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yvk.2.5 He, who knows the elbow of the Samidhenis, puts his enemy in his elbow.
yvk.2.5 He joins the half verses; this is the elbow of the Samidhenis; he who knows thus puts his foe in his elbow.
yvk.2.5 The Samidhenis were brought out by Rsi after Rsi; if they were not connected together, they would go away from the sacrificer s offspring and cattle.
yvk.2.5 He repeats fifteen Samidhenis [2].
yvk.2.5 There are three hundred and sixty syllables in the Samidhenis; there are as many nights in the year; verily by syllables he obtains the year.
yvk.2.5 O Rsi he said, [3], seeing that our knowledge is equal, how didst thou generate fire and not I? I know the character of the Samidhenis he replied.
yvk.2.5 The character of the Samidhenis is the quarter v rse which is repeated with the word ghee in it.
yvk.2.5 Thee with the kindling sticks, Angiras he says; verily he generates light in the Samidhenis.
yvk.2.5 They are feminine in that they are Rc (verses), they are feminine in that they are Gayatri (verses), they are feminine in that they are Samidhenis.
yvk.2.5 He should repeat fifteen Samidhenis() in the case of a Rajanya; the Rajanya is fifteenfold; verily he makes him find support in his own Stoma.
yvk.2.5 The gods having repeated the Samidhenis could not see the sacrifice.

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