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yvk.1.7 c Strength, instigation, the later born, inspiration, heaven, the head, the Vyasniya, the offspring of the last, the last, the offspring of being, being, the overlord.
yvk.4.7 a May strength aid us through the seven quarters, The four distances, Strength aid us here with the All gods For the gaining of wealth.
yvk.4.7 e Strength is in front, in the midst of us; Strength shall assort the gods in due season The instigation of strength is propitious; In all the quarters may I become a lord of strength.
yvk.4.7 with waters [2] and plants; Strength may I win, O Agni.
yvk.5.4 Strength, instigation (with these words) he offers a set of twelve; the year has twelve months; verily he finds support in the year.
yvk.5.7 Strength with the jaws; the waters with the mouth; the Adityas with the hair; support with the lower lip; the existent with the upper; the clearness with what is between; by the gloss the external (radiance); by the knob the thundering; by the eyes Surya and Agni; by the two pupils the two lightnings; the lightning stroke by the brain; might by the marrow parts.
yvk.6.1 Strength in horses he says; for (he placed) strength in horses.

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