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yvk.1.6 c In whom the seven Vasavas rest As it were firm rooted, The Rsi of farthest hearing, The glowing pot is the guest of Indra.
yvk.2.2 w Agni give wealth that decketh the hero; Agni the Rsi who winneth thousands; Agni hath placed the oblation in the sky; In many a place are the abodes of Agni.
yvk.2.5 The Samidhenis were brought out by Rsi after Rsi; if they were not connected together, they would go away from the sacrificer s offspring and cattle.
yvk.2.5 O Rsi he said, [3], seeing that our knowledge is equal, how didst thou generate fire and not I? I know the character of the Samidhenis he replied.
yvk.2.5 He chooses one of a Rsi s family; verily he departs not from the connex on, (and so it serves) for continuity.
yvk.4.3 a This one in front the existent; his, the existent s breath; spring born of the breath; the Gayatri born of the spring; from the Gayatri the Gayatri Saman(); from the Gayatra the Upansu (cup); from the Upansu the Trivrt Stoma(); from the Trivrt the Rathantara; from the Rathantara Vasistha, the Rsi; with thee taken by Prajapati, I take breath for offspring.
yvk.4.3 b This one on the right, the all worker; his, the all worker s, mind; summer born of mind; the Tristubh born of summer; from the Tristubh the Aida Saman(); from the Aida the Antaryama (cup); from the Antaryama the fifteenfold Stoma(); from the fifteenfold the Brhat; from the Brhat Bharadvaja, the Rsi; with thee taken by Prajapati, I take mind for offspring [1].
yvk.4.3 c This one behind, the all extending; his, the all extending s, eye; the rains born of the eye; the Jagati born of the rains; from the Jagati the Rksama Saman(); from the Rksama the Sukra (cup); from the Sukra the seventeenfold Stoma(); from the seventeenfold the Vairupa; from the Vairupa Visvamitra, the Rsi; with thee taken by Prajapati, I take the eye for my offspring.
yvk.4.3 d This one on the left, the light; his, the light s, ear; the autumn born of the ear; the Anustubh connected with the autumn; from the Anustubh the Svara Saman(); from the Svara the Manthin (cup); from the Manthin the twenty onefold Stoma(); from the twenty onefold the Vairaja; from the Vairaja Jamadagni, the Rsi; with thee taken by Prajapati [2], I take the ear for offspring.
yvk.4.3 c This one above, thought; his, thought s, speech; the winter born of speech; the Pankti born of winter; from the Pankti that which has finales; from that which has finales the Agrayana (cup); from the Agrayana the twenty sevenfold and the thirty threefold Stomas(); from the twenty sevenfold and the thirty threefold the Sakvara and Raivata; from the Sakvara and Raivata Visvakarman, the Rsi; with thee taken by Prajapati, I take speech for offspring.
yvk.4.3 a The east of the quarters; the spring of the seasons; Agni the deity; holy power the wealth; the Trivrt the Stoma, and it forming the path of the fifteenfold Stoma(); the eighteen month old calf the strength; the Krta of throws of dice; the east wind the wind; Sanaga the Rsi.
yvk.4.3 b The south of the quarters; the summer of the seasons; Indra the deity; the kingly power the wealth; the fifteenfold the Stoma, and it forming the path of the seventeenfold Stoma(); the two year old the strength; the Treta of throws; the south wind the wind; Sanatana, the Rsi.
yvk.4.3 c The west of the quarters; the rains of the seasons; the All gods the deity; the peasants [1] the wealth; the seventeenfold the Stoma, and it forming the path of the twenty onefold Stoma(); the three year old the strength; the Dvapara of throws; the west wind the wind; Ahabuna the Rsi.
yvk.4.3 d The north of the quarters; the autumn of the seasons; Mitra and Varuna the deity; prosperity the wealth; the twenty onefold the Stoma; and it forming a path of the twenty sevenfold Stoma(); the four year old the strength; the Askanda of throws; the north wind the wind; Pratna the Rsi.
yvk.4.3 e The zenith of the quarters; the winter and the cool season of the seasons; Brhaspati the deity; radiance the wealth; the twenty sevenfold the Stoma, and it forming a path of the thirty threefold; the draught ox the strength; the Abhibhu of throws; the wind all through the wind; Suparna the Rsi.

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