvk.6.1 Thee, all knowing god with this verse addressed to Surya he fastens the black antelope skin, to smite away the Raksases.
yvk.6.6 He offers in the Garhapatya with verses addressed to Surya; verily he makes him mount yonder world.
yvk.6.6 upon himself power and strength, brilliance by that for Agni, power by that for Indra, splendour by that for Surya.
yvk.6.6 All the deities were alike, and were not discriminated; these gods [2] saw these cups and drew them, Agni that for Agni, Indra that for Indra, Surya that for Surya; then indeed were they discriminated from the other gods; he, for whom knowing thus these cups are drawn, is discriminated from his evil foe.
yvk.6.6 These worlds must be made full of light, with like strength they say; verily with that for Agni he bestows light on this world, with that for Indra on the atmosphere, for Indra and Vayu are yoke fellows; ith that for Surya on yonder world [3] he bestows light; full of light these worlds become for him; he makes them of like strength.
yvk.7.1 a To Agni hail! To Vayu hail! To Surya hail! b Thou art holy order, thou art the holy order of holy order; thou art truth, thou art the truth of truth! c Thou art the path of holy order, the shadow of the gods, the name of immortality; thou art truth, thou art Prajapati.
yvk.7.3 The past, the present, the future, Vasat, hail, reverence! The Rc, the Saman, the Yajus, Vasat, hail, reverence! The Gayatri, the Tristubh, the Jagati, Vasat, hail, reverence! The earth, the atmosphere, the sky, Vasat, hail, reverence! Agni, Vayu, Surya, Vasat, hail, reverence! Expiration, cross breathing, inspiration, Vasat, hail, reverence! Food, ploughing, rain, Vasat, hail, reverence! Father, son, grandson, Vasat, hail, reverence! Bhuh, Bhuvah, Suvar, Vasat, hail, reverence!
yvk.7.5 The steed hath come to the sky; the strong steed hath made Surya his yoke fellow.
yvk.7.5 To) Agni (offering is made) on eight potsherds; to Soma an oblation; to Savitr (offering) on eight potsherds; to Pusan an oblation; to Rudra an oblation; to Agni Vaisvanara (offering) on eight potsherds; if he should not go to the wild beast s lair; to Agni, saviour from distress, (offering is made) on eight potsherds; to Surya milk (is offered); Vayu receives a share in the butter offering.
yvk.7.5 To Surya he made obeisance, to the sky he made obeisance; as Surya with the sky (made harmony, so &c.
yvk.7.5 Reverence to Surya, dweller in the sky, maker of room; grant room to this thy sacrificer.

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