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yvk.3.3 On the Ekastaka the divider of the days, he should cook a cake of four Saravas in size, and early with it should fire the thicket; if [4] it burns, it becomes a good season, if it does not burn, a bad season.
yvk.3.4 If the head of a family is expelled, they should be offered for him, placing him on a mound and cooking a Brahman s mess of four Saravas in size; the Rastrabhrts are pre eminence, the mound is pre eminence; verily by pre eminence he makes him pre eminent among his equals.
yvk.3.4 (The offering) is of four Saravas in size; verily he finds support in the quarters; it is made in milk; verily he bestows brilliance upon him; he takes it out, to make it cooked; it is full of butter, for purity; four descended from Rsis partake of it; verily he offers in the light of the quarters.

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