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yvk.1.3 p The fire moveth entering into the fire, The son of the Rsis, the overlord he; With the cry of Hail! I offer to thee with devotion; Do thou not spoil the share of the gods.
yvk.1.4 a Indra his two steeds bear, Him of unequalled strength, To the praises of the Rsis and the sacrifice of men.
yvk.1.5 r Thou, O Agni, hast attained the radiance of the sun, the praises of the Rsis, thy beloved abode.
yvk.2.5 Praised by the Rsis he says, for the Rsis praised him.
yvk.2.6 The Rsis came to the place of sacrifice; they [2] saw the sacrificial cake creeping about, having become a tortoise.
yvk.3.2 c To the lord of the sacrifice the Rsis said, By thy sin [1] creatures are famishing and troubled He did not secure the two drops of honey; May Visvakarman unite us with them.
yvk.3.2 d Dread are the Rsis; homage be to them, In the union with their eye and mind; To Brhaspati great, real, and glorious reverence; Homage to Visvakarman; may he guard us.
yvk.3.3 Prajapati saw the Viraj; by it he created the past and the future; he concealed it from the Rsis; by penance Jamadagni beheld it, and by it he created various delights; that is why the various (cups) have their name.
yvk.3.4 (The offering) is of four Saravas in size; verily he finds support in the quarters; it is made in milk; verily he bestows brilliance upon him; he takes it out, to make it cooked; it is full of butter, for purity; four descended from Rsis partake of it; verily he offers in the light of the quarters.
yvk.3.5 The Rsis could not see Indra face to face; Vasistha saw him face to face; he said, Holy lore shall I proclaim to you so that people will be propagated with thee as Purohita; therefore do thou proclaim me to the other Rsis.
yvk.4.1 a Let the half years, the seasons, increase thee, O Agni, The years, the Rsis, and what truths there are; Shine with thy heavenly lustre, Illuminate all the quarters of the earth.
yvk.4.3 d The fourth hath become that of four Stomas, Becoming the two wings of the sacrifice, O Rsis; Yoking the Gayatri, Tristubh, Jagati, and Anustubh, the Brhat, The hymn, they have borne forward this heaven.
yvk.4.4 f For the atmosphere may the Rsis firstborn among the gods extend thee with the measure, the breadth, of the sky, and be that is disposer and overlord; let all of them in unison establish thee and the sacrificer on the ridge of the vault, on the world of heaven.
yvk.4.6 b Since Visvakarman is mighty in mind, Disposer, ordainer, and highest seer, Their offerings rejoice in food, Where say they is one beyond the seven Rsis.
yvk.6.3 By means of the sacrifice the gods went to the world of heaven; they reflected, Men will equal us they blocked the way by the post and went to the world of heaven; the Rsis discerned that (world) by means of the post, and that is why it is called post [7].
yvk.6.3 A Brahman on birth is born with a threefold debt, of pupilship to the Rsis, of sacrifice to the gods, of offspring to the Pitrs.
yvk.6.5 It the Rsis discerned by means of the season cups; in that the season cups are drawn, (they serve) to reveal, the world of heaven.
yvk.7.3 a Let the sacrifice come forward From yonder over to me, The sacrifice which the Rsis have brought forward.
yvk.7.5 They win by the first months what is done by the Rsis and by the gods; n that the Bhutechad Samans are used, both are gained.

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