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yvk.2.1 e In contests we invoke Indra, swift to hear, The divine folk working good, freeing from distress, Agni, Mitra, Varuna, for gain, Bhaga, Sky and earth, the Maruts for welfare.
yvk.2.4 e His greatness surpasseth Sky or earth or heaven; Indra sole lord, hailed by all, in his home Boisterous and brave, waxeth great for the conflict.
yvk.2.5 Sky and earth said, Hurl it not; he rests in us two.
yvk.2.6 Sky and earth are invoked he says; verily he invokes sky and earth.
yvk.4.7 d Homage be to thee; harm me not, Thou dost stand resting on the head of all; Within the ocean is thy heart, thy life; Sky and earth are placed on the worlds.
yvk.5.2 Sky and earth were together; separating they said, Let us share together what is worthy of sacrifice

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