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yvk.3.2 x Of thee, O god Soma, that art purified in the waters, that art pressed by men, over whom the Yajus is spoken, the Stoma sung, the Sastra recited, who art made by the fathers into food to win horses and cows, and who art invited, I invited eat.
yvk.3.2 h Thou art the Sastra of the Sastra [1], may the Sastra milk strength for me, may the Sastra of the Sastra come to me.
yvk.3.2 Him, who sacrifices not knowing the milking of the Stotra and the Sastra, the sacrifice milks, he after sacrificing becomes worse; he, who knowing the milking of these two sacrifices, milks the sacrifice; he after sacrificing becomes better.
yvk.3.2 The Sastra, of the Sastra thou art, may the Sastra milk strength for me, may the Sastra of the Sastra come to me he says; this is the milking of the Stotra and the Sastra; he who sacrifices knowing thus milks the sacrifice, and by sacrificing becomes better.
yvk.5.3 The fire is a hymn; I verily in that this arrangement [6] is made are its Stotra and Sastra produced; verily in the hymn the Arkya Saman( and Sastra) is produced; he eats food, and his son is born to eat food, for whom this arrangement is made, and he too who knows it thus.
yvk.6.5 The hymn called the Ajya Sastra(), that is the foundation of the cups; in that he recites muttering, that [2] is (the foundation) of the Upansu and the Antaryama (cups); in that (he recites) aloud, that is (the foundation) of the other cups; he who knows thus becomes possessed of a foundation.
yvk.6.6 Prajapati assigned the sacrifices to the gods; he thought himself emptied; he pressed over himself the power and strength of the sacrifice in sixteen ways; that became the Sodasin; there is no sacrifice called Sodasin; in that there is a sixteenth Stotra and a sixteenth Sastra, therefore is it the Sodasin, and that is why the Sodasin has its name.
yvk.7.1 The Ajya Sastra() of the midmos day is in the Tristubh metre.
yvk.7.3 g The chant, the Sastra, the response, The libation, the Ida, the prayers, I win, the light.
yvk.7.3 b May the cup be mine; may the Puroruc be mine; May the chant and the Sastra come to me in union.
yvk.7.4 There are three (days with the) Asvina Sastra(); three are these worlds; verily in these [2] worlds they find support.
yvk.7.4 There are six (days) with the Asvina Sastra(), six are the seasons; verily they rest on the seasons.

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