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yvk.1.8 b Let the daughter of the Sun Purify for thee the flowing Soma With the eternal sieve.
yvk.2.4 To Agni, hiding his abode, he should offer a cake on eight potsherds, to the Maruts on seven potsherds, to Surya on one potsherd; Agni thence causes the rain to arise, the Maruts lead it out when produced; when yonder Sun Moves low with his rays, then he rains; becoming a hider of his abode, as it were, he rains; these deities are the lords of rain; them he has recourse to with their own share; they [2] make Parjanya rain for him; even if he is not minded to rain yet he rains.
yvk.5.6 Three black barren cows are for Varuna, three white barren cows for the Sun; the dusky spotted hornless ones are for Mitra and Brhaspati.

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