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yvk.5.6 To Indra, the king, are (to be offered) three white backed; to Indra, the overlord, three with white humps; to Indra, the self ruler, three with white buttocks; three four year old (cows) are for the Sadhyas; three draught cows are for the All gods; the black spotted hornless ones are for Agni and Indra.
yvk.5.7 For Pusan the rectum; for the blind serpent the large entrails; serpents with the entrails; seasons with the transverse processes; sky with the back; for the Vasus the first vertebra; for the Rudras the second; for the Adityas the third; for the Angirases the fourth; for the Sadhyas the fifth; for the All gods the sixth.
yvk.6.3 What is dug in belongs to the Pitrs, what is above the part dug in up to the girdle belongs to men, the girdle belongs to the plants [6], what is above th girdle up to the top to the All gods, the top to Indra, the rest to the Sadhyas.

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